7 comments on “The Right to Blog: New Policy Calls for the Protection of the Rights of Bloggers

  1. This “should be” a NON-ISSUE. I do know for a fact he has had “his” people on the mainstream blogs like Soda Head, Western Journalism, Tea Party Org, Tea Party Command, etc. On the Tea Party sites, I know they were banned (they didn’t know that he was paid by him…but they are very easy to spot.)

    He ran ads on Craigs List. For every comment made, an “X” amount of $ was awarded the person.
    About two (?) years ago, in a speech, he, verbally, gave his thumbs up for one of the bloggers on Soda Head. She was VERY popular because she was always on target where he was/is concerned.


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    The Right to Blog: New Policy Calls for the Protection of the Rights of Bloggers
    Posted by sharia unveiled on May 21, 2013
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    Freedom of Speech Silenced
    A London Based Human Rights Organization “Article 19″ Seeks International Protection for Bloggers.
    At the UNESCO World Press Freedom International Conference 2013, ARTICLE 19 launched The Right to Blog – a new policy paper that calls for lawmakers to better promote and protect the rights of bloggers domestically and internationally. The Right to Blog also gives practical advice to bloggers about their rights and explains how – and in what situations – they can invoke some of the privileges and defences that traditional journalists have found vital to the integrity of their work.
    Dick G


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