121 comments on “Is There a General Among Us or Will We Stand Alone? An Open Letter to the United States Military

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      • Because in Egypt they are not obsessed with the Kardashians, so they are aware of what is going on around them.


      • re: jidun;

        Isn’t that the truth.

        The irony is.. all of the things that Americans are allowing to preoccupy them from taking action now, are the very things that they will lose later.

        Thank you for taking the time to comment.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. This is so wrong. Your letting a political view that thinks because they don’t like everything Obama does there is a need for a overthrow of the US gov’t. Stick to problems of sharia not US law. You sound like the last major armed attempt to over throw the US Govt. People back then thought the US Govt was over stepping their constitutional rights by banning slavery. We have a history of peaceful change of power. Don’t ever advocate the forceful over throw of the US Govt. It makes you look like a dictator. Are you going to have me arrested for disagreeing with you?


    • re: yrra;

      What country have you been living in for the last 5 years? There are hundreds of verified illegal violations of the Constitution by Obama, several of which are punishable by Imprisonment and/or Impeachment. Dereliction of Duty and Treason are just 2 examples.

      It is not only the right of the people but their duty to overthrow any President that betrays the Constitution. And, that is a constitutional right!

      You really need to consider reading the Constitution more and spreading ignorance less.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled.


      • What violations, your interpretation of the constitution? If you don’t like a law you would kill a police officer? If there are hundreds or even thousands of so called violations of the constitution maybe others interpretations are more valid then yours. at least they are not asking for armed military intervention to force their believes on others Why don’t you run for office and try to satisfy all your consitituants. If you don’t like Obama don’t threaten him. Who would you rather have as President?
        I can’t wait to have the laws enforced according to sharia unveiled. are you against gay marriage, women’s right to pro choice, I disagree with Obama on many things but overthrowing him is a stupid idea. Taliban, n korea, cuba and alot of other fine organizations would like your membership in getting rid of the president. Thanks for joining with them.


      • yrra…

        There is only one interpretation of the Constitution! Obviously you don’t have the brain power to understand it and most likely you have never even read it!

        Better see your Doctor…you are suffering from cranial rectumitis and it’s giving you a ‘Sh*tty disposition” as well as killing brain cells from inhaling all those methane fumes, which you can hardly afford to lose!

        If you can’t or won’t see the reality of things…Obama is a dictator already like Cuba, N. Korea have! Then it really sucks to be you!


      • We need more people to wake up and realize that we are running out of options. If we don’t act soon, we’ll never be able to recover


      • I hope this country hasn’t become too “watered down” with low-info people like yrral01. Thank you Sharia Unveiled for this site / blog, it’s comforting to know there are folks out there with your determination and guts to call out the usurper and his cronies.


      • re: CRB;

        First, Thank you so much for the compliments! They are greatly appreciated.

        Second, I do believe this country is way beyond “watered down” and many well educated people believe we have already passed the point of turning back.

        While I tend to agree with them, I am not willing to just “give up.”

        I would rather die a free man while fighting for my rights, then live for even a moment under the bondage of tyranny.

        So, I hope that tells you where I stand.

        And, I get the feeling you stand right there with me.

        Keep in touch.. ‘caus I get the strange feeling the final chapter hasn’t been written in this story.

        His Servant & Soldier.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Yrra101,how does it feel to be exposed as a modern day,”Loyalist”, as the Colonists were called due to their ongoing allegiance to King George!
      Obama is a fraud,a pathological Liar,a self-consumed socialist,an angry ‘little man” who is incapable of leadership,honesty and he despises America as its founders had it drawd=n up!
      Impeachment is one way to remove this pitiful,insolent radical,he is a “nobody” who slithered his way to the front via a litany of outrageous lies—-Columbia,Harvard, sure, how did he manage this after he was a borderline student at Occidental college, his past is a mystery,or complete lies!
      The Demonrats/Liberals in America are latent socialists,pure scum,to be blunt and they cheer on this spineless,ornery creep—–his day is coming,the scandals are mounting and all of his appointees are in over their heads—a corrupt administration,to the bone and America is so much better than this!


      • impeachment is not an option as he isn’t even legally in office. The only way is the Egyptian way. If the military steps in and does a coup…they will also be getting rid of Congress, Senate and judiciary.

        A clean sweep of all the traitors!


    • The War of Northern Aggression was NOT fought over slavery but was an invasion by Lincoln’s armies against it’s own citizens to collect taxes. If you would read his inaugural address instead of swallowing the hogwash peddled by revisionists you would realize this fact.


      • Will…
        You are exactly right, and not only that, he freed the slaves so that he would have more people to join and fight in the war!!!


      • Yes…it was fought over monies. The North was wanting what the South had…..


      • Will, It was even worse than just the taxes (which in and by itself was bad enough). The South had been selling grain, cotton, etc.to the North and North Eastern States that they couldn’t grow. The land in the south was rich but that wasn’t all. Then as you mentioned, taxes also. Hmmm, I just now thought about this…wanna put in your thoughts. IF they wanted to tax…wonder if there was ever an issue of the South trying to add taxes on to the grains, cotton they were selling to the North? Which? It that is what they were doing, it would only be fair, right?

        As you know, the war had nothing to do with slavery.


      • Exactly! Most people still don’t understand that it had “nothing” to do with Slavery.
        Lincoln wanted to ship them back but never did it.
        The first slave owners were, in fact, Africans.
        The South produced cotton, and other needs that the North Had to purchase. There was more to it… but basically, that was it.
        Texas was the only state who NEVER joined the Union. We annexed in; and therefore, we could just back right out again.


    • No…Just gonna call you a fuckin douchebag!!!…Obama needs to be removed whether it’s peacful or violent…HE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!!


      • Todd…

        I don’t see him being removed peacefully…he isn’t going to go into that good night without kicking and screaming!! The reason being….Arabia paid him 38 Billion which is sitting in a National Saudi bank acct……to bring down America to her knees! They figured it could be done in 4 years time ( 1 term) as the Americans are such lazy and stupid people…..Remember Obama said he would only be in for 1 term? Well it didn’t go as planned. The American people got upset and showed them how much of a backbone they actually do have. Obama had to run for a second term as his puppet handlers were not impressed with his failure! If he doesn’t do it in the next four years….his head will probably be rolling in chop-chop square – it’s the popular name for a square in the Saudi capital Riyadh, where beheadings take place at 9 a.m. any given day of the week. Executions and other forms of corporal punishments are commonplace in Saudi Arabia.

        http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=941_1241449872 ….. warning GRAPHIC!

        I would hope that the Americans show their backbone big time before this term is up!


      • You’re right Todd. I believe our military is loyal to our country and that’s why barry brought in the Russian army.


      • Carla….

        I wouldn’t believe the EU Times about Obi bringing in Russian Troops. Think about it….can you really see Putin sending his men to fight for Obi against the American people? Putin dislikes Obama as much as the American people do. There is no way Putin would put his men in harm’s way for Obi.

        It is not Putin’s fight…it is Obi’s and I’m sure that Putin would like to see the little dictator have his crown knocked off his head by his own people. It would send Putin into fits of laughter! LOL!


      • your so right redneckdixiewarrior and so are you Todd. Putin wouldn’t give bozo the time of day let alone soldiers. One thing I want to point out is this, this General in Egypt was appointed by morsi who took down morsi!! I honestly believe we have a general who would stand with “we the people”


    • Yrral01, You have lived in Disneyland too long, “a peaceful change of power”, that would be nice but it is NOT realistic when it comes to our Dictator, Obama! The Left apparently is dead or brainwashed. GOD BLESS AMERICA


    • Are you siding with our enemies? MOST Americans are in favor of this. The others can go back to sleep & live in LaLa land, to wake up being slaves to Islam.
      Obama, Kerry & HIllary are gulty of HIGH TREASON. For arming Egypt under Morsi who blatantly stated that they are at war with America and Israel!

      “Any person who levies war against the United States or adheres to its enemies by giving them Aid and Comfort has committed treason within the meaning of the Constitution. The term aid and comfort refers to any act that manifests a betrayal of allegiance to the United States, such as furnishing enemies with arms, troops, transportation, shelter, or classified information. If a subversive act has any tendency to weaken the power of the United States to attack or resist its enemies, aid and comfort has been given. Article 111, Section 3, of the Constitution of the United States of America!!!”

      Please reconsider what you’re saying. Stand with the people who’ve given you freedom.
      Not with the criminals in DC!


    • You think “this is so wrong”?? Just where have you been for the past five years? Or, have you been so engrossed in social media and video games you have NO concept of what has been taking place? Have you ever read the US Constitution? Do you not understand “voter fraud” and how much of that has taken place in the last two elections! What do you not understand about ILLEGAL “executive orders” produced by a “fake wannabe president”? Have you never heard of the “Cold Case Posse”? Are you completely “unaware” of the “enhanced” NDAA, Fast and Furious, IRS targeting, NSA spying, the Benghazi “terror” (kidnap plot) attack, OR the “unannounced” terror attack on Camp Bastian (Afghanistan), 3 days after Benghazi, Marines died in that attack- – incidentally, the current “REGIME” and the “lamestream media propaganda machine” NEVER BOTHERED to even “acknowledge” Camp Bastian; they were still to busy trying to cover their arses over Benghazi! And the dozens of other FALSE FLAG events, i.e. the Aurora theater, Sandy Hook School, a Texas theater shooting (stopped by an off-duty cop), or the guy that tried shooting up a temple (just to name a few)?? And I do “dare to say” ALL of those events prompted and supported by obama-soetoro “handlers, connivers and saboteurs”! It’s not that “we don’t like everything” obama-soetoro does; it’s because he is a LYING, THIEVING FRAUD- -HE IS THE ENEMY “WITHIN”! Along with all his lying, thieving marxist/fascist/commie/muslim cohorts!


    • You’ve missed the point entirely. The generals and ALL officers have a sworn duty to perform. They’ve failed, one and all.

      As with the original revolution in this nation, when you’re dealing with despots who don’t share your form of government, your system of laws, you vision of the future nor a common faith, a peaceful change of command is difficult. The keyword is “despot”. The officers have a duty to perform. “When, in the course of human events…”


    • Interpret the Constitution? The Constitution doesn’t need interpreting. We are to define what it says. Interpretations are based solely on opinion whereas definitions are based on truth and fact.


    • yrral. The only thing I can say to you is ignorance can be fixed with education. Stupidity on the other hand cannot. I don’t think you can be fixed.


    • YRRA you argue from such a position of ignorance. We do not want to overthrow the American form of government, we want to evict by force the occupants of our current government because they have become so corrupt as to steal our hard earned dollars and spend it on things that are directly at odds with our well being. We want to do that so we can put back into place our American constitution that has been eroded and ignored for the past 40 years. After we kick the current people out of Washington we would have to have elections and change election laws so this could not happen again!! e


    • Excuse me yrral01… We have a history of a peaceful change of power? Yes I suppose some might consider the CIVIL WAR a peaceful event, though the entrenched power structure didn’t change, and, contrary to common belief it had very little to do with slavery. It had to do with the BANKS! And the Bankers accomplished what the Civil War didn’t… Lincoln was removed with a bullet to the back of his head by agent for the British, John Wilkes Booth… just as was JFK murdered NOT by the “lone nut assassin” (Lee Harvey Oswald had nothing to do with it)…but JFK was going to end the Vietnam War, End the FED, etc…so again, agents of the British Bankers, Corporations selling the tools of war, etc. conspired…again, some might view this as Non-Violent????? And any legitimate candidates who would work on the behalf of the greater good of the American people are at odds with the Ruling Elite in the background and will NEVER be tolerated by them…and as JFK himself said, “if you make Peaceful Revolution Impossible you make Violent Revolution Invevitable.” You have some catching up to do in understanding the CONSTITUTION and American History – one of if not the most violent country in the world, as it continues to undertake Violence and the Threat of Violence to weaker countries all around the world – something it has done for a very long time. Obama, as tool for the Ruling Elite Masters in the background is now moving the US and the World disastrously close to World War III,,,, undertaking smaller wars of Empire and Conquest – the Ultimate Nuremburg War Crime…. America? Non-Violent? Which america are we talking about? I don’t know the one in your Imagination.




      • buckhunter….

        Some folks are just deaf, dumb and blind! They like living in their own little fantasy land cuz the truth scares them too much. They are weak…they are not warriors!

        Warriors confront the Evil that most people refuse to acknowledge! ( thanks S/M! for the pic to the right…it fit in so well here! LOL!)


    • Sorry but the American civil war was not fought over slavery. It was fought over tariffs and taxes. it was fought due to intentional favoring of Northern textile industry buying cheap British imports. It was fought over many issues, non of them had anything to do with slavery. That issue was brought to the public half way through the war when the public in the North was tired of fighting and seeing men come home in pieces or not come home. Seeing foreigners being hired into the US military and paid with land taken from others (often on rather flimsy charges of supporting the south). Please, for the sake of not appearing a total idiot go back and really study history and not the clap trap shite that is indoctrinated in schools these days.

      If the above oath for enlistment is correct in modern times then some one has committed treason already. When I took that oath many years ago it was “all LAWFUL orders” and we where taught very well in basic what a lawful order was and what to do with a non lawful order and how to deal with it.


  3. Dare we to think we can get a true response to this? I truly hope that OUR military would NOT go against We The People! God Bless American! Happy Independence Day!


    • re: Elaine Callahan;

      A public response? No.. I highly doubt it. You and I have a greater chance at being the next President/V.P. ticket.

      Although, I hope to receive a private response.

      Hope you have a Happy Independence Day as well.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • The US military would not go against the American citizens I can assure you! Orders have already been handed down ( about 3 years ago) stating that any soldier who follows the Order of an Officer to fire upon un-armed citizens is to be shot, as well as the Officer and any who are standing beside them.

      Now if the Military facilities or personel are being attacked by armed citizens…then they will defend them and themselves!


      • In 1968-1970 I was a US Marine…and in my heart I still am. I wasn’t a very good marine then but I was trying…Vietnam was very confusing to me then but not now….I gave an oath then and I affirm it now….I support the US Constituiton…and if you are in the uniform of the US military you have a power to kill me and I will not object…I am not an enemy. But having said that I also will do whatever I can to keep you on track and to keep political despots from using our democracy to turn you into ‘their private army’ which is what I see happening with BO…Clinton did it..”W” did it well….and so his father…but we didn’t know the game plan then…now we do. The US Military is made up of US Patriots….and the first order of business is to get rid of US Patriots…if you are despot…make them look bad…support their enemies…like BO has done with his support of the ‘muslim brotherhood’…The ‘American revolution’ is being fought right now in Egypt…The Egyptian people want their freedom…and shariah proponents are doing whatever they can to stop the Egyptian people and their military from achieving freedom. Watch BO and see what he does…Barack, it is over…Even your own party can see you for what you truly are…To the ‘general staff’ I say ‘police your own’ and watch your back…watch each other’s back…we lost one good man to “suicide”….What true american commando general would commit suicide? You see? If you wait too long then the administration will ‘rift’ you out or ‘suicide’ you. And replace you with one of their friends and then the game is over…and America loses…the world loses…..As far as I can tell there has never been a people like you……


      • Joseph….

        First off, I’d like to say thank you for your service! My hubby was invited to that Dance also. He served just over 19 years in the US Military. He also still stands by his Oath.

        The fellas and gals he speaks with on CENTCOM every few days are well aware of what Obi is capable of. They are just waiting and preparing for the time to be called to defend their homeland on their soil against the ones who want to trample the US Constitution under their feet. They aren’t happy , not even one little bit about that. They know who the real enemy is in all this. It’s not all the American people…..


      • “Where did you pull this out of dixie??? give me a reference so i can look it up. I think you are full of it!


        Are you really that clueless? Give you a reference? Like what? A flippin’ link so you can go see if what I said is the truth? What a moron! Yeah…like they post stuff on line for yahoos like yourself to see! Not in the Military are you? You would know better if you were!

        I quite frankly could give two flying rat’s behinds what you believe about me! BUT I will tell you that I DON”T LIE! I don’t have to prove anything to you or anyone else here…those who know me, know that about me already.

        You obviously don’t know who I happen to know or who my husband happens to know.

        Must be difficult for you to live in such a condition of mental incapacity such as you have. My condolences to your family.


    • We The People have been BEGGING & PRAYING for this!
      Don’t say God bless you, when you want us to live under this dictator Obama who’s murdering people, such as Michael Hastings, the 3 gays from his church that were found executed. That NONE of the news networks ever talked about, the Navy SEALS who’ve been murdered, the 9/11 Witnesses have been murdered, need I go on?
      God doesn’t expect us to sit idle while watching Obama kill us all.
      God will bless His children who stand up against Evil. Otherwise, it’s all talk, and no faith.
      We can say Happy Independence Day because of all the men & women who fought & died for our freedoms. Not because of these pukes in DC who are trying to make us all slaves to Islam.
      God help you to see the light.


    • That is why he has been replacing so many of our high ranking officers. They would NOT have gone up against OR started a war with U.S. Citizens. Remember Benghazi when they pleading for help? Our top Military were pleading to go on in..they were close enough to save them. They were told to “stand down” by the POTUS. He fired a couple of them for fighting back with him WANTING TO go in before it was too late.


    • There was a plan in place UNTIL the Russians were here about a year ago and someone “spilled the beans” about removing him from office.
      Obama found out, and immediately began replacing high ranking officers were HIS. He did it again after Benghazi.
      You know when you are reading something in your inbox, and someone on a blog site comments, and you can read it to see if you want to respond to them or not?

      One day I am looking at my computer monitor to see which article I want to read and forward, or respond to. I saw this statement made by someone. He asked the moderator to please “delete his comment” but I saw it first!
      Seems Obama had been busy having “new uniforms made up of Polyester. Polyester was banned years ago by the Military because it is too hot for the Middle East; and in a fire fight, if the fabric catches on fire for some reason, it burns into the skin.

      IF you are close up to the soldier wearing the uniform, you can clearly see it isn’t an “authentic Military Uniform.” So? My question is “who is wearing these uniforms?”


  4. This is exactly why I joined “Oath Keepers”. I am ready to cover your “six”.


    • re: David E. Vaughan;

      First, please allow me to say; “Thank you Sir for your honorable service to our republic.”

      Oath Keepers is awesome! I am also a member.. and thank you for the cover! I’ve got your “six” covered, as well!

      Molon Labe!

      Sic Semper Tyrannis!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Sharia and David….

        There is also an Officer’s Oath isn’t there which doesn’t have “that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States “……?

        I could look it up …but right now I’m just too lazy and hot to do so!

        BTW….. Happy Independence Day to all!


      • re: Dixie:

        Hey! You know I heard about that… maybe from Oath Keepers.

        If you run across it I’d like to see it.

        p.s. Thank you for that info. that you sent me before about that initiative.

        Since you stated “I obtained permission to share it with you..” I did not publish it.

        (assuming “with me” meant “only me” without permission otherwise..)

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • S/M…

        Here is the Oath for commissioned Officers…

        “I, _____ (SSAN), having been appointed an officer in the Army of the United States, as indicated above in the grade of _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which I am about to enter; So help me God.” (DA Form 71, 1 August 1959, for officers.)


        Officers don’t have to follow orders from CiC…..only to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign or DOMESTIC!

        I would say that the Domestic part would pertain to the fraud in the WH…….? 🙂


      • re: Dixie;

        Thank you for this info.

        My primary concern is that Obama has relieved so many Generals of their command over the past few years and replaced them with Generals that are “in” with him.

        The question: “Are you willing to fire on the American people if ordered to?” was a litmus test given to the replacements.

        I believe that question is asked to all service members now when enlisting.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • S/M….

        There are still many who have been in for a long time….. they will shoot anyone who gives the order to fire upon un-armed American Citizens or anyone within who thinks they should follow that order when given.

        The new recruits will soon find out that the older ones are not going to kill Americans.


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  6. Time has now run out…I can unequivocably say this as I can see Isaih35:8 being completed…the ‘way’ is being ‘built’…I know this. Why do I know this?…because the ancient calendar has been discovered…YHVH’s ancient calendar…Now, those who follow Him are at last complete and so the ‘ancient highway’ is now complete….What remains is for those who have been redeemed and are compliant to YHVH’s terms are being prepped for ‘leaving’, which means that they will be ‘covered’ when the hailstorms of fire descend upon the planet…the rest of you will have to survive the best that you can…the idea is that either ‘your god’ will protect you or your own ‘intelligence’, your wits, will lead you….In the end either YHVH protects you or ‘chance and circumstance’ (meaning you got lucky)……


    • re: Joseph;

      Why must you be such a realist? lol.

      I have a very dear friend who would agree with you. He believes the Muslim Brotherhood is too deeply entrenched in our nation.

      I agree on that point although I am not yet prepared to admit defeat.

      Was Egypt not equally, if not greater than?

      I am not at all disputing your analysis based on the calendar of YHVH.

      Shabbat Shalom.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • The muzzie bro’hood are few in the US and will be swept away like the Nazi’s were from Germany at the end of WW II…IF….we can get our own “high command” to show a bit more moxie than did Hitler’s. So far, they just as gutless as most of his


      • re: Dusty Rhodes;

        Not sure i agree with all of that. The muslim brotherhood is deeply entrenched in the U.S. There are too many muslims in high-level positions to list them all..but, here is the short list;

        We have a muslim president, a muslim over the CIA and a muslim over the D.O.D.

        We also have several muslim brotherhood operatives in very high level positions at DHS, the FBI and in the DOJ.

        Then, there are CAIR, ISNA, MPAC, MAS, MSA, NAIT, ICNA and so many other muslim organizations that have a tremendous grasp over America.

        I have not even begun to list anything yet…

        ..there is one Islamic Terrorist Organization with 35 Training Camps in America (Jahbat ul-Fulqara). That is just one of the many Islamic Terrorist Organizations operating in the U.S. today.

        There are a lot of highly educated Americans that say we are already beyond the point of turning back. That it is too late and we have already lost.

        While I believe they may be correct, I see that as a defeatist attitude. I plan to go down fighting.

        The first thing we need to do is remove the head from the snake.. and then, crush the body!

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  7. I have to wonder why so many people aren’t willing to admit that the US is in dire trouble if our course isn’t changed. It’s not just Obama who wishes for the fall of our great nation. It has been many before him too. Obama is the main puppet of show though…We need to get rid of most of this administration and many politians in Washington. Whatever the means possible. Our time is short.


  8. i believe there are several generals who are up to the task.
    basically any of them that have been canned by obama because they refuse to shoot on americans that is they refuse to shoot on their countrymen.
    the most recent is being made a spectacle because of his willingness to do what snowden did and reveal treason/sedition within our government.
    he was obama’s general and is now paying the price for honorably doing the right thing by being charged under the espionage act, which is a farce indeed while obama gets away with his miscreant ways.
    his name is general james “hoss” cartwright. http://21stcenturywire.com/2013/07/02/beyond-snowden-us-general-cartwright-has-been-indicted-for-espionage/
    others can also play a part and they have been relieved of duties after fine careers due to the miscreant obama administration.

    admiral charles m. gaouette from the benghazi affair that obama should be impeached over.
    http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/bloggers/2961793/posts http://foxhugh.wordpress.com/2012/11/02/

    general joseph dunford

    general james n. mattis http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/01/25/report-washington-didnt-even-tell-marine-gen-he-was-being-replaced/

    it’s easy to pin misconduct or whatever on them and slime them.
    in fact no one would be in charge of anything in america if we held them to a standard reserved for God alone and even God says we’re all sinners and there is none good – no not one.
    not excusing anything that is real, just pointing out it is easy to slime people.

    we actually have with just these senior ranking officials quite a collection of generals to command a return to our constitutional way of life.
    it’s just a matter of organization and identification of the best method for exercising our constitutional right to disestablish the federal government and reform a more perfect union.
    it is the right of the people to do so and it is constitutional.

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.


    • re: Robert:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to compile all of this information and send it to us. We appreciate that!

      I for one, have already learned quite a bit from your info. here.

      I know our readers will as well.

      Please stay in touch.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Let us not forget McChrystal and Petraeus….. they also will not play kindly with the fraud in the WH.

      There are many scenarios on the table to chose from…. so yes…. it’s a matter of organization and identification of the best method.

      I have been saying this for the past three years at least…..it is only a matter of time. Though many are feeling that time is running out to do something. Things have to be thought out thoroughly to every contingency plan so the best results will be seen.


      • Petraeus and McChrystal have already cowarded out and retired they are no longer a factor. they are now worthless civilians. they cant give orders anymore.


      • ibpilot….

        You obviously do not know anything about McChrystal or Petraeus! Cowards they are not! They are a factor whether they can be seen or not. You have no clue as to what either of these men are doing….I do! Being worthless civilians? Not effin’ likely Sherlock!

        As I said before….you don’t know who I know! dupek….odpieprz się!


    • This is sad to say, but it won’t happen. They might lose their home on the golf course and exchange & commissary privileges. If it was going to happen it wouldn’t have take 5 years plus and waiting until we’re PAST the tipping point of being able to survive as a nation. Selfish, perjuring cowards, one and all. They’ve broken their oath and sold their soul for shopping privileges and a dole.


  9. Military just do it already! There is NO TIME to waste!!
    Obama is firing our officers left & right.


    • bjy….

      many are feeling the same way as you are right now. One of my dear friends keeps telling me to tell them NOW! But alas….I am not a player in this game…..I just have some sources that I get info. from. and they don’t listen to any of my suggestions. Darn annoying! LOL!

      They have to foresee every little nuance to every plan they have. To rush in with out preparedness will mean failure and most likely a large casualty count. Something they really do wish to avoid.

      Us folks on the outside of the planning and knowing must be patient…..


  10. This is only an excerpt. Please read all of it:
    Breaking Ranks: Dissent and the Military Professional
    By Andrew R. Milburn

    Click here to download the PDF
    Lieutenant Colonel Andrew R. Milburn, USMC, is assigned to Special Operations Command, Europe, Future Operations (J3).

    There are circumstances under which a military officer is not only justified but also obligated to disobey a legal order. In supporting this assertion, I discuss where the tipping point lies between the military officer’s customary obligation to obey and his moral obligation to dissent. This topic defies black-and-white specificity but is nevertheless fundamental to an understanding of the military professional’s role in the execution of policy. It involves complex issues—among them, the question of balance between strategy and policy, and between military leaders and their civilian masters.

    Any member of the military has a commonly understood obligation to disobey an illegal order; such cases are not controversial and therefore do not fall within the purview of this article. Instead, the focus is on orders that present military professionals with moral dilemmas, decisions wherein the needs of the institution appear to weigh on both sides of the equation. Whether the issuer of the order is a superior officer or a civilian leader, the same principles apply. However, because issues at the strategic level of decisionmaking have greater consequences and raise wider issues, I focus on dissent at this level.

    In the face of such a dilemma, the military professional must make a decision, which cannot simply owe its justification to the principle of obedience, and must take responsibility for that decision. But when and on what grounds should the officer dissent? And how should he do so? I offer three propositions:

    1. The military officer belongs to a profession upon whose members are conferred great responsibility, a code of ethics, and an oath of office. These grant him moral autonomy and obligate him to disobey an order he deems immoral; that is, an order that is likely to harm the institution writ large—the Nation, military, and subordinates—in a manner not clearly outweighed by its likely benefits.

    2. This obligation is not confined to effects purely military against those related to policy: the complex nature of contemporary operations no longer permits a clear distinction between the two. Indeed, the military professional’s obligation to disobey is an important check and balance in the execution of policy.

    3. In deciding how to dissent, the military officer must understand that this dilemma demands either acceptance of responsibility or wholehearted disobedience.

    Before supporting these propositions, I discuss the “traditional” view of civil-military relations, which owes much to Samuel Huntington and his theory of objective control.

    Obedience as Virtue

    Samuel Huntington’s The Soldier and the State remains the touchstone for the study of civil-military relations. However, the book should be viewed in its historical context, written as it was over 50 years ago at the height of the Cold War when the obvious need to centralize decision authority for the use of nuclear weapons lent support to a strict interpretation of civilian control. No doubt also fresh in Huntington’s mind was General Douglas MacArthur’s narrowly averted threat to cross the Yalu River and thus escalate the Korean War. Huntington’s concept of “objective control” delineates clear boundaries between the realm of the soldier and statesman; the former is afforded some functional autonomy within his area of expertise but very little moral autonomy. Huntington argues that the military professional is on thin ice if he dissents on any grounds other than purely military or legal—and that ultimately, his overriding obligation is loyalty to his civilian masters. For Huntington, there is no middle ground: “When the military man receives a legal order from an authorized superior, he does not hesitate, he does not substitute his own views; he obeys instantly.”1

    Huntington’s views still have strong influence on U.S civil-military relations today, and this may explain why, despite some ruffled feathers at the nexus between policy and military operations, there have been few recent cases of U.S. military leaders protesting the orders of their civilian masters. As General Richard Myers and Dr. Richard Kohn point out, “There is no tradition of military resignation in the United States, no precedent— and for good reason.”2

    This “good reason” is the principle of civilian control that is embedded in the U.S. Constitution. It gives Congress authority to raise the military, to set the rules for military conduct, and to decide whether to authorize war. It also makes the President the Commander in Chief of the military. Traditionalists argue that this principle is incompatible with any theory of civil-military relations that does not obligate the military professional to absolute obedience. In their view, dissent is justified only under the most exceptional circumstances and must be confined to the purely military aspects of a decision. The Nation’s civilian leadership, they argue, has the “right to be wrong.”3



  11. I think a major point a lot of people are missing is the fact…when we get rid of the traitors and usurpers of Our country and Constitution, i.e. the POTUS and his minions, what about all the others in this country, mostly the muslims that are here for one thing and that is the fact of taking over the country for their own ends?….What is to be done with them?…Other than shipping them back to their own country of origin. We have a major influx of radical muslims within our borders, what is to stop them from sabotaging our efforts and implementing a jihad against us at the same time?…btw I love your page….and am a Marine with 32 yrs……1965-97…..and I will have whatever backs covered that I’m near…..Semper Fi and power to the people again….


    • re: Gunny6662;

      First and foremost, please allow me to say; “Thank you so much Sir for your honorable service to our beloved republic.” Your dedication to service is greatly appreciated!!

      I am sure we have more in common than you are aware of. But, for now.. in this public forum, we must leave it at that.

      I completely concur with 100% of your comment. There is no option other than 100% Repatriation of ALL non-American born muslims. The average reproduction rate of a muslim male/female is 8.1 children per couple. So, from 2 comes 8 and from 8 comes 64. From the 64 comes 512. Now, add the word “million” behind each of those numbers and that puts the figures in a real world perspective. If we secured the borders today and halted all immigration, but allowed the 20 Million (estimated) muslims that are here now to remain here, we would still be an islamic nation in the not so distant future, just based on their rate of reproduction. We must make some tough decisions. It is more than simply a matter of National Security but rather, the preservation of our society, our republic and our civilization.

      Repatriation can be done in a very respectful manner. We can approach them and explain.. “..look, it’s not personal.. but, as a nation we must do what we need to do..”

      I would fully support giving each household of muslims a cash voucher/allowance for (hypothetically) $5,000 to cover plane tickets to either their nation of origin or any other islamic nation of their choosing. This money would also go much further in most islamic countries than in the West. So, it should assist them in having a place to stay once they arrive to their location.

      Would this be expensive? Absolutely! But, what would be the cost in the future of allowing them to remain here? I will gladly accept my portion of this cost.

      Now, not only would Obama NEVER do this.. but, he is actually bringing muslims in as fast as he can. His administration is currently denying entry to persecuted Christians and Jews, in order to leave open more slots to muslims, who are the ones doing the persecution.

      “IF” Obama could be relieved of his duties.. any “Interim President” until the elections can take place must be of the understanding that, the purpose of the process is the restoration of our constitution and the preservation of our republic. Immediate action must transpire quickly.

      One thing that is not an option is.. “riding it out ’till 2016.” There will be nothing left to preserve then, nor will “we” possess the capability to do it.

      It’s the very near future or never.

      Additionally, thank you so much for the compliments on my site. I’m glad you like it.

      Also, I assure you.. I have your “six” as well, my brother!

      Please keep in touch and remember to enable notifications to the comments each time so we can communicate.

      Semper Fi Marine!

      Molon Labe!

      Sic Semper Tyrannis!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • i think we would need to be careful kicking out muslims. we need to provide them a choice to integrate or depart, but they should have a choice, they are still people like you and me and we need to allow them the flexibility to decide what they would like to do. in all cases, integration into our society is the only option for citizenship, not parallel societies as sharia(h) demands.
        the reason they’re bringing in muslims as fast as they can is because americans are waking up faster now so they’re having to move more quickly with their plans. when you dilute the population enough then you reduce the need to control the original population and can use the foreign population to help keep the original population in line. so open borders is taking too long for their plans and they’re accelerating their plans because they’ve passed the point of no return in that it is unacceptable to return back to such a state of freedom we used to have for then it would take another half century to overcome it and they do not want to go backwards now. they’re getting restless and want implementation expediently so they keep getting as many foreigners in as possible to dilute the impact of the original population and then it will be easier to keep the actual americans in line they think. foreigners spying on authentic americans and muslims destablizing america through implementation of seditious sharia(h) law.


      • re: Robert;

        While I agree with your entire second paragraph, I disagree with the entirety of your first paragraph.

        It appears that your second paragraph completely negates the first one.

        Addressing your first paragraph; yes.. that sounds nice and is an “idealistic” view that if founded in reality would be nice.

        But Robert, if you have studied Islam than you must know that it is the goal of ALL muslims and the requirement of Islam itself to “appear” to integrate and assimilate, while gaining a stronger foothold for infiltration and the implementation of an Islamic Caliphate.

        To anyone who would say.. “..let the good ones stay..” I would say..

        Which ones are the “good ones?”

        How do we know which ones will be the “future bombers?” How do we know which ones will be the future rapists, the future “honor killers?”

        We don’t and there is no way to know.. and that is my point.

        But that, in and of itself is irrelevant to the goal.

        I am not talking about accessing or assigning guilt to the innocent but rather a means to the preservation of our own civilization.

        That is our right and our duty.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • @sharia unveiled on July 8, 2013 at 3:03 am
        some tough considerations that’s for sure, but nevertheless if they choose to integrate then america became great because of immigrants integrating into the country. we should not toss that off due to our lumping every single muslim into the jihad. we need to recognize people should have a choice and freedom to make a choice. we need to deal with actual crime not our thinking so-and-so is going to commit a crime so let’s treat them with a pre-crime decision when they’ve not done anything wrong. then we end up becoming the aggressor and exactly what we claim we are repudiating. in any case, it will be a decision at the appropriate time no doubt.


      • re: Robert;

        I need to delete some of our posts on this article. All of those videos are bogging down my computer and slowing my load time.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Robert and anyone else who thinks WE “should give muslims a choice”- -i.e. allow them to stay if they wish to assimilate. Sorry, but they have NO choice; even if any of them said they want to assimilate, it would be a bold-faced lie; you have heard of “tacqiya” haven’t you? Just to refresh your memories, muslims do NOT give Copts nor Christians a “choice”, they simply behead them!


      • madmemere….

        Exactly! No choice…..just like they do back in the Islamic countries. It’s what most of them are used to anyways. I highly doubt they would give us the choice.


    • there is no room for error here. Islam has been at war with Christianity and Judaism for thousands of years. Several hundred years ago Britannia killed Muslims by the millions and occupied much of Arabia. The Arab numbers were lowered to such and extent that they could no longer make war. They set about repopulating the Islamic religion by high birthrates with the express intention of building their numbers to a high enough level so they could again make war against us. In the early 20th century we discovered oil on the Arabian Peninsula. We (America, Britain) dug the wells and reaped the cheap oil. We gave nothing to the ARAB. IN the 60’s world opinion turned against America and Britannia for taking their oil and not sharing the wealth with the arabs. So we gave them the oil fields. Our oil fields and now they have numbers and money. They are going to kill all Christians and Jews unless we kill them first. I say we destroy all Muslims and take the middle east back we conquered them once and now because we are stupid we have to do it again!! All Muslims must die!


    • I like the idea of loading them into trans-modal sea/land containers, about 100 to a 40ft box, with a destination of Somalia on a muslim -operated tramp steamer. We can put in a food barrel and a slop barrel for their needs. When the food bucket is empty and the slop bucket is full, they can switch the purpose of each. Bon Appatit, suckers.


  12. You guys love quoting the founding fathers, “In 1798 the Alien and Sedition Acts were signed into law by President John Adams in response to fears of an impending war with France. These acts, consisting of four laws passed by the Federalist-controlled Congress, increased the residency requirement for American citizenship from five to 14 years, authorized the president to imprison or deport aliens considered “dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States” and restricted speech critical of the government. While the Federalists, led by Alexander Hamilton and Adams, argued that these laws were passed to protect the United States from foreign invaders and propagandists, Democratic-Republicans, led by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, saw the Alien and Sedition Acts as a direct threat to individual liberty and the First Amendment by a tyrannical government”.

    So by this crap your breaking the laws but worse yet I don’t want to hear you quoting the Second Amendment again, if you’re going to ignor what they did when you want, you can’t use them when you want to.

    Besides if you have not served in combat you have no right to say a thing, you’ve not paid your dues.


    • re: Gary;

      You do not even know what you are talking about. And you have the nerve to come on “our” site and tell us..

      “I don’t want to hear you quoting the Second Amendment again”

      Clearly, you are against the first amendment as well.

      Take a hike you fascist.


      • for gunny6662
        these are the difficult decisions that require a group decision on by leaders involved in returning us to constitutional government. there is so much to consider and some considerations such as these must be made after noting the actions of the muslims during the return to constitutional order. certainly they should be treated fairly as any other person would want to be and be given a choice to integrate, remain in the u.s. for a certain period of time prior to leaving, or to just leave as quickly as they’re able to settle their affairs here. as americans we need to be reasonable and patient during such times. =)


      • re: Sheryl R;

        Well, Thank you Sheryl…

        I appreciate the compliment.

        Be sure to stay tuned in the future..

        ..because this revolution will be televised!

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Bite me dick head, the only thing you have to do to have a say is vote in my opinion. Being a combat vet does not make you a more important American. If you were a combat bet you would know that!! You are the one that needs to shut up. As long as i am funding the American govt. with my labor’s I have a say!! It’s my money that pays them stupid they work for me!! I am not an Alien!!


    • Gary, last time I checked, we still DO have the freedom to speak our own opinion…right, wrong or ridiculous as it may be.

      With your attitude? You are one very bitter, uneducated man! My question to you: “Who’s side on your on, Obama’s or ours?


  13. I am a proud American and served in the Armed Forces of this country for over eleven years. During my time in the Military we were not active in the Muslim world and until all the things started years ago had I even thought about people of the Muslim Faith not that Christians have a lot to brag about either.
    However you blog is wonderful and well written and some of the replies are right on the money. There are many United States Citizens that even care about what is going on here let alone in Egypt or other Muslim countries.
    I do. I share this as you have ask. I hope that the welfare and freedom of all people. You’re readers have many opinions and they are so correct. Therefore I to join you’re cause. I hope to bring many more to your blog.
    Thank You for this blog and thank you for allowing me to a part of history. God Bless You and May God Be With You Always.


    • re: James Earl Wells;

      Thank you so much Sir for your honorable service to our beloved republic.

      And thank you for the compliments on our site. We are happy to have you as a reader and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • …And, God Bless You and your family. And, thank you for your honorable service. You are DEEPLY appreciated.


  14. The U.S. Military is the ONLY thing preventing us from living in a police state.

    I sleep well at night knowing that if the admirals and generals gave orders to do something untoward, the NCOs and Officers of the Line will tell them to pound sand.


  15. Dusty, I can’t seem to find you so I am responding from reading your statements from my inbox.

    Obama has “replaced” our top people with HIS. And, only recently, he established a way to “listen in to cell phones, land-line phone calls” through Verizon, and others. I saw a video a few days ago that was quickly taken off of the net….just minutes after I had it. Vets were planning but they were using normal modes of conversation (telephone, etc.) and was immediately arrested. I haven’t seen anything about it since!

    He has also implemented a program email information, Yahoo is also involved. Everyone thought Google and Gmail were involved, but an article came out that they ARE NOT.

    He has spent almost a year now demoralizing OUR Military. The suicide rate within the Military is higher than those who lose them lives in the Middle East. Family members are also committing suicide after their sons/daughters give up their lives too!


  16. IBPilot, you have no clue about McCrystal. He was the first to stand up and say exactly what he thought of Obama. Lieut. Col. Laken was next.

    Neither of them “retired”, you dip stick! McCrystal was fired. Laken was put in a Military Prison for speaking out against Obama.


    You sound like a man who is bitter. What happened? Did you get kicked out?


  17. Oh thank you sweet Jesus, I’ve been searching for you guys for months! Let me take a second to introduce myself, my father is a Marine who served in Vietnam, my brother is currently a Marine!
    I’ve been searching and prying for these answers and all of you have given me that (more like God has pointed me to this place).
    I just knew this was not the END, and I was not giving up till I could find this peace in my heart again!

    Please forgive my very elementary knowledge on this subject at hand, but I will now turn my schooling to each of you.


    • re: Cjv1279;

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and compliments. They are greatly appreciated.

      We ask that you please tell your father and brother that we said..

      “Thank you so much Sir for your honorable service to our beloved Republic.” and “Semper Fi!”

      We are blessed you found us as well…

      Thank you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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