154 comments on “The Punishment for Reading a Bible in Saudi Arabia

  1. Muslims are a cancer put upon this earth for no other reason then to torment, rape, kill, terrorise and to rape little kids.
    There is one good thing about them though.. well a couple actually.
    1) They are help to create and developed new armiments.
    2) They are helping the ARMED forces around the world developed and perfect new war strategy’s.
    3) They are helping with the development and perfecting of missile guide nice systems.
    4) They are helping to develop new relationships of war between countries.
    And most importantly.

    If it wasn’t for ISLAM and ISIS and MUSLIMS and the all mighty INTERNET that allowed them and continues to allow them to document and share the atrocities that they so calmly and so proudly show to the world then all of them would go unseen.
    We (The evolved modern societys) still wouldn’t see just how bad and how violent and uncompationate this breed of really unimportant, Unnessessary, Inhumane, barbaric breed of what ever they are actually are.
    We have been seeing this sort of violence and butchery become a more prevalent niche in modern society.

    We have seen so much on such a grand scale in such a short period of time that everyone. Even the children become desensitised to this type of actions because the people that run Facebook aswell as the people that control the Internet and the communication in that area allow these people to have an Internet connection in which to advertise there acts of terrorism to the whole world.
    If they stopped there Internet connections
    Then they would have no stage in which to perform and to showcase there terrorist acts or there acts of torture and mutilation for crimes that to anyone with 1/10th the mental copassity of a 3yr old would think was extreme and Unnessessary.
    Cutting a man’s right hand upwards of 40 times with the intention to render the hand useless and turn it into nothing but a blob of meat that is attached to there arm would be a reasonable punishment for a pedophile that was caught folder infants and small children. Heck I would use a rusty spoon and do it myself.

    But when that type of punishment is used upon the hand of a person that does nothing other then read a BIBLE well that is straight up Unnessessary and at the furthest end of the extreme overkill spectrum.

    The Australian and the American governments have alot to answer for. In relation to there total lack of success in riding this world of these parasites.
    They are to concerned about Wether or not the Muslim population of there countries like them or not. Let’s not do anything to upset these animals. God forbid they stop liking us. Incase you politicians haven’t Hurd already. THEY ALREADY HATE YOU AND WISH DEATH UPON US ALL INFIDELS. So stop worrying about something disappearing that isn’t there to start with and start worrying about Wether or not the actual people that voted you into power and pay the taxes that pay your wage like you or not. The people that actually matter.

    Why don’t you spoke bast Ards take a page out of Russia and China’s book and realise that nothing you do for them actually matters and no matter what they want all of us dead.
    It’s taught to them out of there bible.
    You cannot change the word of some people’s scripture just because you throw money at them.

    Look at the people from PNG And the fuzzy wuzzies. If they come over here for what ever reason they cannot receive any benifit or government subsidies or even a health care card until they become citizens.
    These people saved our arse and carried 90% of the supplies and ammunition aswell as the sick and injured soldiers through some of the harshest environments known to man.
    But these pigs get off the plain walk into centerlink and get straight on benifits with a bonus to boot.
    They make bloody THOUSANDS a month.
    While the ones that saved our arse in the was struggle and strive and sometimes perish due to this situation.
    Hell even the boat people that we have absolutely no idea who they are or how bad they are because they carry no ID and make up false names and so on.

    They get treated like royalty compared to the people of PNG.

    This world and the government’s need to wake the hell up and realise that this problem will not just fade away but only multiply until it starts world war 3.

    I am sad that I have brought children into a world like this. I hope things change for the sake of the children all over the world.

    Thank you for reading.

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  2. use blitzkreig- take the oil. Machine gun anything that gets within 50 miles of a pipeline or rig. Leave them with the desert they had 150 years ago. It will be emptied soon. JUST TAKE THE FUCKING OIL BY FORCE AND FUCK WHAT ANYONE ELSE THINKS


    • Steve; I like the way you think, brother.

      I agree 100%!

      Although, I believe the entire region should be turned into a sheet of glass.

      Uranium 235, if properly applied, should do it…



      jsm @ sharia unveiled


    • I say we just nuke the hell out of Tehran and take the entire country for whatever purposes we see fit. Screw Iran, and Russia for supporting these barbaric governments.


      • Joe, I would love to totally agree with you, and under today’s ruling class I do, in full. HOWEVER, Iran is a Persian country, and not Arabic, and the PEOPLE are not beholden emotionally nor intellectually to the Ayatollah regimes. I am reminded of the July, 2009 student revolts, that were cruelly crushed, but would have succeeded with a bit of help from the Free World.
        Now, Arabia, yeah, I’ll go along with you, starting with Mecca, Riyadh, and Medina, in that order. But totally carpet bomb, no nukes – we need to use the existing resources in the near future, not 5,000 years from now. OR, how about a Proton Bomb, that doesn’t leave behind radiation?????

        Sorry so late to this party – I just found this article~!


  3. Islam is EVIL!I mean pure EVIL..No respect for any other religon..Peace?WOW!U are Christian-srry u must beheaded,raped or killed with stones…wtf…Why no ISLAM in Japan..hahahaha,because is too peaceful for Japan may be


    • re: deringerx;

      You are absolutely correct, my friend.

      Thank you for your poignant comment.

      And thank you for following us at ‘sharia unveiled’

      Welcome to the revolution!


      jsm @ sharia unveiled


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  6. no wonder at all you may be persecuted by the world and also persecuted by God,so it dos’nt matter becouse people in this world are making their own laws and principal so as to protect their teritories and their hasets.there no need for you to use any persecution to protect your own hasets and teritories and you are claiming that you are doing a work of God (ALLAH) .


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