11 comments on “Syria: U.S. Funded FSA Rebels Chain Shia Muslim Girl to Fence Then Murder Her Parents in Front of Her

    • re: Reagen;

      We are not sure. If we are able to ascertain any further information on this story, we will update it.

      One thing is for sure; her life has now been traumatized to a level of epic proportion.. by the world’s most dangerous terrorist: Barack Hussein Obama.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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    How much more of this sort of treatment of human beings? Do you think she is permanently scared for life because of this? ALL IN THE NAME OF “RELIGION”!


    • That reply All in the name of religion is exactly how Satan wants the world to respond. It is evil and yes, a religion which follows the lies of Satan. Not God, not Allah.


  2. Yeah, Like reagan I want to know what happened to this poor little girl. My heart breaks everytime I look at this picture. Please try to provide us with more info as soon as you can


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  4. No matter the “religion” this is deplorable, in-humane treatment of a child. It makes me sick to see this happen to ANY child.


  5. The ‘religion’ in question here is ISLAM! No other ‘religion’ than that demonic one. Can you name any other ‘religion’ which would do this to a child?


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