19 comments on “Beware: Muslim Males Targeting Christian Girls for Marriage and Forced Conversion

  1. Jewish and non-white Christian males should infiltrate UAF/ARA/Antifa groups, seduce the Leftist/”Anti-Racist” girls, and convert them to Judeo-Christianity. The tactics that Islam uses against Judeo-Christianity, Judeo-Christians can use against the “Anti-Racist” Left.


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  3. Given two Muslim girls. One converts to Christianity, marries as a virgin, and raises the children as Christians. The other fornicates, and has an illegitimate child. The child is raised Muslim. Which girl does more damage to Islam?


    • re: oogenhand

      I love the way you think.. and I love intellectual challenges.

      I believe there is no doubt that.. between the two.. (in my opinion) .. the fornicator who remained in Islam does more damage.

      Although, in the mind of the muslim.. I believe the two girls would be viewed as “equally damaging” to islam and they would both be murdered.

      Now.. if you would ..please share your thoughts on this scenario.. and on my view.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  4. This is Love Jihad, and it is not funny. Mosques train and have Muslim youth in their payroll and target white, Hindu and Sikh girls. These girls have not been raised in fanatical beliefs and not educated about Islamofascism either, and are gullible. Love Jihad is an organized well thought out strategy. Hindu girls suffer most, as even Bollywood Muslim stars are seen marrying Hindu/Sikh girls and divorcing and then marrying another. Overly secularized western societies must act NOW. Women need to be educated and Islamic sympathizers or coverts like Jemima Khan, Ms Booth and others must be discredited for their lies.


    • re: Brother Deepak;

      Yes.. the muslim savages are targeting young girls of all religions in all countries.

      These young girls must be educated. I am part of a world-wide effort to address this problem and many other related occurrences.

      If it is okay.. I would like to contact you privately to discuss this matter.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • re: hasrat;

        If Islam attracts everybody.. then, why is Islam the only cult.. uh, I mean.. “religion”.. that puts a sword to the neck of the Jew, Judeo-Christian, Buddhist and Hindu and forces them to either deny their faith and accept Islam or be put to death?

        Why does Islam threaten to murder any muslim who decides to convert to another religion?

        And, before you try to tell me this isn’t true.. I have several friends and colleagues that are muslim and many who are murtadd and they all tell me this is 100% true according to al-qur’an and al-hadith.

        I have many friends that are women and they are murtadd and they are so scared because their families have threatened to murder them unless they return to Islam. Many of them are hiding because they live in such fear.

        Why is this?

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Warning girls will be seen as “racism”. Girls should ask themselves: “Do attractive boys need honor killing, FGM, and headscarves to keep girls for themselves?” Islamic control of women is a sign of weakness.


  5. Allah say if you believe you believe but if you don’t believe don’t believe. Islam is only religion accpeted in Allah! let see after judgement day who will regret non muslim or true Believer muslim


      • But jews will be killed along with their dajal for whom they are waiting for. And muslims will kill them all. Keep remember we are muslims and we are proud to be muslims and proud to kill all jews with our swords by power of jihad with the help of Allah.


      • re: erfan;

        “YOU” and ALL of those like you are children of the dajjal. You will ALL burn in the pit of hell, you muslim piece of sh*t.

        You better read how the story ends. “WE” slaughter ALL of you and destroy ALL of your nations.

        OUR books have NEVER been wrong. Not once.

        EVERY PROPHECY to date has come to pass..and the remaining are coming soon.

        Oh yeah, “MY PEOPLE” poisoned your pedophile prophet. 🙂 lol. They did. 🙂 They were my ancestors.

        Now he burns in hell..FOREVER!

        What do you think of that, shithead?

        Your little retarded, child-rapist “prophet” muhammad did NOT rise from the dead..

        He was buried and his black soul burns in the pit of hell for eternity.

        And “if” he ever shows up again, “WE” will do it again. 🙂

        And when your faggot mahdi shows up, we have a surprise for him to.

        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  6. @ Author. Very well said. Interesting and informative. I’m not a “religious” person. I have my beliefs and keep them to myself. To bad others what to shove there’s down everybody else’s throats. I hope there can be change.


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