12 comments on “Man Behind Syrian ‘Chemical Weapons’ Claim Is Fiction Writer Who Ran Benghazi Cover-Up

    • re: destry;

      I agree. Exercising Sovereignty within the states via a Declaration of Independence as a Free and Sovereign Nation is probably the only way to go, short of Revolution.

      Of course, a revolution may still be deemed necessary if the United States refuses to acknowledge this action.

      In that case, so be it.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  2. Assad has not used chemical weapons….but the rebels have intended to use them and were storing them in that building that the Israeli’s hit for Assad.

    They want Assad gone cuz he is not going to go to war with Israel. The same reasons why Mubarak and Ghaddafi had to go! They each had a secular country, women’s rights to education, and Christians were not seen as an enemy……they also would not join together with other Islamic nations to go to war on Israel…..

    They are wanting the caliphate and so Assad must go now. He stands in the way of that happening.

    From what I have heard from my source…..Congress has told Obi that unless Canada goes in with ground troops, they won’t say yes to any of the Military being sent in. Canada has already said that we will only be sending humanitarian aid…such as food and medicine. So I guess we will see how Congress handles this and how obi will get around them to do what he wants.

    Knowing that the claim of chemical weapons was made up by a fiction writer…..gives me just one more reason to call all liberal Democrat politicians the lowest form of politician and humans.

    *Note to the White House…..Try the truth. It’s easier to memorize!*


  3. Yep..”WITHIN ” As BL said the next attack will be within as the wheels were in place as Obama and thos terroris brothehood are calling the shots here yep the ones that’s in his adninistractions …..


  4. surprised how they say syrian arab army used the chemicals and the sarcastic part is there were many soldiers from the syrian army injured … would anyone hit their soldiers with this kind of weapon ??


    • mylife….

      Exactly! They would have known what they were dealing with and would have taken the precautions necessary!

      It was the rebels who had the chemical weapons.


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