502 comments on “Why Did the U.S. Government Recently Purchase 30,000 Guillotines?

    • He fraudulently stole the OUR SACRED PRESIDENCY..! FALSIFIED HIS BIRTH-CERTIFICATE! He has Enormously Blatantly Violated OUR U.S. Constitution , Our Law, Rules, of Government , protocol, National Security, Our Country’s Heritage, OUR Nations Liberties, OUR Military Standards, Disrespected OUR Military, Has Lied as Lucifer himself ! As the “TROJAN HORSE” …to Release the Generals killers with/of the ISIS. to commit murder, mayhem, BARBARIC ATROCITIES..Upon INNOCENT LIVES! Our Men of Benghazi ! THEIR Nation of His Islam Koran Followers,! Invade Into our Government , and Many numerous , ATROCITIES, to Write as Of a Treasonous , Felonious Renegade, Upon attacking OUR God Given Inalienable Sovereign Civil and Constitutional Rights..! God Bless OUR America! Our military we greatly forever HONOR! Our past and Veterans of Foreign Wars! In OUR V-A under Staffed, and deliberately neglected and or Incompetent Hospitals Amen! Shalom!

      His Koran was put between the pages of OUR Holy Bible He lied and Smirked …raising his hand only to alla akabar ?? WITNESSES CAME FORWARD TO SPEAK UP ABOUT THAT, & they DISAPPEARED !! He did not Swear faithfully to Jesus, God and OUR nation WE The People! Without Reservation Truthfully! OUR United States Constitutions!! The FRAUDULENT Liar Lucifer!! Jesus is watching ….

      STOP….! Do not call him of nobility or honor…of the word “prez” Barry obummer Hussein..STOP!! He had a fraudulent, bogus, illegal, Unlawful, plagiarism, Phony,,,, Unconstitutional ! Piece of paper… that was passed as a document as “Certificated” of Birth…. He is and his CORRUPT Appointed Administration. Among the Liberal Bias Judicial appointees! Not to be trusted? As Fraudulent Unlawful as that piece of paper…! As honest and Truthful as the Paper is ….THIN…! DON’T call him a prez…! Traitor and Treasonous, UnChristian is the closest Despicable description!! ………….SHARE………..! …….UNITED WE STAND…! WE THE PEOPLE…! First Three words of OUR Preamble..Learn, Revive and Preserve, Protect OUR U.S.Constitution……! Those who refuse to read, have no advantage over those who cannot read! United WE Stand! God Bless America!

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      • That’s an awful lot of paranoid crazy right there. The ACA includes mental health parity – perhaps you could benefit from a psychiatrist intervention?


      • re: Bill;

        If you would, please point out ‘specifically’ that which is ‘..paranoid crazy..’ within David’s comment.

        If possible, please provide evidence that disputes his contention.

        Thank you.

        – – –

        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  1. As long as any think that one belief is greater or more appropriate then another belief, this will sadly continue. I just wish we could all lay down swords, and put aside ‘beliefs’ in order to search for truths that be backed with evidence and or ridiculous prophecy.

    Yours Truly-Atheism a non-prophet organization


    • re: James Cox;

      Well James, since ‘atheism’ is also a belief and I am sure that ‘you’ think it is ‘..greater or more appropriate then another belief..’ then ‘you’ have just implicated yourself as part of the problem.

      Hmm.. funny how that works huh?

      You know, having an intellectual reply to your bullshit.

      In reality, it’s actually the ignorance and prejudice of atheists that contribute the most to the ills of this world. While the Muslims choose to worship a ‘false-god’ of hatred, at least they possess the intellect to recognize Creationism when they see it.


      – – –

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


    • Well James, the majority of historians agree that in the last 2,000 years or so, approx. 2,500,000 people have been killed in religious wars. And in just 100 years, the 20th century, more than 305,000,000 people have been killed by atheist dictators and governments. Let’s see: 2 1/2 million vs. 305 million. I think the religious wars look like small fry compared to the atheists’ genocides. The belief that no belief is better than belief is rather contradictory, to say the least.


      • re: Mari M;

        Lol.. well, I guess you told James.

        That’s a wonderful observation of truth you made Mari. Very well articulated.

        Thank you.

        Please keep in touch..

        I love intelligent people. :) ..like you.

        – – –

        j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


  2. All I can say is “it’s all in place and should we be scared sh*tless yet?” Ready for O to declare Marshall law….the next step and for us the last…


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