8 comments on “Wafa Sultan on Sharia’s Threat to the West (Video)

      • this woman is right about pisslam but she talks of London but never been how would she know don’t believe all ya read I know I’m a Londoner FFS sleeping lol don’t think so been hating islam since 2001 boycott halal & everything


      • re: pee London;

        Well, you must live inside Buckingham Palace or some other gated private community because I know very well that sharia courts are in operation in London, sharia patrols are in operation in London. There have been two more attacks since Lee Rigby in the streets of London. Both were English soldiers.. one died and the other is in critical condition. Did you not hear about that?

        Your media and your government are working together to suppress the truth.

        If you want the truth in London, I will gladly provide you with contact information to my colleagues in London.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • there’s no sharia patrols in London a couple of religitards on two occasions mate they would dare walk around south London they’d get beaten to death yes I know about the soldiers & the ghurkas wife I read ban islam I have a FB account it’s not half as bad in London has this woman visited London ? I don’t live in Buckingham palace I’m from south east London an yes I will beat moozlims up at every chance England is full of football thugs do you know London


      • I like reading your posts I’m not arguing with you have a nice day & fuck islam I shit on islam I’ve burned the Queeran & if mohamhead was alive I’d volunteer to kill him NSFE


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