10 comments on ““Pseudo-Christian” Pastor From Texas Mega-Church Partners With the Muslim Brotherhood

  1. I would never “wish” harm on anyone but these …..these….(cant’ find the words!)….
    F_____d up idiots don’t wake up…their churches will be burned. Their women raped;
    and in the process, they ARE turning their backs on the teachings of Christ!


    • re: Upaces;

      This is in “your” backyard…

      So.. what are we going to do about it?

      If I lived down there.. I’d be outside raising hell before service.. and i’d be inside raising hell during service.. (with my mega-phone)


  2. We’ve been hearing a great deal about the “End Times.” I grew up with it. I have heard it all my life just like everyone else. I still had questions though due to what I have seen in my own childhood church as well as others.
    This IS an interesting video…causes one to take pause. And, that man joining with the Muslims? His religious ego is the death of him in one way or the other:


  3. There is this “arrogance” in the churches that THEY HAVE THE ANSWERS….and they can MAKE someone change.
    This IS a dangerous mistake….and blasphemy. As far as I am concerned, they have become a part of the “Anti-Christ.”


  4. This one man alone is leading HIS FLOCK into hell.
    There IS free will. I do hope at least some of their members back out of that church ASAP.


  5. Yes but it just confirms that these people are not following the True Elohim of the Bible but their own fictional christian ideology that replaces the true El with a mixed bag of disobedient blue eyed gentile called jesus & a guy called mohammad the barbarian who rapes woman and kills children – a marriage made in Hell! The true Messiah upholds His Fathers commandments every single one of them and does not mix lies with His Truth. These christians are sickening to say the least and they will pay with their lives once the Muslims take over and try to convert them to Islam.


  6. Christian rapture is a fairy tale and anyone who calls Sabbath sun-day and blindly follows greek mythology as if it were Scriptural is being led down the garden path to their destruction. Read Scripture without the influence of christians, pray for His understanding and guidance via the Ruach HaKodesh and you may just find His Truth which will give you life.


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