3 comments on “The Hidden Scandal of Rape and Molestation of Sikh Girls by Muslim Men in the UK

  1. Under the law of Islam, the punishment for rapist is “stoned to death” in public by public — no matter what religion the criminal is affiliated. Rape is considered as a serious offense in Islam warranting death to offenders, more than just “illegal sexual intercourse” commonly known as adultery.


    • re: Iftikhar;


      Where is that law written concerning.. “..the rapist is to be stoned in public..?”

      “..no matter what religion..?” lol. I like how you threw that in…

      Is “Buddhists” raping muslim women in Islamic countries a pervasive problem? Or.. some other religion? Maybe the Zoroastrians?

      “..Rape is considered as a serious offense in Islam warranting death to offenders..??” Really??

      Perhaps we need to implement that in the West and start.. “thinning the herd” a little… hmmm..

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. A true story:
    I was just walking into a nightclub in Dallas I had just bought…no one knew I was coming in that night. I walked up to the bar (a round bar seating 32 people). I noticed this young man sitting at the bar with 3-4 watered down drinks siting in front of him. I walked to the “pay-out” section and asked to speak to the bartender in the back (after I introduced myself).

    I asked him, “Why in the world are you over-serving that young man? Do you want us shut down by TABC (Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission).

    He told me a story. There was a rapist in his neighborhood raping teen girls and even two little 11 yr olds out playing kick-ball just before dark. Well, long story short….he tracked the guy down and shot him.

    He served only two years in prison and was treated very well by the guards and all races in prison. You just do NOT rape a child or a young girl!

    Personally? I think they should be tracked down and cut their “you know what(s) off!” Then leave them there and let them bleed to death.


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