119 comments on “Islamic Terrorist Organization Places Bounty on Counterjihad Website Administrators *UPDATED*

  1. It is insanity…yes, true insanity to threaten in this manner and not expect the world to talk about the Muslim Population as Satan’s spawn, evil. and at the very least criminally clinically insane


  2. Wow! I also wonder if they have one for us infidels who blog about Islam? I’m sure they probably do! I would bet that my aliases are on it!


    • re: Hey Dixie!

      Yeah.. but, you do not operate a website, right?

      They are really trying to take us down that do. They perceive our truth as a threat to their taqiyya. They perceive right!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Nope…no website…..

        Need more of these websites…just to get the truth out there! Have them running here and there to squelch it all!


      • They did work very hard about a year or so ago against Bare Naked Islam. She had a time with her site. We’d try to “click” to get back to a response…”could NOT get there!” I’d have to “Google the title of the article” just to get back in to comment. She finally got it straight, but good grief!

        Note to Muslims: If you don’t like seeing in print or video what you do…might think about stopping. No one is going to stop making video(s) of what you do..get over it.


  3. BTW…Just an FYI for those who are trying to find that button to report content….you must put your mouse over the name of the blog in the far left hand corner at the top…on the black bar.

    I finally found it myself….LOL!

    So…why are they offering so much money for Names, addresses Etc…..what do they plan to do once they have the info? Have those people beheaded or attacked in the street? Wonder who is providing all that monies also that they are giving out as an award!???


    • re: Dixie;

      I’m right with ya’…

      I’m sure quite sure they are not offering high $’s in an effort to obtain addresses in order to send flowers.

      I’d be careful opening the door and packages.

      Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Tom….

        If you are signed into wordpress…. If you look directly above us…at the top….there is a black bar which has the WordPress logo…then the name of the site ( sharia unveiled…in this case) then you will see the button and the word “follow”…and farther along to the right…you will see the button and the word “like”…….

        If you put your cursor ( mouse) over the name of the site…a menu should drop down…on there you will see “Shortlink, Random Post, theme, and Report this content”……

        Way over at the top right hand on that black bar you should see a little red box with a speech bubble in it, then your name, avatar, and a magnifying glass symbol.


  4. Reblogged this on wwlee4411 and commented:
    They can’t stand to have the truth told about them. Their success depends on lies, brutality, and deception! Hatred is what drives! It is a culture based on SOCIOPATHIC behavior. That which abnormal becomes standard. Even among those that are Muslim. You have to be of the RIGHT group of Muslim, if you are not you can be killed.
    Taken to the logical extension the only outcome of such behavior would be that there would be one Muslim man left alive to rule the world, by himself. Everyone else would be dead! The ultimate Caliphate, the world ruled by a Muslim.
    “The King of the World!”?


  5. Went to both sites from all 3 of my devices and saw the same thing every time. No black bar, no bar of any kind, just a “follow” button

    Sent from my iPad


    • re: Paige;

      I would think it has to be there.

      A thin black bar just below your web browser near the top of the screen.

      Maybe you need to login to wordpress.com first.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • S/M

        They have to put their mouse on the website name on that black bar for the menu to drop down.


      • Yep! I always log in when I first get to a site that I am wanting to comment on…..if they log in here they can access the pages from here.

        I’ll have to try later and not log in to see if that is the problem they are having with it…..


      • re: Dixie;

        I think you understand exactly what I am saying.

        See, I am logged in also and I see the back bar.

        I bet you anything, the people who do not see it.. also, do not see it on my site either. And. I bet they are not logged into wordpress.com

        Did you have to set up an account in the beginning when you first logged into wordpress? (If you remember..)

        Shouldn’t everyone be able to see where to login to wordpress at? You login in the META box in the right column, correct?

        * I just checked my settings on my site.
        One of the questions in the set-up asks:

        Do you want to require that “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”

        I did not require that. So, I bet you anything.. the ones that cannot see that black bar are not logged in.

        Do you think I should require that readers/visitors etc. be “registered and logged in” to comment on my posts?

        Also, I have my comment section set up where the newest comment is at the bottom.. oldest at the top.

        Is that best for the reader/commenter etc. or should I reverse it? (and have the newest comments at the top?”

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • S/M…

        I just looked when I came here now….One must be logged in to see that black bar on top!

        I log in by… clicking on the WordPress logo (W) in the comment section here….if folks look underneath the comment box…there are a couple of symbols …..above the area that has the email area and name section. If you click on the W then a box will pop up and you can enter your email addy and password in it. Then it will disappear and one can then comment in the comment box.
        All your pertinent info. will be automatically entered for you.

        Right now ….the box direct below this is showing my avatar, my name I use and it says I am using my WordPress acct.

        I think I did have to set up an account with wordpress when I first started blogging on these sites. For my avatar, I had to set up with Gravatar.com. I just clicked on the box where the avatar is suppose to be and it took me to Gravatar.com….if I can remember correctly…it’s been a few years now since.

        As for the settings….I guess it all depends on how well it’s been working for you. I personally like the oldest to newest comments, as you have it now. It makes it easier to follow the conversation ( or debates?) for me. If someone is replying the comments are in order as they have been replied….one doesn’t have to try and figure out what the heck someone was replying to.

        [“Do you think I should require that readers/visitors etc. be “registered and logged in” to comment on my posts?”]

        if you change this…will you then lose readers? or followers?…..I guess that would best be answered by those who aren’t registered or logged in. Do you want more of a private audience?

        I also wonder if the folks who can’t see that black bar are using an iPad…..sometimes that makes a difference also…so I’ve heard. But most likely it’s due to them not being logged into WordPress.


      • re: Dixie;

        Thank you for all of this great info.

        That is exactly why I left the comment setting where people did not have to login or register.

        I get irritated when I am in a hurry and want to leave a quick comment on someone’s post.. only to find that I have to take more time to set up an account than it takes to leave the comment.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Paige and Sunshine….

      If you go to their page….the black bar at the top… has the site name, follow and like buttons…..if you put your mouse on their name, a menu bar should drop down for you….the “Report” button will be at the bottom of that menu.

      Hope this helps! 🙂


      • If I’m on a site and want to comment but have to create an account somewhere else to do so, I don’t bother. And many times I don’t return to that site unless it is a really good site with a lot of good info. In those cases I just sacrifice being able to comment! And I’d bet a good portion of your readers are the same.


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  7. You need to contact Infidel Nation and keep him informed about what you are doing. He is aware that this is an international group. I urged him to report this to his own national authorities. He thinks this might put him in more danger.


  8. I still don’t see how to report it. There’s no name of the site in the black bar… please help! Want to report these murderous thugs.


    • El….

      On that black bar at the top…..If you go to their page….the black bar at the top… has the site name, follow and like buttons…..if you put your mouse on their name, a menu bar should drop down for you….the “Report” button will be at the bottom of that menu.


    • Bill…

      If you go to their page….the black bar at the top… has the site name, follow and like buttons…..if you put your mouse on their name, a menu bar should drop down for you….the “Report” button will be at the bottom of that menu.


  9. I have no idea how to report this. There is nothing that I can hover over to bring down the report box. Also Ban Islam is up and running on FB. I just got off their page!


    • Brad…

      If you go to their page….the black bar at the top… has the site name, follow and like buttons…..if you put your mouse on their name, a menu bar should drop down for you….the “Report” button will be at the bottom of that menu.


    • Jeff…

      If you go to their page….the black bar at the top… has the site name, follow and like buttons…..if you put your mouse on their name, a menu bar should drop down for you….the “Report” button will be at the bottom of that menu.


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  14. Important:
    If you do not have a WordPress account, you’ll need to create one in order to report the abuse. Once you’re loggedon, you will see the legendary black bar! Makes sense… you can’t make comments on most sites (Facebook) without an account.
    Hope this helps!


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  16. Simple solutions always make themselves known.

    Tell those filthy koranimals listed above that they will apologize to everyone in the CJ community, and you must stress to those filthy koranimals that they WILL apologize, & only then will you accept their $ as a good faith agreement that they will abide by the rules of our nations that do not recognize the validity of sharia “law”, or the saudi’s pet rock as being “wholly”. Once the $ is transferred via PayPal, place a bounty on their filthy heads which I will salivate over like Pavlov’s dog & then send this coonass a plane ticket so I can do what needs to be done. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

    Oh, get the tkt from MSY to where you’re at. Leave it open ended just in case…


  17. Does anyone know who the Free Syrian Army Media Hub are affiliated with and why they would be following me on Twitter. I’m a liked of many anti-Islam pages and fb and I’m the admin of one myself.


    • C….

      If they are following what you are tweeting…I don’t think it’s because they think you are one of them. They probably know that you are an admin of one of those anti-islam sites if you have ever mentioned that site by name in one of your tweets.

      I’d delete them as S/M has suggested….especially if you are not certain of who or what they are!


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    • re: Craig Sawyer;

      I like your style.

      We did not. But, I believe it is very possible that one of our colleagues may have.

      Please allow us 24 hours to see if we can obtain it for you. Then, write us back here. If we obtain it prior, I will notify you here.

      Please be sure you enable your notifications on this thread.

      Also, we would greatly appreciate it if you did not mention this site. Trust me, we do not need the “extra attention” in that area.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  20. You should not have asked for their site to be removed before taking screenshots of all the content, the ip and any other details you could obtain. Now you have removed all legal evidence to file a police complaint. Never do like that. Always save all information and evidence before you proceed.


    • re: Timothy;

      It would have been nice if someone suggested that before hand.

      I know the “victims” of the malicious threats. I am hoping they did that. I’ll check with them.

      Would wordpress.com still have that after it has been taken down? I would think the content would still be in their system indefinitely.

      If not, I guess “our article” is evidence. I downloaded the pic.s directly off of their site. I would think they are encoded with info. from their site.

      Honestly, never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that “we” would be so effective or instrumental in the removal process. I wrote the article and published it.. and within 18 hours, the site was gone. There was an absolutely amazing outpouring of assistance from around the world.

      I appreciate your advice..

      We will know the next time. Thank you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  23. I bet they wouldn’t have paid anybody anything, but would have gladly shared the information with the closest muslim murderer.

    It seems more like a personal (but still deadly) Facebook oriented vendetta than a concerted, coordinated, attack. I have a huge list of Counter-Jihad websites and these two mentioned don’t even make my top 20.

    The Religion of Peace.com
    Gates of VIenna
    Prophet of Doom.net

    These sites are all a lot better, especially The Religion of Peace.com which does a good job of aggregating the relevant stories from across the entire world.


    • re: Porky;

      I believe the “personal” element could be a small factor.. with one of the targets. I’m quite sure the others are not.

      Yes.. those site you mentioned are good.

      Especially, trop. (high on my personal favorites also.)

      This site: Your Daily Muslim (YDM) is quickly moving up the ranks on my list though.

      They were one of the target sites by the terrorist org.

      The admin. is very intelligent and he established a “uniqueness” or “niche.”

      He focuses on one new muslim every day. And writes damn good, in-depth, informative articles.

      Here is the link if you haven’t checked it out yet…

      It took me 2 or 3 visits before I really started to appreciate it.

      YDM: http://yourdailymuslim.com/

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  24. Yep…they are back up! Time to shut them down again! BTW…they have a third page also, written in their chicken scratch! Will have to do google translator to decipher it!


      • S/M

        I checked them on here last night and they were up again. Just checking now and they are down…..

        I sent you the pages last night so you could send them onto the other folks ( Craig or whoever) …so you have copies of them , with the links attached.

        I also visited Atlas Shrugs last night….someone mentioned about this story…so gave the links there and said we had taken them down the night before but they were up again…..so for anyone with a WP acct. to help with taking them down again. Perhaps they did just that.


      • re: Dixie;

        I found your email last night after commenting here.

        Thank you so much!

        I have a few things I need to ask you concerning this case..

        I will write you an email later this evening.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  26. Hey, those who have blogs please save (“export”) all your content so you can import it back again in case the pedo-animals cuts us off and delete the blogs or sites.
    Also, we found more creepy info about these people… it is being reported to authorities.


    • re: m/i

      Hey, what’s up brother?

      What is the best way to “save/export” your entire site/content?

      I’ll be honest.. I know absolutely nothing about how to do that.. so, keep it on the 3rd grade level please.. lol.

      I’ll send you an email.. I cannot remember if the email acct. I am using now is the address you have or not.


      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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    • re: Colleen;

      The people that they placed on their “hit list” are the administrators of the sites mentioned in the article.

      This ISN organization is adding a “new” target on periodically.

      They are offering money for their names and home addresses.

      Do you really expect us to print a list of the administrators names?

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  30. Your brothers/sisters at the All new APDM in Australia support your fight against a common enemy, Islam. We stand behind you 110%. We are currently fighting a war against Islamification of our country and islamics trying to get a foothold. We support any organisation that opposes the views of Islam. We are a united organisation against Islam and we have had first hand experience of dealing with Islamics and Leftists that blindly support it. Gradually we are starting to make a difference in communities in Australia. We openly and proudly stand united beside you and support your fight against the evils of Islam.


    • re: APDM national media spokesman;

      Greetings to our Aussie brothers and sister of the revolution down under!

      Thank you for your message of support and I assure you it is reciprocated.

      Please do keep in touch with us and if there is anything we can do to assist your efforts, always feel free to ask.

      – – – –

      This message has been generated from the upper hemisphere. 😉

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      – – – – – –



  31. Australian Patriots Defence Movement. For all those interested. We stand united in the fight against Islam.


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