15 comments on “The Truth About Jerusalem and the Temple Mount (Video)

  1. Watched Shindler’s List again last night. I can’t fathom that some humans can be so cruel to others. The muslims are just plain hateful to the Jews…there is no need for such hatefulness. The muslims are probably mad at the Germans for thinking up the horrofic ways to kill the Jews…


    • re: burkasrugly;

      I agree with your comment.

      I’m not quite sure what you meant by the last sentence in your comment… but, if I understood what it meant.. I’m sure I’d agree with it.

      Did you mean.. the muslims are jealous that they did not think of those methods themselves?

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • You can’t categorizes all people of one religion into one group – Hitler and his followers considered themselves Christian but it would be highly incorrect to say ‘Christians were in with Hitler.’


      • Hitler wasn’t Christian… he was just pretending!

        Adolf Hitler was raised by a sceptic father and a devout Catholic mother; he ceased to participate in the sacraments after childhood.[1] Contradictory accounts exist about Adolf Hitler’s religious views, including his ties to Christianity and the Catholic church. According to Hitler’s chief architect, Albert Speer, Hitler made harsh pronouncements against the church to his political associates, but remained a formal member of the Catholic church until his death, and even ordered his chief associates to remain members; while having “no real attachment to it.”[2] Biographer John Toland, while noting that Hitler believed Pope Pius XII was “no friend”, wrote also that he was still “a member in good standing of the Church of Rome despite his detestation of its hierarchy” and drew links between Hitler’s Catholic background and his antisemitism.[3] Conversely, historian Robert Soucy states Hitler believed Christian and Nazi beliefs were incompatible and intended to replace Christianity with a “racist form of warrior paganism”.[4] Steigmann-Gall on the other hand, considered that Hitler had rejected the foundation of a new religion, calling it a “Chimera”.[5] Additionally, biographer Alan Bullock wrote that, though raised Catholic, Hitler was a rationalist and materialist, who saw Christianity as a religion “fit for slaves”, and against the natural law of selection and survival of the fittest.[6] Though Hitler had respect for the ‘great position’ of the Catholic church, Bullock wrote he became hostile to its teachings.[6]

        In office, Hitler agreed to a Concordat with the Catholic Church, and briefly sought to unify Germany’s Protestant churches under the Nazi aligned Deutsche Christen movement, which rejected the Hebrew origins of the Gospel.[7] Hitler routinely violated his treaty with the Vatican and failed in his effort to Nazisfy German Protestantism.[7]

        In his book Mein Kampf and in public speeches he often made statements that affirmed a belief in Christianity.[8][9] Prior to World War II Hitler had promoted “positive Christianity”, a movement which purged Christianity of its Jewish elements and instilled it with Nazi philosophy.[10] According to the controversial collection of transcripts edited by Martin Bormann, titled Hitler’s Table Talk, as well as the testimony of some intimates, Hitler had privately negative views of Christianity. Others reported he was a committed believer.[3][11] Many historians say that Hitler had a general covert plan, which some say existed even before the Nazis’ rise to power, to destroy Christianity within the Reich, which was to be accomplished through control and subversion of the churches and to be completed after the war.[12][13]

        In private Hitler scorned Christianity to his friends, but when out campaigning for power in Germany, he publicly made statements in favour of the religion.[25] “The most persuasive explanation of these statements”, wrote Laurence Rees, “is that Hitler, as a politician, simply recognised the practical reality of the world he inhabited… Had Hitler distanced himself or his movement too much from Christianity it is all but impossible to see how he could ever have been successful in a free election. Thus his relationship in public to Christianity – indeed his relationship to religion in general – was opportunistic. There is no evidence that Hitler himself, in his personal life, ever expressed any individual belief in the basic tenets of the Christian church”.[26]

        Many private statements attributed to him remain disputed.[27] In public, as in private, he was unequivocal in his disdain for Judaism.

        Read more at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler%27s_religious_views

        ~~ BTW……. Until muslims start coming out against Sharia , until they stop believing in the Koran and it’s teachings against Jews and Christians, they stop believing that women are beneath men and that they can do anything they so wish to them….. then I’ll darn well group them together thank you very much! Islam is the cult of Satan and is just as evil as Hitler ever was!


      • A while back there was an article that I wished I had kept. Seems the Muslims wanted to destroy all ancient buildings. IF you know anything about that article, let us know. Maybe(?) they were trying to demolish the “true” history so they can re-write it.


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  3. The simple way in which this article deludes the uninformed is with the words “at that time they used to worship idols…..” The truth is they still do. ‘Allah’ is not ‘YHVH’….YHVH is not ‘the moon god’….This simple sentence is so completely wrong. If you can not distinguish between the ‘god’ of the Bible and the ‘god’ of the Koran then what’s up with you even pretending you can help us unravel all the subterfuge …..Do not intimate that these two people groups, the Koran and the Bible, have the same ‘god’….even an atheist knows the difference…….


    • re: Joseph;

      I did not write that.. but, I will correct it. It was the description that accompanied the video.

      I surely hope you were not directing your statement at me, as if “I” do not know the difference.

      Referencing: “If you can not distinguish between the ‘god’ of the Bible and the ‘god’ of the Koran then what’s up with you even pretending you can help us unravel all the subterfuge …..Do not intimate that these two people groups, the Koran and the Bible, have the same ‘god’….even an atheist knows the difference…….”

      I hope you were just speaking in the “2nd person tense.” (I will assume you were.)

      Thank you for pointing this out. Please continue to let me know when you see inaccurate text.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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