62 comments on “The ‘Million Muslim March’ vs. The Two Million Biker Rollin’ Thunder: The Results Are In

    • We are a Christian country and I believe in our Flag, Our Pledge, The Constitution and the American way of life. It is the duty of all Americans to stand fast for these principles. I believe in God, Guns, Family and hope that I an all others will stand up to and force the muslim horde away from America.


  1. My hat off to one and all who participated in this event,/ bikers and to the people like these who encouraged the Bikers along the way. God bless America


    • re: surj1936;


      Yes.. Absolutely! Thank you for acknowledging their commitment and conviction to principal.

      America’s Bikers are among our most honorable citizens. The majority are current or prior military.. they are the most supportive of our POW’s and MIA’s/KIA’s.

      Not to mention.. they contribute so much more to their communities than they could ever receive. “Toys for Tots” is just one of the many great causes they volunteer and contribute to.

      All of us Americans are proud of them and their dedication of honor.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: b/s (with cheese and mayo)

      Top of the day to you bruv. A spot of tea an’ a crumpet to you.. an’ a ‘pip pip.. cheerio..’

      Yes.. our bikers make us proud.

      They do not follow… but rather, they lead by example.

      p.s. I meant to congratulate you on your beautiful bundle of blessings. (ie.) The wife and five children.

      You have truly been blessed, my brother.

      I’m still waiting on “all of the above..”

      I can only imagine the challenges that you encounter sometimes.

      But, I can promise you this…

      ..when you near the later part of your life here on earth.. and look back..

      ..being a loving husband and dad will be your greatest accomplishment. 😉

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. If you look at the first photograph in the National Mall, you see 8 people on the stage, first one from the right is woman in hijab, she definitely is not from Middle Eastern countries, but a new convert to Islam. IT IS WHORES LIKE HER WHO ARE HALF THE PROBLEM IN USA TODAY .Then 2ed, 3rd, 7th and 8th from right are white people , most probably they to are new convert to Islam or deluded Christians who think Islam is same as Christian religion. The people on the ground are either new convert to Islam or just there for fun. We MUST boycott any white American who convert to Islam. Make them feel outcast , look at them with suspicion and dirty looks, so they would know that they are NOT wanted here in USA


    • re: surj;

      I agree 100%!

      I see the traditional Muslim, the convert, the sympathizer and any “pseudo-Christian” that joins with them .. ALL as the enemy.

      That does not mean that I write them off, initially. I will seek to educate them all, especially.. the “pseudo-Christian.”

      From the above, I actually see the “pseudo-Christian” that aids and abets Islam.. as the most dangerous. More often than not, they will look like me and will possess a degree of knowledge of our scripture. That makes them more dangerous.. because they can infiltrate the true believers and create subterfuge.

      Not to mention, they lead many believers in the wrong direction with their false doctrine and diluting of the truth.

      Jewish/Judeo-Christians are commanded not to allow our Lord thy God’s word to be diluted or mixed with any other teachings. Especially, the false teachings of Islam.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • The women that dress like whoers are the american women that show all their goddies, but a women with respect covers her self, wake up dummie and open your eyes!!!!!!!!!


      • re: Abdullah;

        You sound like a rapist and homosexual pedophile..

        ..just like your false-prophet.

        A “real man” doesn’t rape women regardless of what she is wearing.

        I know that’s a foreign concept to you and your back-cave 7th century ‘lack of mentality.’

        Now, go read your corrupted book for corrupted minds.. aka. the Satanic Verses and get down on the floor and pray to your dajjALLAH.. before you go to bed.

        Like a good little brainwashed boy…

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • abdulla your a rapist in denial
        woman dressing normal and not covering up in a bed sheet shoud’nt be a problem unless your a moozlim rapist with no self control wankers like you should be castrated from the neck down lol I’d hold you down an get a bird to cut your dick off seems about right subconsciously your a fuckN Rapist fuck you abdulla you mug


      • Hey abdullah, little goat fucker…our women dress how they like when they like, its far better than wearing a garbage bag and being beaten by their slave master.
        Your so called ” religion of peace ” is disgusting where else can being a rockspider be a hailed as a prophet.
        Gotta go got some queerans to get rid of!


      • Abdullah…

        FUCK YOU! I’ll dress any darn way I wish! If you can’t control your sexual urges then you are the one with a problem which you need to get fixed. I suggest you come talk to me and some of my girlfriends….we’ll help ya’ get er dun!

        BTW…we just add the incentive…you do the job yourself….. bring a rusty tin can lid when you come by!


  3. One thing to point out…. The 2 Million Bikers to DC and Rolling Thunder are two separate, and unrelated events. The picture above appears to be a photograph of bikes staged at the Pentagon parking lot for Rolling Thunder. Why must people use RT photos when there were lots on bikes in DC yesterday?


    • re: Jay;

      I am very familiar with The 2 Million Bikers to D.C. and Rolling Thunder Event.

      I’ve been riding for 30 years.. but, thanks anyway.

      “Rollin’ Thunder is a generic term that existed long before the event by that name. It’s where the event got its name from.

      And, that picture is from yesterday.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Jay is correct, that picture is from Rolling Thunder 2005. It is being passed all over the internet as being this week.

        Also, the number of bikers on 9/11/2013 is being way overestimated. There is a 45 minute video of bikers moving by at 1 bike per second, a reasonable gap. If there were 1 million bikers, this video would be 11 days long. Do the math. There were about 2,000 bikes, as Belinda Bee stated in the application for a parade permit.

        I’ve been riding 44 years.


      • re: Muscadine;

        You may be correct about the photo.. but, you are way, way, way off on the numbers.

        That is a joke. The number you put on the permit has absolutely nothing to do with the number that show up.

        I have spoken to the organizers of the event.

        I have read three official reports.

        1. The DHS Report that monitors all inbound traffic into the District electronically. The count for motorcycles over the 72 hour period of the (9th-11th inclusive) was 2.17 Million motorcycles.

        2. The D.C. Metro Report had the count at 1 Million as of: 1300hrs. 11Sept.2013 The far majority of the bikers arrived after 1300hrs. due to long distance travel and the fact that they had to work.

        3. The U.S. Federal Park Police count which was done via aerial calculation projected between 1.9 Million – 2.2 Million.

        # 3 has almost always been the official method of calculation, that is until the electronic monitors were installed on ALL inbound D.C. Interstates and Highways.

        Now, # 1 is considered to be the most accurate by far.

        You probably saw one video of one chapter.. from one state. Or, perhaps a few chapters from one state.

        LOL.. are you freakin’ serious? LOL.

        You really think EVERYONE in the United States all arrived at the exact same moment from the exact same direction. LOL.

        I’m sorry.. but, you just lost all credibility with me. That is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard. (along with the 2,000 number.)

        Our local chapter went up Sunday night.. and arrived in the early morning hours of Monday. 600 members went from just our chapter and they are not in the video on my site.. and I haven’t seen them in any of the videos. It was dark when they left here.. and still dark when they arrived.

        Take it easy on the muscadine.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  4. I am proud of our biker brothers and their turn out of riders from many states. It is time for real Americans to over shadow the muslim false religion. We should not allow them freedoms they do NOT allow Christians freedom in their muslim countries and they kill Christians of all walks and they do NOT respect the Bible or allow Christian to build Churches in their countries. As for as I am concerned we should send muslims to the Islamist countries to join their brothers and see if they have any freedoms there. Your Biker Brother “Preacher”.


  5. Thank you to all the bikers who rode to DC yesterday! What a statement you made!

    I was crying when I watched another video that was sent via email to me…. people out lining the main streets in small towns….Fire fighters/trucks, police, Americans standing on overpasses waving the Flag…. it swelled my heart and brought hope that all hasn’t been lost yet….there are many patriots still!

    As for the muzzie march….. Cowards! Did the guys on wheels make you nervous? Just remember…. each of those fellas represent many more in America that won’t take your BS on how peaceful you are!
    Your planned march on this day was another attempt to pour salt on a very open wound…. we know it and so do you! You are under a microscope…. you can’t run and you can’t hide for long…..a rat has to come out sometime from their nest.




  7. “These lies told to the American population has made it impossible for us to do true Dawa [Islamic proselytization],” the announcement claimed. “Why do we have to defend our religion while doing Dawa? Why can’t we just share the perfection of the Quran and the beauty of our beloved Prophet Muhammad?”

    REALLY?!?!? I hope everyone realizes what’s being said here.
    proselytize – To induce someone to convert to one’s own religious faith
    Hell yes, everything should be said to make it impossible to intimidate others into becoming Muslim. Perfection of the Quran? See? They see everything else as imperfect, therefore they are denouncing everything else. And a guy who rips off another book to trick millions of followers while killing merchants and caravans and Christians and kidnapping raping their wives – that is NOT beauty, and only sick wackos would worship that.


    • re: Ilpalazzo;

      You are exactly right.

      This is AMERICA! This is OUR NATION… not their nation.

      We don’t want their corrupted book of lies here.

      We don’t want their corrupted false-religion of the great satan.

      We don’t want their dajjallah! We don’t want their false-prophet!

      If they wanna’ spread their ‘dawa’.. they should go spread it in the Middle East.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • s/m @ sharia unveiled Re: re: Ilpalazzo;

        I think you misunderstood IIpalazzo’s comment… if you read it over again, I think you will see he was arguing against the quoted (ampac ?) statement. As my dh says, ‘Just a tho’t, not a sermon.’ 😉


      • re: K;

        Thank you so much for catching that and for taking the time to notify me. I greatly appreciate that.

        I re-read his comment in the context of your observation and I believe you are 100% correct.

        I have edited my comment to reflect this.

        Thank you again! 😉

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  8. READERS :=) Its in the duty of every single Muslim to spread the message of Islam. Why you guys are not allowing it? Isn’t it because, thousands and thousands of people converting to, and ur afraid of? one day….. ul wake up all your neighbors are muslims? The fact is not only in America but all over the world, ALLAH guide those whom he guides and NO ONE CAN STOP THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE CONVERTING. Indeed its in the book such one day ISLAM WILL DOMINATE THE WHOLE WORLD AND NO ONE CAN STOP it! Even you people burn all the COPIES OF QURAN in just one hour, muslim can provide it again as millions and millions of Muslims memorize it Allahuakbar! This is the only that have been memorized words to words.

    just go on with such DISCRIMINATION against Muslims this will be the way for people to find the truth and being curious of what islam is and till finally realize CONVERSION after all.



    • re: hazel;

      That’s what you think…

      It is well documented in al-qur’an and sunnah al-hadith that Muhammad was a rapist, a murderer and a pedophile.

      Muhammad abducted Aisha at the age of 6 and raped her at the age of 9.

      This is according to sunnah. Narrated by Aisha, herself.

      Don’t even try to tell me that Aisha consented to sex at the age of 9.

      A 9 year old girl is not of the mental development to comprehend the act of sex or make a rational decision of consent.

      Muslims are instructed to: “..follow in the way of the prophet..”

      Therefore, it is possible for a Muslim to be a rapist, a murderer and a pedophile.. and be in accordance with Islam.

      You should be ashamed to call yourself a Muslim.

      If you desire to spread your ‘Dawa of Dijjallah’ ..go do it in the Middle East.

      You should be ashamed to follow in the way of such an evil person.

      Islam will be eradicated!

      al-qur’an is corrupt. Islam is corrupt. Anyone who follows Islam has a corrupted mind.

      Islam is a plague. It is a mental disease. It will be eradicated.

      We are educating the masses… and people are waking up.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Hazel…

      I guess that’s why stupid western women like yourself were brainwashed to take the place of over 250,000 muslim women, who leave Islam every year! This isn’t counting the daughters they take with them when they flee the abuse that Islam perpetrates on every women!

      Islam is soon losing their breeding stock….and there aren’t enough stupid women like yourself who are willing to go back to the dark ages to live!

      Keep spewing your bullshit small minded one! The day will come when NOT Islam will dominate the world….there will be a day when not one of you troglodytes will roam the earth and spread your satanic cult!

      The truth will set you free unless you’re too stupid to know what truth is! Any western woman who is worth anything knows the truth! We fought too hard to be oppressed by muzzie scum!


    • Are you sick wankers just jealous you only had 10 muturds turn up and this site is the safest for you to bullshit on, take your taqqiya, your queerans and your dawas and shove them up allahs (porkbuh) arse, the crusades are returning you remember them where thousands of moturds were defeated by those fighting for freedom!


    • Hey helen “Its in the duty of every single decent person to spread the message of freedom and peace in a world without pigslam. Why you mussies are not allowing it? Isn’t it because, thousands and thousands of people converting to Christianity and ur afraid of? one day….. ul wake up all your neighbors are decent, loving and caring people?” Isnt that what you meant to say, you brain washed “woman” (to use the term loosely)


      • It is the duty of every Freedom loving, American Christian to honor God, Guns, Bikes, The Flag, The Pledge, our Constitution and kick ass to all those who would take that from us. Better to be dead than to not be true to ourselves..


  9. What did the muslims do with the piles of stones to pelt at their women if they dared to attend including non-muslims who dare to interrupt, or whatever it is we do to make them fearful of non-muslims, can’t remember what horrors we reign down on them. Maybe free housing, millions in food stamps, free healthcare, free education, pray in the middle of a freeway, freedom to rape/murder, cause they didn’t know they couldn’t do it here in America. Jeepers I think they have it pretty good!! Why wasn’t their beloved profit Obama there.


  10. First the Bikers ~ Now the Truckers

    They are heading to DC,

    as they said yesterday …

    I have a short message for all the LibTards not Libertarians they are not the same. GO HAUNT someone else. I will not waste my good energy on you….you don’t get it, never will get it….and I could careless if you do get it! We don’t have to be politically correct if you don’t like the word Muslim you have serious issues. It is what it is. Its a fact that the terrorist attacks on this Nation where done by Muslims…..Now you want me to love the enemy. hmmmmm I will have to ask Yeshua (Jesus) about that one.

    The only thing left for Americans are God, Guns and Family….and you want all that too…..


    The American people are sick and tired of the corruption that is destroying America! We therefore declare a GENERAL STRIKE on the weekend of October 11-13, 2013! Truck drivers will not haul freight! Americans can strike in solidarity with truck drivers!

    Started Sept, 15 2013 , In 4 days this web page has received over 50,000 likes

    I’m just spreading the word =]
    Love your site BTW!


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