13 comments on “Intelligence Suggests ‘Enormous’ Attack Possible in the United States

  1. Well, hell, they are wasting all of the “spy efforts” against U.S. Citizens.
    Remember, he did say, “We can absorb another 9/11”.
    There are two countries that warned him about Boston (two I believe: Russia and the UK). He ignored it.
    And, with all of the invasive spying on U.S. citizens…..they are looking in the wrong direction.
    “We can absorb another 9/11.” Obama


    • re: upaces;

      You are right. Although, he is “intentionally” looking in the wrong direction.

      In order to facilitate the advancement and progression of Islam and the further deterioration of our rights.. these attacks must take place.

      With each new attack, we lose more of our rights. They use the attack to “justify” the nullification of our liberties.

      I believe this is all.. “Obama’s creation.” This is all the ramp up to the BIG “False-Flag” attack that he will launch in order to bring about martial law.

      Furthermore, I believe this is an attempt by the NSA themselves, to justify their own existence.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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