5 comments on “Saudi ‘Person of Interest’ in Boston Bombing to be Deported

  1. Under the circumstances, our nation must be on guard and discerning as to whom we allow into our
    country. I for one have no regrets that this man is being deported. I would much rather permit hard working South Americans into our educational system and workforce, than suspect Saudi students
    who have terrorists ties. Better safe than sorry!


    • re: Kathleen Welin;

      Excellent point! We do offer quite a resistance to Central and South American Immigration policy, and rightly so.. especially when it comes to socio-economic situations in our country. In periods of high unemployment and negative growth, we offer very valid arguements.

      But, when we look how hard “the hispanic” population works. When we look at how well they assimilate into our culture… how respectful they are of our nation… truly, they are almost the ‘perfect guest.’ They come in.. they work hard.. and if they do try to change our nation.. it is almost always for the better.

      Yes.. there is a “percentage” of their population that immigrates here and gets involved in crime.. but, we have the same element within our own American culture as well.

      I would have to agree 100%! Repatriate ALL muslims.. and let the hispanics remain here.

      Thank you Kathleen for reading sharia unveiled.. and, for taking the time to comment.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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