21 comments on “Muslim Acts of Beheading Inside the United States

    • Etonnement, ces actes ont eu lieu dans des états où il est difficile d’obtenir une arme et encore moins un permis de port.


  1. They are evil and cruel savages. They need to go back to the mid-east and stop imposing their culture, etc. upon other countries. We don’t want your culture of savagery or death. Leave.


  2. But obama is instigating, encouraging and financing them and has plans for bringing sharia law to the US whether her citizens want it or not. he is muslim and he promised the UN that by 2016, the USA would be a muslim country and the flag of Islam would fly over our white house. he has plans to bring thousands of the jihadists to America and shove them down our throats complete with the violence that they so worship.


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  4. That is what he thinks he maybe the sword of Islam Let me introduce you to the guns of democracy remember we through out tyrants before and we can do it again. You picked on Zimmerman thinking that he can stir up a racial war hoping to win and become king. It aint going to happen others have tried and failed.


  5. And if we dare speak up only to point out the atrocities of Islam like this, then liberal progressives, Muslim groups, and other haters of Christian/American culture dangle the bigot cards over our heads. All because we don’t jump on board the jihad express.


  6. Most of those in or was in the white house belong to this cult watch and look at their hand signs. The satan sign even Michele did it. Watch the hands and listen to them speak.


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  9. Funny how that all of this stuff is going on against Christians, yet Christianity is the evil religion because we preach against sin. I guess not agreeing with sin is far worse than getting killed for not following a particular religion. I wonder which is worse; having someone behind a pulpit bellow at me about how I have to get right with God and turn away from sin, or getting beheaded because I’m not following a particular religion.


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