14 comments on “Muslim Man Murders His Daughter and Granddaughters in Honor Killing Rampage

  1. This is just an example of the greater problem with the filthy cult of islam: it is endorsed and embraced by the most pitifully ignorant and savage of human beings.


  2. This is the most hateful system of belief on the planet. How could anyone murder their own children and grandchildren is beyond anything I could imagine. Savages don’t even do this. These so called people need to be brought to justice. This must be stopped in the name of humanity. Now, I can’t stop it but I am not afraid to speak out about this horrible mind blowing way of life. Just say something.


    • re: rogerunited;

      Blessed Greetings Brother!

      I cannot say that I have ever read a sura in al-qur’an or anything in al-hadith that mentions the sanctity of life in the womb. There is really little mention of the sanctity of life outside of the womb either.

      However, to the best of my knowledge.. it is my understanding and personal experiences, that the far majority of muslims are adamantly against abortion. While it inconsistent with all of their other disregards for human life, I find some solace that they are correct on their stance against abortion.

      That’s the thing with Islam.. it’s not so much their “laws” that are askew, but rather, their inequality of implementation and the “punishments” for breaking the laws.

      For example: Almost all muslims are against abortion and homosexuality. That is very consistent with the Judeo-Christian Law.

      The only thing is.. if you engage in a homosexual act in most Islamic countries, it is punishable by hanging. I actually agree that it should be punished, I just see the death penalty as too harsh. Perhaps a period of imprisonment could be a viable option.

      I have told many muslims before, it’s not so much your laws that require altering but rather, the punishments.

      Also, they must be enforced equally between men and women.

      A man can commit adultery without legal recourse but if a woman does, she can be stoned to death.

      Either enforce the law equally and stone the men who commit adultery as well, or lessen the punishment for the women to a period of imprisonment and hold the man accountable to that as well.

      Islam cannot be “cured” but, it can be improved.

      Islam’s perception in the world could be greatly altered simply by making strides in their punishments for crimes and if they just left the Jews and Christians alone. They could leave everything else in place with no alterations and they would take a giant leap forward in progress and perception.

      Unfortunately, they are too ignorant to realize that.

      Blessings of Peace and Love be with you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • You can’t make a cave-dweller ( troglodyte) understand the concepts you posted…..they don’t have the mental awareness to do so……. nor do they really want to change anything as it is better to have it this way for them. So much power over the inferior gender as they see it.


      • re: Dixie;

        I understand and agree but, we cannot give up trying. Our message may need to reach thousands of them.. before even the first awakes.

        There are muslims waking up every day. The best muslim is an “EX- muslim” and I have many friends that are just that.

        Once they finally escape the cult of indoctrination, they are the absolute best people you’d ever want to meet.

        Almost every “Murtad” (Apostate from Islam) always dedicates the remainder of their “new-found free life” to reaching out to other muslims to help them escape the cult. You just gotta’ love that…

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Yes…the ex-muslims are nice people…. met many of them myself, and they do try to teach others and to help them get out safely.

        I agree that we must keep trying to reach them….


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