40 comments on “Raped and Abandoned in Dubai: The Alicia Gali Story

      • That is toxic thinking…I’m sorry, I am NOT finding the right words to describe my horror for this!


      • I think I am misunderstanding you. NO! A Woman is NEVER guilty of her own rape!! EVER!!


      • re: upaces;

        Yes! I think you are most definitely misunderstanding me! Your first comment on this article stated that you “missed something.”

        So, I responded to you and summarized the story. You replied: “..That is toxic thinking..”

        I do not know what “THAT” is? So, I asked you… “What are you referring to? Considering the woman guilty of rape?”

        You seem surprised by this case?? You seem shocked that the woman is being assigned the guilt and blame for the rape??

        Are you NOT aware… “THAT” is sharia law! I assumed you already knew that blaming the woman for ALL Rapes is standard practice under Islamic Law in ALL muslim countries.

        Did you really not know that?


      • Sometimes, I think I need to get offline a couple of hours before I actually do. We are bombarded constantly on the internet. I become weary after a while. I find myself not being able to concentrate. There is too, too much vile issues going on in our country and ESPECIALLY in the Middle East.

        RAPE IS NEVER THE WOMAN’S FAULT. Men are also raped. I was told that years and years ago.
        It shocked me.

        It is unfortunate, and NO it is NOT right; however a woman needs to keep in mind what IS possible when she travels anywhere alone.


      • @Upaces….

        Westerners have a different idea about Rape than Muslims do. It is always the woman’s fault in Muslim land. She needs four male witnesses to say that she did not ask for it or that she in someway ( even by looking at the rapist) did not want the sexual contact. Yeah like four muslim men will stick up for a woman…..and wouldn’t have participated in the rape!

        Western women have got to start thinking that any muslim country is not safe to travel to…even if they have a male escort with them.

        During the Egyptian melee…the female reporter from the USA was raped ( Sara Logan?) and she had a male cameraman and such with her!


    • This sharia thinking must be the epitome of stupidity.Why would anyone want to visit dubie or even worse stay in a Starwood hotel ,anywhere


  1. Pretty, young, blonde haired, blue eyed…..yep…meat! Why any Westernized woman would want to go to any muslim country is beyond me! Stoopid, stoopid, stoopid. You couldn’t pay me enough to go…and I don’t look like this gal!


  2. it’s not safe for ANY women to travel in Dubai. Male dominated society, just like China. Get rape and you go to jail


  3. Rape has NOTHING to do with sex. Rape is about “power and control” over another human being’s body.

    Rape is the most violent crime perpetrated on another human being that is possible. it is worse than being wounded by a bullet or a knife.


    • True! BUT….only in Western thinking. Muslims believe that females were put on the earth for their sexual enjoyment where ever and how ever they want it! It doesn’t matter how old they are either! Infants to old age…all can be used sexually.


  4. As muslem from egypt ::work in dubai i wish if i have chance to kill those 3 man who do that to alicia cali,that also not fair from court , here story make me feel frustrating furious.
    “Allah bless her”


    • re: Majid;

      You are correct! I completely understand and appreciate your sentiments. Many of us around the world feel the same as you. You are a good person.

      Also, please know Majid, our hearts and prayers are with you and your homeland of Egypt. We are watching as your people struggle for “true freedom” and we love you all.

      Thank you for reading sharia unveiled and for taking the time to write and share your thoughts.

      May true peace, love and security always be upon you and your family! Your Judeo-Christian brothers and sisters love you!

      Salam aleikum السلام عليكم

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  5. No, I did not know that a woman is held responsible for her own rape.,,,I have no words to describe my horror and disgust. Raping a wife? yes, I knew that went on. Forcing yourself on a child? yes, I knew that.
    Rape of a woman who is not a Muslim then blaming them? No, I did not know that!!


  6. Why are you banning my story? Because the truth is painful to accept? It is the truth and Alicia knows it very well. Just look at her face, look well and long enough and you’ll see clearly that she’s a fake. She should stop accusing others of her own mistakes, that’s it.


    • re: Olga Harunian;

      I wanted to let you know that I have just received confirmation that your accounting of the events in this case are inconsistant with the facts of the case. The medical records at both the first medical center that Alicia visited and the hospital that she was referred to, both report severe vaginal tearing consistant with rape. Additionally, there was severe bruising and internal bleeding. Not to mention, 4 broken ribs. This information has been confirmed and these are undisputable facts.

      Now, “olga” .. let me tell you my personal opinion. I think you are an utter disgrace to all females. You know.. I don’t know what your motivation is.. and I really don’t care. You know as well as I do that she had 4 broken ribs. You said so yourself in the comment you wrote me. Does that sound like “consensual sex” to you? How many times have you had ribs broken during your own “sexcapades?” I cannot believe that a woman would write me and defend 3 rapists and condemn a young woman that was the VICTIM of the rape. You are a disgrace.

      So, for these reasons.. your false comments will not be appearing on my website. Go spread your lies somewhere else. Additionally, I am an advocate for rape victims.. and you are clearly an advocate for rapists. Your smut is not welcome here.. and neither are you!

      Have a great day!


      • So…from what I can sort of piece together here…..the dhimmi Olga believes that having sexual intercourse should be the woman’s fault cuz it landed her in a muslim jail cell for 8 months? What kind of Effed up thinking is that? Was Olga there video taping the whole thing? How the hell would she know what happened? Just because Olga is probably built like a Ukrainian brick shit house she thinks that all beautiful women deserve to be raped? There is no other conclusion I can think of that would substantiate her saying to look at the face of Alicia and we can then all tell she’s a fake!

        NO OLGA! Alicia looks like she is going through some emotionally tough times right now to me….liars don’t look right into camera lenses…they actually duck their heads in shame……

        Yeah….I’ve never had broken ribs or bruising from having sex! Vaginal tearing happens when one has been forced!

        Thanks for standing up for women and rape victims! You’re a true Gem….!


  7. Awwww, Dixie, my Sweet, Dear Friend…..LOL…those bumps in the road sometimes became boulders! Lord! BUT! What a ride!


      • You and God! …my BEST friends in the world.

        It didn’t do any good at all, but I have fussed at G-d a lot telling him…”Okay, God, Okay…I go the message! I cannot possibly make it without you! So help me lighten the load, okay?”

        And, He doesn’t necessarily lighten the load, he sent me YOU; and He does his job and protects me.


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    • re: oneway2day;

      You are certainly welcome.. and thank you for sharing Alicia’s story.

      NCCR is awesome! I visit every chance I get. I just realized that I have not added your site to my blog-roll. I will do so this evening.

      Thank you for reading sharia unveiled

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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