18 comments on “Syrian Girl Brutally Raped, Tortured and Murdered by U.S. Funded Rebel Fighters

    • This story literally makes me sick! I hate Obama. He is a damn joke. He knew what kind of people they were giving those guns too! They are just showing us, what kind of power they have now. Thanks Obama for putting guns in all those murderers! May GOD above give this girls soul peace. To give her love & surround her by all that love her. Amen. That is the kind of God we pray too. Not to Jihad! That will never wash in the United States of America! I do not care how many Presidents have other Jihad beliefs. Funny how Obama danced around talking as if he were a christian. Talking “The Good Lord Above”, and some other statements he has made. Then he announces to the world, Ah btw…..I am Jihad Muslim! I represent everything the United State hates for what those merciless human beings of the devil! To not have any conscious as to the amount of people they were trying to kill is just more than I can stand.!


      • Lady…Obama might find one day that to pretend to praise the Lord is blasphemous. Of course he doesn’t care….why? He doesn’t see Jesus Christ as his Savior therefore he cares not and he has no fear of the consequences. If he was Christian he would feel shame for his lies and his manipulation of the real truth. I have never disliked anyone like I do him. I hope and pray that he will say blasphemous things about my Lord(don’t want him to) when he does he might wake up one morning and find that his tongue is rotting in his mouth. Oh, what a time that will be. Just pray, all of us…and stick together as “people who know”….God help us!


  1. Brutal animals! And I am insulting the animals! They get this from their “prototype of the perfect man” Mohammed the pedophile. Anyone who would “marry” a girl when she was 6 and rape her when she was 9 is a very sick puppy.


    • Babe that is just a glimpse into the horrors these Jihad serving bastards do to children. Woman & children are worthless to them unless they are trained right. Let them come over here to the United States of America. We’ll gladly show them what American’s do to child rapist! Phedophile’s! Not good!


  2. So ask yourself, what is the purpose of this? Why would the the USGov, and that includes the DoD, NSA, CIA, State Dept., and various other ABC’s, be supporting this? Well, I’ll give you a clue, they are in fact, creating a Caliphate. That Caliphate is in Region 7. Type in your search bar “Club of Rome Map” without the quote marks, then go to images. And by the way, Israel is included in Region 7.

    Economic – Political – Social

    And people get offended when I say: “When you whore for the Mother of Harlots, whether you are a janitor, or a gun toter… why be surprised when you die of the occupational hazard?” You get it, or you don’t.

    And most people say, “No! I don’t believe it!”

    There it is.


    • re: Battlefield USA;

      You are right.. the entire world is working to establish the Islamic Caliphate.

      The Caliphate will be the “New World Order” / One World Government. (Before you dismiss it.. think about it.)

      According to scripture in Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah and Revelations…

      1. Islam is the BEAST.

      2. Muhammad was/is the FALSE PROPHET

      3. The Mahdi aka. the 12th Imam will be the ANTICHRIST.

      4. The Muslims are the ARMY of SATAN. (Preparing the way for the Anti-christ.)

      If you read those Books of the Bible with the above in mind.. it ALL fits 100%.

      Molon Labe!


      Sic Semper Tyrannis!


      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Well, I am not entirely convinced on that. Not discounting it entirely either. The Arab and Persian world has their place in the coming events.

        I lean more to, “We have no King but Caesar!” Then apostate Rome it is then. Just like all roads lead back to Babel, but one.

        Well find out, sooner, or later.


      • re: Battlefield USA;

        That’s respectable.. just keep your eyes, mind and spirit open and I believe you will eventually see it.

        The far majority of Biblical Scholars believe it completely.

        That’s who taught me.. along with a Rabbi.

        Honestly, most of my life I always heard.. “the Pope and Rome” etc. but, it does not line up with scripture.

        Now, don’t get me wrong.. I am not at all disputing the influence of the Club of Rome, the illuminati, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, the Masons, Skull and Bones, etc. I have researched them for many years.. and yes.. they are very real and will continue to have influence.

        I just believe the Islamic Caliphate will eventually elevate above them all. Islam is spreading around the world like a wildfire.. and not only are the world leaders not attempting to stop it.. they are helping it spread.

        Why do you think that is??

        Why would world leader want their nations to be taken over by Islamic Sharia Law??

        Why would those leaders want their children, grand children and generations to follow, to live under that regime of hate?

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Honestly, I don’t see Sharia Law in the United States. Sure, we may see some ethnic vibrancy is our strength puke show some sympathy for a particular ethnic groups religion, but certainly, I don’t see Islam spreading like wildfire. The whole point of the Ten Kingdoms, and 10 Councils, is to place each Kingdom/Region into its Economic – Political – Social sphere. This is the whole point in the Pentagons New Map, bringing the Gap into the Core and structuring Ten Regions, or Kingdoms. The Caliphate will be under the leadership of the Saudi King(s). Anyhow, I can’t see it being as in the days of Noah… or worse than the days of Sodom, under a world-wide Caliphate. What I do see, despite ones “religion,” is the apostasy of the “church” and the true believers coming out of her and being persecuted for their faith. After all, I think it is pretty easy to see believers being led astray by the “churches” of today. I’m not to worried about the Boo. They just serve a purpose to TP’sTB at this time. It certainly keeps most Americans crapping their pants and clamoring to be saved by our government.

        Anyhow… everyone has their part in the coming days.


      • re: Battlefield USA;

        If you don’t see the effects of sharia law in the U.S. then, you are either asleep or you just aren’t paying attention.

        The Caliphate is being established now.

        You cannot see that every country in the world is fighting Islam?

        Can you not see ALL national leaders are bowing down and submitting to Islam?

        Just Google..

        “Beheadings in the United States” and “Honor Killings in the United States”

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Well, dogs do what dogs do. It appears to me that your neighbors are allowing rabid dogs into your home. I suggest you do something about your neighbors… and your rabid dog problem will be solved.


      • re: Battlefield USA;

        Not my neighbors, I assure you. Where I live is a beacon of light upon a shining hill. A BIG F’n Hill. Very fortified.

        When the “fit hits the shan..” It’s on. We play for keeps where I live.

        I am speaking about many other locations throughout the U.S. with the maggot infestation.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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