11 comments on “Muslims Burn Christian Orphanages in Egypt Leaving the Children Homeless

  1. The media is bank owned and state run. There for they have an incentive to not talk about this.
    I can’t help but want to point a finger at the Millions of church going democrat’s in the united states.
    (many of them are black) They are to busy singing (OH HAPPY DAY) while they practice a blind loyalty
    To there president. It seams this administration has a blank check endorsed by NATO and the global banks
    To carve up Africa, and middle east any way they see fit. They wont be satisfied until they get Iran.
    I confess that I am one of those people who sometimes think’s that Israel is somehow complicit with us
    (It’s western allies’ and the Saudi elites) It’s so easy to point fingers, but so hard to know for sure.
    Why are so many super powers willing to look the other way while Christians and Jew’s are being
    Slaughtered by radical Islam? And why are so many church’s in the west ignorant too, or choosing to ignore this world wide purge of men women and children? Is it a collective effort to lower the population? Is it greed? Or is it really a fighting force from the devil himself? Bent on the destroying all of God’s children?
    The one thing I know for sure, the answer’s will not be found in any of the western church’s as long as they continue on there path of : THE GOVERNMENT IS GOOD, HEAR NO EVIL, SPEAK NO EVIL complacency


    • re: Markie;

      Yes.. there is an evil force at work.. and yes.. population control is a tool they are using in many ways..

      They are literally poisoning us through the water and food supply.

      That’s not “tin foil hat” speak… that’s a fact.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  3. Why they are jealous for the christian people,you hypocrites may God will put wrath on you as your king Pharaoh did.


  4. when is something going to be done about this?If the powerful nations want oil,they make sure they have the military might and the funds to go get it.What about defending innocent people against these barbarians?


    • re: kaya myrie;

      You are exactly right. And, in all honesty.. the majority of the world is not going to do anything.

      The Islamic Caliphate is being pushed onto the world by those who are in control.

      It is only going to get worse from here out as Islam tightens its grasp on the west.

      Only when our Lord thy God returns.. will it be defeated.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: Ericka Leijonhufvud;

      You are so right. War is truly man’s greatest example of a lack of intellectual progression.

      Harming any child in their efforts is their greatest example of a lack of spiritual love.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  5. All they are good for is rape murder and meyhem. They are worthless and below contempt even animals are more orderly and civilized then these devile.


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