24 comments on “Negative Posting About Islam in U.S. Now Subject to Federal Prosecution and Imprisonment

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  2. There it is. Just wait until 9/11 when the Million Man Muslim March begins in NY.
    This IS what is leading up to that.


  3. Bill Killian can kiss my ass! This is America, and if I want to say something like; “in my opinion, the only good Communist is a dead one!” then that is exactly what I will say. If I want to say something like..”Sharia Law sucks moose dick; and so does Killian!” then I will say that, too!

    If I want to say soemthing like; “I believe Bill Killian is a traitor to this country’s Constitution by spewing out this rubbish,” then I will say that very thing! And, if he and and his jack boot thugs want to come to my house to arrest me for exercising my right to free speech, then come and get some, but you better bring a bunch, because I am of a mind to shoot any asshole who comes to my home to deny me my Constitutional rights! Oh, and I am pretty sure that 50 or 60 of my closest friends will be there to assist me in that exercise!

    Have a nice day, asshole!


    Sic Semper Tyrannis! (and yes, I do know what that means!)


    • re: AZRanger;

      Lol…Amen Brother!

      That is Great! Especially the “..moose d*ck..” I can’t top that..and I’m not gonna’ try.

      You are my kinda’ guy.. i hope you stay in touch.

      p.s. That’ll be “61” of your friends!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      Sic Semper Tyrannis !!!


      • Muslims for the lg. part are a sique and disgusting culture as well as the traitors in this country that chooses to treat them better than our own citizens and Christians. And I’ll talk about them as I choose the f##kin’ ragheads, because this is the U.S. and we still have the first amendment. The Usurper’s jackbooted thugs can take their PC b.s. and shove it way up their azzes!!! Huuah!!!
        Sic Semper evello Mortem Tyrannis !


      • re: rock;

        Right on brother! We need a drone strike @ 1600 Penn.

        Where’s Iran when you need them?

        Molon Labe and Sic Semper Tyannis !

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • re: rock;

        I’m guessing that could only end one way.. hmmm..

        Does the last word start with a “w” and rhyme with “whore?” I am unfamiliar with that “motto”..

        You may write how ‘it ends’ if you’d like… and I will not moderate it for publishing.

        Otherwise.. I’ll be thinking of that I’ll day.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Islam is an ideology and a bastardization of religion – in any form. Mohammed was a brutal pedophile who enslaved women, men and entire populations. He was a murderous tyrant. CAIR, Killian, Oblabber, and the rest if the members of speech squealching, lying, feloneous turdz can molon labe. Furthermore, those who worship MOOhamed and fail to stop the members of their sick ideology from slaughtering at will are JUST LIKE them and are terrorists.


  4. “Talking about a religion. Reporting the acts they commit”………IS REPORTING FACTS… AND .IS NOT CRIMINAL.


  5. islam IS filth – it is an ideology that teaches sociopathy. It is a-ok with any and ALL sexual perversions – pedophilia, necrophilia, and bestiality being some of the worst of the worst. And most importantly it is EVIL.


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  7. Fu*k you Obama, Fu*k you Killian, and fu*k you muslimes! Y’all can take the same bus outta here. I’m tired of your shit. Maybe a good stoning would do you good. You got one coming!


  8. This should concern all Americans, the sad part is so many who the acts of this government will effect so much is so unattached to everyday activities around them. The conduct of our government seeming is unimportant to so many, especially the younger generation, they are so unconcerned with the destruction of our constitution.


    • re: Ray Hause;

      So true. Most will wake up one day in a FEMA Concentration Camp.. and still not know how they got there.

      Me? I’ll wake up in the FEMA Camp.. but, I’ll know why I am there!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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    • re: max;

      Now, that’s a scary thought.. because 51% of the populace is doing something…

      50% are working hard to destroy the nation… and..
      1% are trying to fight it.

      The other 49% ??

      They are sitting on their arses in their lazy boy recliners.. watching the nation slip away.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  10. We are at war with an ideology. Islam’s goal is to take over the world and rule with Sharia law. This is entirely foreign to the American way. We have separation of church and state. If the govt decides that I cannot say anything against Islam then it is in essence promoting Islam. We do not have room for these people here. We should allow no more immigrants that profess to be of the Muslim religion. They are not here to assimilate, they are here to take over. Molon Labe is right.


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