9 comments on “Obama Signs Executive Order to Allow Shut Down of All US Communications

  1. Hmmmm? How will they communicate then?By they, I’m meaning Obama and his admin/cronies. The USA doesn’t do Government stuff all in paper like China. They do stuff via email and messaging.

    Does The USA have their own Satellites for cell phones…aren’t those used by everyone in North America?

    Broadcasting….doesn’t the USA have the Emergency broadcasting on all American channels to keep people updated on Emergency information? They plan to do away with that?

    Well folks…if this is ever done there is only one line of defense…..don’t let them take your guns willingly…let them take it from your cold dead hands!


    • re: Dixie;


      The military and government have their own independent systems of communications. The shut down can occur by many different methods. Everything operates on certain bandwidths and frequency. They “the govt.” can cut out all but theirs with the flip of a switch.

      Do you remember when the WH had that big excavation project about 2 years ago? That was related to this.

      We will still have a few methods of communication available to us:

      1. Carrier Pigeons

      2. Smoke Signals

      3. Message in a bottle

      So.. we’ll be okay. (As you can tell.. I’ve been thinkin’)


      • S/M….

        I knew the Military has their own communication method…I didn’t know the Government had an independent system of their own.

        I remember that excavation project….people were saying it was a bunker for Obama….. I thought it was a sewer system as so much comes out of His mouth….they needed some place to store it all!

        One other mode of communication you forgot….Drums!


      • re: Dixie;

        Lol.. I can always count on you for a beautiful blend of intellect and wit.

        Yes.. the bunker was also upgraded as part of the same project.

        ..I always forget the drums. As a percussionist myself, you would think I would remember that one.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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