2 comments on “Syrian FSA Rebels Claim Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack: Conclusive Video Evidence

  1. Confirmation of the information from my source has now been obtained! LOL! It was Saudi involvement.

    Prince Bandar better watch himself with threatening Putin with terrorist attacks during the Winter Games! Putin has less of a sense of humor than even Prime Minister Harper! LOL!

    FYI for Prince Bandar! Your Chechen terrorists just might not be able to carry out your threat! Are you so ignorant to the fact that Putin is using Russia’s #1 weapon of choice against Chechnya at this time. In retaliation for the terrorist attack on the school where they raped, sodomized and killed little innocent children at a school? Stupid troglodyte that you are!

    Chechnya is being starved to death….a nasty way to die for sure as you watch your own children starve to death! Suffering more than just the three days that your terrorists inflicted on those school children!

    How do you think they will be strong enough to carry out any of your threats ? How do you think you will get them out of Chechnya even? Borders are being watched and anyone who tries to cross them is burnt to a crisp by flame throwers!

    Putin just might step up the plan a notch and decimate Chechnya before the Games! A few canisters with a few different diseases could be shot in and with their weakened immune systems due to starvation….. it could all be over in three weeks time!

    Don’t be so confidant either that you are untouchable because you are a Prince in Saudi Arabia! You just might find yourself being taken at 3 AM for a long trip. Remember that Putin was KGB before? Don’t rattle his cage too much…the bear may look asleep but he is watching you much more closely than you think!

    اللعنة عليك والإبل كنت استقل في يوم! Or as Putin would say… Пошел на хуй и верблюд вы ехали на!


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