9 comments on “The Truth About Islam and Slavery (Video)

  1. There are TWO subjects that dominate almost every article, video, etc.
    Muslims and the violent blacks.
    What is, seemly, very Karmic is that the Blacks are joining Islam in the U.S. The Muslims “kidnapped” many Africans vs. buying them at auctions. Those sold at auctions were the losers of Tribal Wars or criminals. The Muslims captured them! They were very cruel to them. The captured men were neutered; and the women used and abused as sex slaves.


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    • Lincoln wanted to send them all back…..
      I do apologize, I had the article in my old Yahoo account that I had deleted a couple of weeks ago.
      Yahoo DID spy for Obama (and still is I guess).
      Anyway, There were Jewish Businessmen in NY who bought “5” ships to take any Africans back to Africa IF they wanted to go.

      Would you like to know how many went back? ONE SHIP was half full.
      The rest of them “CHOSE TO REMAIN HERE.”


  3. Anyone who forces himself to affiliate with this behavior or religion hasn’t evolved to the Homo Sapiens race in my opinion…


    • This is the only population that I know of(?) that has “de-evolved”.
      Through 1,500 years of inbreeding, they ARE clinically, criminally insane.

      I have an article in my files (somewhere?) that a Military Man explains that they are VERY hard to train. Their comprehension and retention is fleeting. He stated he had to repeat the same information over and over again before they can retain it to implement it.


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