268 comments on “Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016”

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  7. No surprise that Barry Soetero, who changed his name to (or ‘back to’ as the creature alleges) Barack Hussein Obama is a raghead. I knew he was a raghead during his campaign before his first election from doing due diligence on this man from nowhere. It was quick and easy, since he had everything removed from public view by the oligarch George Soros and an army of sleazy, bottom-feeding, ambulance-chasing lawyers. Now, although many people would like to see him ballistically removed from office, simply tying him up and going to work with a baseball bat would be infinitely more satisfying. In fact, this could be a way we could introduce the merit of western sports to the ragheads on an individualized basis – wouldn’t that be illuminating? Bring their true thoughts to the surface, or at least their gray matter, bone, connective tissue, vasculature, nervous system, etc.

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  8. I’m all for execution of Obama and his conspirators although Obama isn’t a traitor because he’s actually not an American citizen I think he’s made threats to the families of the Senate and Congress otherwise why would they tolerate such blatant disrespect for the Constitution after he took an oath as well as holler did to support and defend the Constitution

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    • I Have to agree with you, we know its been revealed to pass OB-Care S-judge fought against it, it needed He’s approval, up until night before He was Angry opposing OB-Care Next day He went up OB, His family was threatened , Powers that be that put OB in Elite Corp’s run the show, a plan to down US & New World Order to take over with Depopulation Goal


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  10. obama’s do my is on the horizon Congress is running out of excuses to support him he is a criminal and by releasing The 5 Taliba terrorist he committed treason and Congress cannot deny that if they have one shred of patriotism and their soul they well impeach him otherwise they are complicit and should be held up on charges of treason themselves

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  11. Byran! I think THIS new scandal and news item was just intended to be a distraction from the VETS scandal! They ALWAYS seem to find something else to take Media off of a current scandal they cant LIE their way out of! IF Obama is so DAMN sorry about ONE American hostage, that he would release 5 TERRORIST thugs!…. Well you already know he WANTS to assist terrorist muslims! The comment came out today that the reason he kept it secret was cuz they threatened to KILL that American! If he had ANY balls he would have said, “(and this is what ID have said)” (they threatened to kill him IF any reporting was done on it). Id have said OK kill him! and IF you do we will still deliver your 5 muslims as planned! BUT they will be dropped off from 10,000 feet without parachutes! CALL their bluff! TERRORISTS DONT GET TO MAKE THE RULES!!!!!!! This SOB Obama ISNT really president! He is a weak MINNIE MOUSE EARED GAY MUSLIM DRUG ADDICT Indonesian! HE needs to be dropped from 1000 feet at least!

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  12. Where’s all the atheists and the ACLU ? Every time a Christian does something they are on board of crucifying them. So where is the out cry for this?

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  13. The rise of destructions soon anyway, muslims will die off soon due to the same problem that crushed greeks and romans, a rise of soldiers. -Ghost


  14. In Switzerland it is forbidden to build minarets. Minarets are forbidden in Switzerland, it is impossible to build even one. And 2016 for the US to be an Islamic nation is unimaginable early date even during the possible term of BHO or in this decade. I like Sharia Unveiled, but this article is not the best.


  15. The Supreme Court decision today opened the door for Muslim owned businesses to implement Sharia in their workplaces. Nice job, SCOTUS.

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  16. i swear insha allah america will be a muslim country and i will tell you how.see america want to finish islam from the world but it is highly impossible becaus allah is with us american will convert to islam by looking so many wars between muslims and christian


      • Your religion spews poison at all non-Muslims. You condone and encourage the abuse of women. You writhe in the streets for joy at the sight of a public beheading. Not only do you justify the killing of any female family member who was the victim of a rape as “family honor,” but actually glorify the perpetrators. You have gangs of hoodlums patrolling your streets, calling themselves “Moral Police,” enforcing your ridiculous and subhuman Shariah Law.

        You deny your females a decent education, thereby preventing them from contributing to society in any way other than to become “baby factories.” You desecrate all places of worship other than your own. You assassinate school children for being female and wanting to attain an education. You massacre women, children and innocents – all in the name of your “god.” On top of it all, you think that strapping a suicide bomb onto your eight year old son and having him blow himself up along with any non-believing infidel, will get him into heaven and be served by seventy-two virgins for all eternity.

        You have redefined the meaning of the word “barbarism!”


    • islam was beat down so badly that it took them centuries to recover. now after all these centuries, they not only have not learned to live with their fellow man in the world, they doing the same stupid stuff that got them in trouble last time. now it looks like we will need to simply finish it off for good so there won’t be another rising again – kind of like atlantis and all that.

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    • Syed? Are you serious! Do you know the HISTORY of the Bible? READ IT! You will SEE that Christianity began with JEWS! You damn towel head Arabs are offspring from The TRUE PATRIARCH FATHERS! BUT ARE REJECTS! YOU are the scum that the JEWS were told to DESTROY when they went to Canaan from Egypt after Exodus! Too bad they didn’t do as told! Because YOU and your kind should be dust! BUT I SAY THIS!!!!! Where Israel failed so many years ago, AMERICA WILL FINISH THE JOB! Because you HAVE no God! WE DO! Well some of us do! I know our FKING illegal president doesn’t have a God either cuz he IS a Muslim! BUT you will find that a war will happen! SHORT LIVED! Because WE have GOD! More powerful than your ASS GOD! BRING IT ON BOY! !!!!! Sharia Unveiled posted a comment here saying one muslim at a time! OH NO! YOU WILL DIE! BUT NOT ONE AT A TIME! MANY AT ONCE!!!!!! AMERICANS ARE READY! COME ON LITTLE BOY! IM WAITING FOR YOU!

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  17. So… are the Muslims going to take over America and kill all the Christians? Will this be like another Holocaust? Will this happen by 2016 or later ? I’m officially freaked out.

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      • Do you think this will happen anytime soon? There has to be something we will do to stop it…the USA won’t just go down like that.


      • the u.s. will be in turmoil and conflict not later than the end of this decade, but most likely by 2017 based on behavioral patterns expressed by the leadership in our country and indeed by the citizens since 2000. the press is playing along by not reporting what is truly happening in the sense that the people collectively can move to stop it ahead of time. what is in the favor of the country is the fighting spirit of americans once engaged. in fact, that fighting spirit has slowed down their plans enormously and has them scared because if enough of the tens of millions of people amass and overcome the leaders who are causing these problems the leaders will be toast. they counted on about 12 million or so resistance initially, but then had to change to around 25 million. the longer they wait the more will fight. so hush-hush is the word – deception. make people believe what isn’t real; distract them with real events whether contrived or spontaneous, but that don’t deal with the real problems. (real problems meaning benghazi, usurper president, illegal voting, fast and furious, supreme court decisions against the constitution, etc.). so they create diversions to buy time. this keeps the people occupied with spurious stuff while they lay their groundwork to ensure their success. more and more people are waking up so they are going faster and faster and that will be their achilles heel if you will. they will need shock and awe to counter the tens of millions that will resist the criminals in leadership positions. shock and awe means nukes of course, and chemical warfare, and it also means they need to rapidly depopulate under the guise of a virus which has to move fast and scare everyone and of course must be pretty lethal. we are the wild card on the planet – we americans. we are armed to the teeth when compared to any other country and that’s why they keep on going after the guns – relentlessly. they know we will deal with the internal enemies so they have to whittle us down quick. and they don’t care how many americans die. we are fighters so if all of us died (fighters and wimps who won’t fight for any cause), no probs, then it will simply be easier to deal with the rest of the world. so they have their plans. they have warned us with the georgia guidestones (look it up) and the denver murals (look them up) for those who are awake. there is so much more, but everyone has to personally take the time to research because people will have a hard time believing stuff that i’m saying and it is hard to take decades of research and condense such into a coherent, concise, and believable understanding for people concerned. the biggest problem with people is they can’t believe something will end. the u.s. began and the u.s. will end as we know it. it may live on in name, but to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose on earth – a time to live and a time to die, a time to move into a house and a time to move out, a time to start a new job and a time to end it, a time to have children, and a time where one can’t have children, a time to be elected and a time to step down, and so on…


    • When it is freak time, it’s time to pray, as never before, Jade-Helm is out to do the dirty work, “We battle not against Flesh & Blood but in a Spiritual warfare against Evil of This world” Pray put on the full armor of God that you can fight against this evil in!!!! HIGH!!!! PLACES!!!!! “

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  18. NO it wont happen like that! The GUN confiscation didnt work! Even if it had theres still PLENTY of TRUE BLOOD Americans with guns and ammo and MANY OTHER ways of protecting themselves! Obamas Muslims WILL LOSE! The key words? Killing Christains? OH YEA some will be! BUT Christains have a real GOD! Were living in end times. Bible Prophecy will be fulfilled! OBAMA AND MUSLIM ASS WILL BE HUMILIATED! GOD IS KING!

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  19. whoever posted that last comment i agree TOTALLY! Obama and his REGIME are desperate! All these illegals, how many Americans can disease wipe out! It IS UP TO US to take care of it! I think there will be ALOT more than 25 million! And Obamas hired UN SOLDIERS will drop like flies! AND OBAMA WILL TOO! If WE TRUE Americans take the leash off blood WILL FLOW! Innocent and guilty peoples, The innocent will be those of us trying to save our country!


  20. they should have known when Barack Hussein Obama was voted into the White House having aname Barack Obama should have told the world and expecially the United States citizens this moron is a Muslim now stick that in your ear and I hope everyone that voted for the moron gets everything they deserve thank you


    • re: Timothy;

      Yes, you would think so. And “I” and a few others knew. And we did warn people, only very few would listen.

      More often than not, those who possess the truth in the beginning will be very small in number.

      It is the duty and the responsibility of those few to share the truth with others.

      Unfortunately, we cannot “force” others to believe. It is up to the listener to choose to believe or not.

      Those who know the truth when they hear it and accept it are among the chosen and the elect.

      And those who reject the truth are among the lost..

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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      • Im afraid the weight is going to ultimately be on WE THE PEOPLE! Americans! Storm Washington! Hopefully military support! And that is doubtful with all the leading military officials removed by Obama, replaced with MUSLIMS! AND/OR DHS or UN men! Perhaps after the first NUKE in Attmosphere and NUKE fallout, and return of technological services. (radio, simple things), People will finally understand. AFTER burrying our neighbors and friends and fellow Americans in MASS graves! And beat the shit out of politics, politicians, and Washington, and remake this country! Obama mentions the process of REMAKING AMERICA! That is NOT his job! America dont NEED remaking by a muslim SOB! America can be remade by GETTING RID OF SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS And the PLANET OF MUSLIMS!

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      • re: malenursekenken;

        Yes, I agree. While I wish that it wouldn’t take all of that to wake up the American people, I do agree with you that 90% (+) of the American people are NOT ready to act. Complacency and normalcy bias (or sheer laziness) have paralyzed the American people. Of course, the blind, the ignorant and the disillusioned will never wake up. That’s about 50% of the population in the states. (The liberal / progressives.)

        But even among the conservatives and independents who are 100% aware of the tyranny in the US today, only a very small percentage are willing to “ACT.”

        (ie.) Walk the walk.. not just “talk the talk.”

        I see many “patriots” on facebook “talking” a big game with their posts..

        but why are the streets empty?

        The time to “ACT” is NOT once we have been locked down and lost all of our rights to do so…

        The time is ACT is while we still possess the capability to do so.

        America passed up their greatest opportunity when they stayed home and did not attend the “Operation American Spring” that Col. Riley organized.

        He put HIS LIFE and the lives of his family members on the line for that..

        ..and the American people sat home on their lazy asses..in their lazy-boy recliners (aptly named.) and did not attend.

        That was the catalyst for our “New Dawn” in America.

        – – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  21. He sure seems to be on his way, and far enough down the road he will not be deterred or turned around. Once he gets them here, like illegals, it had proven hard to get them out. It seems a little like the old Soviet formula – as long as they can serve a political purpose.

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  22. I’m an aging activist warrior, worn out from the years of trying to open people’s eyes on all sides to the insanity that has been unleashed upon us. I raged about stolen elections, posted reams of hard core evidence proving how ‘they’ have completely hijacked our electoral process, worked to expose the criminal actions of politicians no matter what party affiliation they claimed…to no avail.

    The Bush worship was terrifying, to be honest, to see half of our country so completely enthralled that they willingly turned a blind eye to every evil deed. I could never understand how people who claimed to be Christians could for even a second believe that good will come from evil and justify that evil. Then, the 2004 election nightmare happened, and I watched democrats basically doing the same thing they accused republicans of doing. With Obama having been selected twice, it is now even worse.

    Maybe the democrats are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, so traumatized from the Bush years that they are actually incapable of seeing the same evil in this administration as in previous ones? Whatever the reason, Americans are still trapped in an illusion, a fake reality where they still think they are ‘free’, even as the militarized police force flexes its vicious muscles…a fake reality where they think their vote matters, in spite of the fact that no one gets on a ballot unless he or she courts the big money guys who are the ones really running things, and in spite of the fact that it is still a simple matter to flip the vote any way the money changers choose.

    The Bible warns that in the last days, people will not bear sound teaching, that they will seek to satisfy itching ears, and so help me, I see it all around me. It’s in religion, it’s in politics, it’s on tv, it is everywhere you look. I’m watching the divide and conquer tactic working so effectively on all of us, from religious divisions to racist divisions to political divisions and so much more.

    It’s working, God help us, but it is working. People are all too willing to act on their hate, their anger, against one another, all too willing to see ourselves as better than others for whatever reason. Humility seems to be a lost concept, just as loving each other as Jesus said because He said that is how the world would know we belonged to Him, through that love. Where is it?

    And no, I am not a pacifist, neither was Jesus Christ. While He did, indeed, teach higher love, He had no problem kicking the butts of the MONEY CHANGERS in the temple of God…that is a big clue! There are some other butts that need kicking right about now, but I sadly don’t know if we are going to see the human race rise above their programming and manipulation to take a righteous stand against evil, no matter where it comes from. I now wonder if we may be so far gone that we cannot even truly recognize that evil as the evil it is? Put that evil out there with a Republican or Democrat label, and those followers won’t see it.

    All I know to do now is prepare myself and my family the best I can for what is surely headed our way. This is a battle no one can fight alone, though I’ve honestly done my best. Unless Father chooses to rip the blinders off of millions of people, well, it may just be that what will be, will be. The only sword I have that I live by is the word of the living God. I pray for all of us to have our eyes fully open, our hearts filled with the love of God, our feet shod with good news, and our arms strengthened to do whatever work Father has for us to do. May God be with us all.

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  23. We need a revolution, Jesus is not going to save you from this evil, Jesus wants you to stand up for yourself, family, friends, neighbors, children and especially HIM! He will only help you if you help yourself first.

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  26. We need to take our nation back now. Where are the leaders. When will they rally to fight against this evil. We have to reject all the immoral ways in this country and put our faith in the lord or parish. What will it take to start our defense. Their next step is to disarm all Americans so we will be defenseless. Better to die fighting this evil than summiting to Satan and lose your soul.


  27. Satan is the ruler of this wicked system of things and muslim religion was created by the ruler of false religion Catholicism which is Babylon the harlot riding on the beast with 10 horns meaning kings of earth and will all be brought to ruin so don’t be upset we are just that much closer


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  30. What an idiot Obama is wiping out the free world free speech for murderers may as well set off all the Nuclear bombs an end it now for all of us each one push the button and mankind is done .


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