9 comments on “Islamic Population Control: Deadly Virus Epicenter Located in Mecca

  1. I hope they’re screening these intrepid pilgrims when they return.

    Or would that upset their sensibilities?


    • re: logdon;

      Of course it would upset their “tender little sensibilities.”

      They would claim.. “..you are only singling out muslims..” Even though, only muslims would be coming back from mecca.

      Perhaps the NWO found the most effective method at world population control.

      Just spread a little disease at mecca.. and let them carry it back to every nation in the world.

      Provides the UN Council on Population Control the element of “plausible deniability.”

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. Perhaps the editor is right, they are all in one place. I am a plate tec, studying quakes. Now, many of my friends have turned our studies, to the skies. I speack of the contrails, yes they are very real. We are in the process of tracing the funding for these programs, and it is well hidden.
    A “pandemic” at mecca, could we be that lucky….hopefully.


  3. Does anyone here know “how” that virus start? Is it man-made? Or, a natural happening in a specific environment?


    • not to be rude to you going to college because I think you’re a fellow Patriot but who cares how it started as long as it’s killing Muslims if you ask me its not killing them fast enough


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