34 comments on “Muslim Cleric Cuts His Wife Into Pieces for Refusing to Wear a Veil

  1. He will burn in hell for this…that poor woman, they just continue to prove why we hate Islam so much…why is he hiding if he doesnt think what he done was wrong.


    • Damn they are afraid the World is watching this false religion who can be part of this system. Unless this dude repent he will face the wrath of God for killing and preaching heresy




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  3. And there are still many millions of people who do not agree that Islam is a barbaric act that should be eradicated from the face of the earth. It is unfortunate.

    Stop Islam!!!


    • Thank God Harper Gov’t. doesn’t see it as a religion but as a political ideology!

      It comes as no surprize that Obama would declare it an official religion…..


    • Your above comment about President Obama is a lie. Our Constitution says every religion is to be treated equally in America. This has been so since the year 1776. President Obama is not Muslim, he’s a Christian, his daughters attend a Christian school run by Quakers, a peace seeking religion. Lying does not make your point, it only shows the kind of person you are. Extremists of any sort present danger, not law abiding people who simply believe in one God or another. No religion is protected over another in the U.S.


  4. I have read the Qu’ran and yes, it is a sick book. No where within its pages is it required for a woman to cover her head or her hair or her face. it is a personal choice. and is said to be done in honor of allah. personally i think when he is caught they should cut off all the prodtruding parts of his body starting at the crotch.


    • re: Sheila Rider;

      Lol. Hey, I’m a guy.. and I agree with you 100%!

      I support “chop/chop” 100%, especially for ALL rapists and pedophiles..

      I think it serves justice nicely, it insures those savages will not commit that act again with those parts and it would send a strong message to other men..

      “..rape a woman or molest a child and here is what will happen to you..”

      I would fully support placing little “mini gullotines” in the public square and even broadcasting the events “LIVE” on Pay-per-view..(all proceeds going to the victims, of course..)

      One pull of the chain.. and “WHACK” …goodbye manhood.

      Now that’s what I would call.. an acceptable form of “miniature-beheading.”

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • You are much nicer than I am! I think they should spike his member to a stump….inside a wooden building….pour gasoline around the perimeter…..give him a rusty tin can lid and tell him he can live if he can get outside before the building burns down! Then walk out and set it on fire!….. he has two choices…either cut off his own member to get out or perish in the fire……choice is his!


      • re: Dixie;

        Lol.. damn, ..and I thought I was hard-core.

        You make me look like a moderate…lol.

        I like your idea. We could come with all kinds of scenarios like that.

        Even place bets.. or have a lottery.. on the results. All proceeds going to the children of the victim.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • LOL! I guess I can be pretty ferocious! It’s the warrior in me…. I don’t give much quarter to these types.

        I detest rapists and those who intentionally hurt women and children. They should experience Karma up close and personal! Just throwing them in jail and then keeping him safe from the other inmates…stupid idea! They don’t rehabilitate usually…even after being incarcerated for 25 years. So why bother feeding them, housing them giving them medical care etc….they are useless to society.

        I like the idea of having a lottery and giving the proceeds to the victim or the family. Though monies could never take the place of the person or lesson the emotional pain of being raped….


      • re: Dixie;

        Yes.. I know how you feel.

        If they are not going to be tortured for their crimes.. then, I believe life in prison with absolutely no chance of parole is the better solution. I am actually against the death penalty. I have to be in order to be consistent in my faith.

        Anyway, life in prison would be a form of prolonged agony and torture. First of all, death is too easy of a way out for these bastards. Especially the lethal injection method. Secondly, I can assure you.. there would be many prisoners that would target the rapists and pedophiles. When the word got out that “akhmed” was pedo- ..within 72 hours.. there wouldn’t be an orifice on his body that could be accurately called “virgin.” They’d ream his bung-hole every night…

        Isn’t just knowing that.. worth your few dollars of tax money over his lifetime?

        Don’t get me wrong.. I still like your “member” nail plan better.. but, the “Bubba Bung-hole Plan” is the next best thing.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Yes….I agree life in Prison would be justice….if they just put them in the general population and not under the protection they now have. I’m sure someone named Bubba would love to have a girlfriend in Prison with him. It would be worth every penny!


      • S/M

        Premier Redford doesn’t care…she is just in politics to line her own pockets! Can’t wait till next provincial election to kick her ass out! She is a PC…but more progressive than a Conservative!

        Everything goes to Calgary and Edmonton….. Rural little places such as Coaldale get diddly squat!

        I’ll see what I can do to get help for this sweet girl…..the Ranch sounds like a great project! This girl should try to get on the media…yeah, I know, but even if just to get the word out about this ranch! It’s the first I even heard about it!! Sounds like the best kept secret around…and in small towns that is mighty difficult to keep secrets…..

        I’ll send the video out to some folks who may be able to get something going for her and the ranch! Thanks for the heads up about it!


      • re: Dixie;

        Thank you sweetheart! I knew you would.

        I just learned about it last night from the fine folks at Blazing Cat Fur.

        I’ve organized a small army of people on f/b to spread the message.

        I spent most of last night blanketing the little hussie’s f/b page with messages and that video. lol.

        She (or her handlers) would take them down.. and I’d put them right back up.

        I know you are not on f/b.. (wise woman).. but, just in case you want to share these with those who are:

        Here is Premier Redford’s f/b page: https://www.facebook.com/PremierRedford (It allows messages, postings, etc.)

        Here is the “Impeach Redford” page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Impeach-Premier-Alison-Redford/423401554422760

        I tried to find a f/b page for the little girl (Alison Lee) and could not locate it, as of yet.


        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  5. They’re not satisfied just to kill someone, they love to chop people into little pieces. Are they afraid the dead body will get away or are they obsessed with blood, guts, torture and death at the slightest reason. I believe the vile barbarians are really afraid of the power of women. Let the punishment fit the crime!


    • The reason they chop them into pieces is that they ( the dead) then can not enter paradise. The body has to be whole for that to happen…so they believe!

      .. unless of course one has blown themselves up in the name of allah. Then because they are martyrs they are allowed to be in tiny little fragments of their former selves!


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  7. I thank God everyday I don’t have to live in a country where any man, never mind a supposed cleric thinks it’s his right under his distorted knowledge of his own religion, that killing his own wife, and mutilating her body is religiously correct behavior. The only good thing is that his children will be able to complete their education because daddy dearest will be in prison for at least a few years. This is a sad and truly tragic story. The wife probably knew what kind of monster she was being forced to marry. A man who lives in the year 650, and believes that everyone should live that way.


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