85 comments on “NASA Alert: America Blackout & Grid Shutdown 2013 and What This Means

    • re: M.A.D.;

      You must be my mental counterpart…

      In my initial draft I wrote the final sentence as follows:

      ‘..It’s December 31st 1983 and it’s 5 minutes ’till midnight..’

      but, then I thought.. eh, strike that out… lol.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  1. The EMP that they are warning of I think will be caused by Mr. obama. He will try to blame it on George Bush, the Chinese, N. Koreans, Santa Claus, Lassie, the sun, Snuffy Smith, Bozo the Clown ( Sorry, that is Joe Biden ), Mr. Potato Head, Kilroy, the Bunny Rabbit, Mr. Coffee, Rin Tin Tin, Fury, Little Drummer Boy, Tom, Dick and Harry, Mr. Clean, and Frank ‘N Stein. There are many…


  2. Just as the comment I made in another post, “IF” this were to happen, how do we know what is real? Simple: We won’t! Main Stream Media (MSM) is owned by the same people that “own” our government and MSM backs up whatever the government says!

    Therefore, “WE, the People…” MUST find another solution to finding out who is popular and who is not! I’ll bet, if we were to take an independent poll of the citizens of the U.S., we would find out that only 20% are in favor of Obama…80% would “sign” a petition to remove him!

    BUT, as we all know, we will never…”KNOW!”


    • re: Bobby;

      Your first paragraph is right on the money.

      I have a vast network of sources around the world. We all operate outside of the MSM and I assure you.. if “I” have an agenda.. it’s simply to get the truth out.

      The Truth.. uncensored and unsanitized!


      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • I “KNOW” you have an agenda, it’s the same as MINE!

        I really like your idea about having a “HUB” in which other’s can maintain their own agendas while being a part of something bigger!. “WE” (everyone here) need to investigate and promote this type of idea further and make it possible so that we can change the “bleak” outlook of America!


    • Bobby, I have been thinking the VERY SAME THING.
      There have been so many false flags that when I saw this….My tongue went direcly to my cheek… thinking, O’ realllly?

      I hat saying this…this would be a great time for an attack. Of course, IF this is really true, the attack couldn’t be any type of weaponry that is flown by, fired by any type of electrical components….Like pressing a button…

      I am quite uneducated on how weapons work; what fires them, etc. Please feel free to fill me in.


  3. Nuclear power plants need external electricity to cool the reactors. If power stays out for longer than they can power the gennys, or the gennys break down, meltdown occur. The East Coast could become uninhabitable.


      • Those people are supposed to be the BEST OF THE BEST…why haven’t they installed an “alternate” type of generator to keep the nuclear plants going?


      • re: upaces;

        Who knows.

        Nuclear energy should never have been utilized in any country. Oh sure.. it’s good for the environment until something goes wrong. Then, it’s utterly catastrophic to the environment.

        Have you been watching what is going on in Fukishima recently? It’s still emitting high levels of radiation. Last I heard, that entire area of Japan is going to be uninhabitable for at least 30 years. The government of Japan lied about the degree of damage and the levels of the release.

        In 7-10 years.. the population of Japan “could be” less than the population of your town.

        It’s so sad to see Japan having to suffer ‘again’ with the fall-out of a nuclear event. Essentially, two generations in a row.

        Why was Japan not better prepared?

        Who knows.

        I would guess a combination of government (NRC) and corporate corruption.

        Here and there.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • This comment shows complete ignorance with regard to how nuclear plants operate and the safeguards they have in place. No reactor operator in their right mind would continue to operate a reactor without adequate cooling available.


      • re: Ian;

        I’m afraid it’s your comment that reflects ignorance.

        When dealing with nuclear plants and reactors it is not simply a matter of an operator deciding whether to ‘..turn it on and turn it off..’

        There are fuel rods beneath the surface of the plant. Some are active and some are spent. Regardless, a fresh flow of cool water must be maintained as a measure of temperature regulation and to act as a filter for radioactive emissions. This is the case, regardless of whether the plant is in operational or stand-down mode.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  4. This is crap. This is deliberate.
    I am glad I live in an area that has a co-op vs. the major electric companies.
    I do have extra lamps, etc….
    This is total crap!


  5. If martial law is imposed …obi better get out of the USA ASAP cuz the military will then be in control and they are not very happy with him at this point.

    Btw… the Government wouldn’t be able to send out anything to cell phones such as messages…. that the politicians use…they’d also be virtually in the dark, once an EMP hits. It would fry them also. No cars or transport trucks would be working which means….no food supplies will be at the local grocery stores.

    Hope folks know how to live off the land…though the Winter months are going to be darn cold and many people are going to be going hungry!


  6. martial law has been planned for decades as evidenced by the design written into law, executive orders, recent military declarations, and so forth, totally against the nature of our Constitution. it’s all there in black and white for people to read if they choose. to win over your enemy you must surprise them and a lot of americans will still be surprised when the events go down because to think otherwise does not fit their manipulated-by-elite (tv, cable, movies, etc.) view of the world. to see all of this one has to analyze at a macro or world wide level and they will see what is happening. only through absolute truth will anyone get wind of the reality of the events that will be unfolding. the Holy Bible from our Creator = absolute truth. confusion will reign for anyone that does not run their logic and thinking through absolute truth. they want shock and awe events in order to look legitimate in declaring martial law – this is an important deception because it would be hard to win against 100 million people – the elite simply do not have enough resources to handle that without destruction of various parts of the earth, which then become off limits. preference is to not do this, but their underground bunkers indicate they have the will to use catastrophic means to effect their goals. they still desire to live so clearly that will subdue some of their behavior. what does it matter if you gain the whole world and lose your own soul?
    a grid down scenario is actually pretty good because the elite look good while doing evil, which is very important to them – deception. it has minimal impact on the land/geography. it induces people to fight against one another so the elite have less to worry about (opm = other peoples money; opf = other people fighting)
    so watch out for strange weather events, alien events (yes aliens is what we would call anything we perceive not of this world, but the Holy Bible calls them either angels (God’s Holy angels) or fallen angels. we all have heard of angels with the lovely wings and halo’s and all that, but from an earth terrestrial perspective, all angels appearing to humans in their angelic form would as the Bible clearly indicates scare anyone they meet because they are not of this world, hence alien. why people have a problem with alien intelligent life forms in the universe or living in/below our earth’s crust i don’t know. the Bible said mankind is made a little bit lower than the angels so duhhh, angels (aliens to earth) will come across as intelligent beings. anyway, didn’t want to get too far with that topic as it blows peoples minds for some reason.
    in order to control a population of hundreds of millions one needs a huge event or series of events to shock, stupify, dumbfound, scare, distress, et al. so one can control that population. however, if people are prepared then the surprise element is lost meaning other factors come into play. so stand by for some adaptive situations/events coming depending on how the population is responding. the more resistance the population is engaging the more catastrophic events will unfold to control – it’s the nature of control until the people responsible are overcome by the resistance.
    there will be massive resistance more than what they’ve accounted for and the great part is – in the end, the nwo loses for eternity – no if’s and’s or butt’s about it. i love a good ending!


  7. There was a plan in place to take him out of the WH if he was elected again. Right before that time, the Russians came here to drill with our Military (why? I don’t know).

    “Loose Lips Sinks Ships.” One (or more?) eager beavers gossiped about it and it got back to Obama. He immediately began “firing, retiring” specific Commanders replacing them with “his.”

    Then up comes Benghazi. AGAIN, he fired/retired our best to replace with his.


  8. I mean no offense here, but I have to come back to a single word in the linked report about the November drill-simulated. Taking that word for granted is taking a rather large step beyond what can be proven.

    Does this mean I don’t take the possibility seriously? No. If the government goes into default(days/weeks away without a compromise somewhere) then shutting down the grid would make sense-people would be up in arms about the mishandling of the nation’s financing. Without access to electricity, their options and potential power would be reduced.

    This isn’t all that hard to plan for, if people try to wrap their heads around it. Plan on living without electrical delivery for an extended period. That’s the central point of most disaster planning, anyway. Buy a few extra cans of food and other things that will keep without refrigeration when you go grocery shopping. It builds up pretty quickly, and before you know it, you’ll have a week or two of extra food to get by on while you watch and see what is actually going on.

    The more you plan, the more contingencies you plan for, the better off you will be, whether the lights go out in November 2013 or February 2015 or whenever.


    • re: arthurrussell;

      In the event of an EMP essentially everything civilian related would be fried. The power stations could not be repaired because any replacement parts would also be fried. Along with the trucks and power equipment needed to do the repairs onsite. The replacement parts would not be able to be manufactured because the manufacturing facilities machinery would be fried, as well. Essentially, everything would grind to a halt.

      The scariest thing is the Nuclear Power Plants across the country. ALL of our Nuclear plants and Nuclear Reactors are at risk. Nuclear power plants need external electricity to cool the reactors. If power stays out for very long then core meltdown will occur. That would set off a chain of events like Chernobyl or Fukishima (multiplied by 100).

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • I would like to examine those constructions a little better(kinda hard, of course). Having worked in electrical construction-there are two different theories generally used. There’s the American way-things blow up/go bad, let’s make sure that the damage is minimized if it happens. The rest of the world prefers the european method-we can make things so that they will never fail. You can see this in the basic items used to construct explosive proof boxes and such.

        I say all of that to say this-The plant at Fukushima was probably built on the “will not fail” concept. The nuclear power plants in the US are built on the “will probably fail at some point/fail safe” method.

        The last plant was built in 1977-the Cold War was still on. The building methods for these plants included some strategic thinking-in other words, the grounding methods are pretty extreme for these places. They have an almost purpose built faraday cage around the most important bits. In the event of an EMP, the external electrical generation would cease, but these places have massive backup systems internally which(this is a guess based on logic, not fact) would provide enough power to remove the fissile materials from the place they produce the heat to make steam, basically shutting down the reactors before all hell breaks loose, literally.

        (This is all supposition based on experience in the electrical construction industry, as well as conversations with men who talked about working on nuclear plants “back in the day”)

        I’m not saying you should go running towards a nuke plant in the event of an EMP or anything, but I would suggest that people keep that whole business fairly low on their list of worries. If a human-caused EMP occurred, the radiation from meltdowns at nuke plants would be a sidelight to the probable radiation already around due to the ensuing nuclear exchange.

        In the end-If you live near one, sure, be aware, get a geiger counter or something and keep an eye on things, but I am trying to let people know-few of us have the budget to plan for every contingency, so most plan to simply curl up and die. I want people to plan, just a little, for power outages, and to gather knowledge on what to do to survive long-term.

        Death is only guaranteed when you have no hope to survive and plan to die without trying. Plan for what you can, and you have a chance. 🙂


      • re: arthurrussell;

        Let’s hope you are correct about that Nuclear “FAIL SAFE” strategy.

        ‘..Ensuing nuclear exchange..?’ Ugh, ..that doesn’t sound good. I wish I had a nuke or two on hand.. although, if I did ..I can assure you they would have already been used. lol.

        I love the next to last sentence you wrote. Words of wisdom…

        I bet you’re a big Nikola Tesla fan… I most certainly am. He’s definitely one of the all-time great minds.

        It’s just a shame Thomas Edison was a thieving bastard and stole Tesla’s work.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • I am a Tesla fan, but I don’t dislike Edison. Edison’s perceived actions were largely due to things decided by his financier(J.P. Morgan if I remember correctly).

        I find it disappointing, though, that Tesla’s work on AC led to a system where the focus was solely on a central power production and distribution system. DC power is what is used to do most of the “work” in devices as it is.

        You know that funky box shaped plug for your phone charger? AC to DC rectifier. Your PC has a “power supply” that takes 120V AC and converts it to a variety of DC voltages the computer can use. DC motors are simpler than AC and tend to last longer.

        On the side of economics, the choice to move from local production and DC power to Central production and distribution of AC by electrical grid was genius. On the side of people’s freedom and security, though? Not so much.

        If we had a system where you had DC power as a standard backup system in all homes, or perhaps even a primary with AC acting as a backup, the concerns about EMP and such would be drastically reduced. As an electrician, running a ground wire throughout a house and then to a ground rod, entirely seperate from the electrical system, would not be a terrible chore, a slight increase in cost(hundreds of dollars), and provide a built-in Faraday Cage for people.

        But, I guess that’s all just a lot of crying over spilt milk, isn’t it?


      • NO, Arthur Russell, it is NOT “…crying over spilt milk…” per se’! It is something that we ALL should be aware of! That we do have a way to offset the “inevitable!” We ALL know that there is going to be a “false-flag EMP”…eventually. When, we do not know. BUT, we are ALL sure it’s going to happen!

        Therefore, allow me to “play” the “dumb one” and ask, “Exactly HOW would a ground wire running through the house to GROUND ROD, protect me from an EMP?” NOT just HOW it would do so, but exactly HOW it would have to be installed!

        Here in Southern California, ALL buildings with electrical GROUND wires connected to either a Cold Water Pipe or a Ground Rod OR BOTH! Are you suggesting an additional Ground Wire?

        Therefore, allow me to “play” the “dumb one” and ask, “Exactly HOW would a ground wire running through the house to GROUND ROD, protect me from an EMP?” NOT just HOW it would do so, but exactly HOW it would have to be installed!

        Here in Southern California, ALL buildings with electrical GROUND wires connected to either a Cold Water Pipe or a Ground Rod OR BOTH! Are you suggesting an additional Ground Wire?


      • Well, bobby90247, let me first offer an article for your consideration: http://www.thesurvivalistblog.net/building-a-faraday-cage/

        The simplest answer is pretty cost ineffective-wrap your entire house in a conductive coating or mesh and then drive a ground rod and attach it to this covering, making sure that nothing you want to protect is touching the coating.

        This is the only way that, in my mind, you are pretty much “guaranteed” to protect what is in your house, as long as you have enough warning to disconnect everything you want to protect from the other problem-the electrical grid which will carry some of the current into your house in the electric lines even after you have the cage up.

        The problems I am trying to point out-1: Everything that is plugged into an electrical outlet that is fed by the local electrical grid is going to fry. Surge protectors will help, and possibly protect a lot of your electronics, if they are rated properly to fail in case of a high enough overvoltage. They won’t protect your electronics from EMP, though, not by themselves.

        2: The potential faraday cage we are talking about is going to be limited by reasonable construction. The perfect cage will protect you from EMP. The problem here is the forementioned issue of the local grid, and also the issue of how well the cage will “strain out” the voltage in the atmosphere. The article I mention above says it best-the bigger the gaps in the cage, the more chance that an induced current can slip through.

        For me-as an electrician, I would be running a separate ground wire throughout the house, inside the walls during new construction, that is not connected to the electrical panel at all, but to a separate ground rod outside the house, one that is sufficiently distant from the original ground rod(10 or more feet separation, I would imagine, but this would be something requiring more research to be sure.) If I wanted to be “extra sure”, personally, I would probably think about putting something like chickenwire inside the walls and attaching this completely separate ground wire to it. The local building inspector might have an issue of some kind with this, though.

        Realize this, too. This is not something I can guarantee will work. You may sink a couple of thousand dollars into this project for no return… than again, it MAY work.

        Let me tell you what I am doing, okay? I have a small shed that is not attached to my house. The inside is unfinished. I’m taking some 2 foot chickenwire and attaching it to the inside of the shed, and trying to cover everything like a big net. I’m running a groundwire along every section of chicken wire, making sure to attach the two together, then attaching the ground wires together and running a heavier gauge wire to an 8-foot long copper ground wire outside of the shed. So long as the door is shut and the cage that I have created is all conductively sound, the electronics I stick in there should be protected from most potential EMP’s or CME’s.

        It’s not cheap. It’s not guaranteed. Unless you design the house and building method with this project in mind at the time of construction, this will be hard to do effectively. Doing a project like this to one room of a house, or an attic, or an outbuilding will probably have a better chance of working and being more cost effective, IF you can store whatever electronics you want to keep safe inside this space and do not connect them to the grid.

        I hope this helps. 🙂


      • Yes, it does help! AND, I’m sure that everyone reading this is very appreciative of the information! “IF” we are given any kind of warning, even if it’s just a few minutes, there is a “chance” we could protect “some” of our important items like computer that contain most of our personal information in today’s world along with a couple of radios, tv’s, microwaves, etc.

        “…just sayin’!”

        fyi…many houses, especially here in Southern California, are covered in “stucco” in which the exterior of the house is covered with “stucco paper & chicken wire!” ALL that would be left would be to connect (at multiple locations, of course) that copper ground to that chicken wire and then cover the roof & windows with the same…NO? Assuming of course, that the “chicken wire” idea is sufficient…right!


      • @bobby90247

        Out here in Virginia, Stucco is pretty rare. The big questions would be as follows:

        1: Is the wire mesh in the stucco all electrically connected? It doesn’t take much to do it, but it is an extra precaution to be taken during construction.

        2: What is the potential for corrosion and possible loss of conductivity?

        After that, it’s just an issue of making sure you can electrically enclose the spots you need to be able to open, the doors and windows.


      • Thanks Arthur!

        Yeah, the corrosion “thing” is a problem as I’ve replaced quite a bit of stucco on our house and the “chicken wire” is definitely…corroded! Which is why I suggested making a connection in “multiple” places around the house. Like I said, “IF” we take the precautions AND are given a warning, it “might” be possible to protect the house.

        However, I “like” your idea of placing the “things” we’ll need into a “protected” shed or area as that would be much easier to protect.

        Take Care and God Bless!


  9. @SM w/Sharia Unveiled-if you need to contact me about this further, feel free to get in touch at the email that should be shown on your wordpress dashboard page. If this garners some serious attention or questions, I’d be happy to help set up a blog post about how to do this project I mentioned to bobby, and will answer questions as best I can. 🙂


    • Regarding your Tesla/Edison post…
      I do dislike Edison, he electrocuted animals to try and disrupt Teslas work(and was also vying to build the generators at Niagara) Good thing THOSE arent DC. Also, Tesla was asked by Edison to help him perfect DC and its uses, as he kept blowing lamps in his house and other lights in the circuit and couldnt figure out why. There is a reason Tesla is regarded as, ‘The Man Out of Time’


      • re: Beth;

        I’m with you Beth.

        Edison is nothing but a thief.

        Perhaps he had a couple good ideas.

        Okay, ..so he was a thief with a couple good ideas.

        Nikola Tesla is 1000x the man Edison could ever dream of being.

        And Tesla was honest.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  12. SOME valid points here. But someone has been watching too much Revolution. Way too impressionable. It’s good to be prepared for any scenario but you can’t let that stuff get to your head.
    It’s hard to believe that our government would somehow cause school shootings and marathon bombings for training purposes.


    • It had nothing to do with the Elites. This is ALL about Obama, control, and “get the guns.”

      For example: Russia had contacted Obama to warn him of Boston. Obama “allowed” it to happen. As a matter of fact, if you will Google it, you’ll find that at Sandy Hook AND Boston, there had already been “crisis actors” hired to make it look worse; AND, more reason to start going after our guns (stupid way to twist it, but he did).

      Did you see the video of the man crying about the death of his child at Sandy Hook? Guess what! That same man and his LIVE child were also at Boston.


  13. I DO want to be 100% wrong. I fear that Obama “will ALLOW” a Nuke to go off in this country. Nukes have come up missing.

    Now! Tell me how the hell anyone loses A NUKE!!!
    And, no, that was not a question!
    i DON’T KNOW WHY he did this, but he GAVE our Missile Codes to Putin…..


    • He has to….he was paid handsomely by the Saudi’s to do just that. I wonder though what will happen if he fails to get the job done by the end of his second term? ….. If I were him, I wouldn’t be travelling to the Middle East…he could find himself at chop chop square being the center of attention.


      • Several countries have turned him down when he requested “Exile.”
        Last Paragraph of the article:

        ​One of the significant sources of funds for the Cabal is the healthcare industry which registered a whopping $2.7 trillion in 2011, and is projected to soar to $3.6 trillion in 2016, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure. You can join the fight against the Dark Cabal and accelerate its demise just by boycotting Big Pharma. You can effectively do this by downloading “Towards Healthcare Emancipation“, a fully illustrated do-it-yourself instructional eBook that will help you in implementing all eClinik methods that would negate the use of expensive medicine, avoid radioactive diagnostics and treatments in completely defeating cancer, AIDS and all other parasitic diseases. These methods, when faithfully followed, work 100% all the time. Find out more about this here.


  14. This is the most powerful nation (welll, all of the ingredients are there)….this COULD be used as a HUGE FALSE FLAG. Wouldn’t this be quite the opportunity for Obama to have planned ahead of time to go on a rampage against U.S. Citizens. No one could call for help, watch the news; use the internet.

    The entire nation will be vulnerable to whatever he wants to do.


  15. I’ve heard a lot of talk about this nationwide gride shutdown. I did some furthur research and it has been blown out of proportion. The government is doing a simulation that only 150 companies are participating. It would be crazy for the whole nation to be effected… think about the economy to patients on life support. It’s stretching it a bit, don’t you think? I’m not saying it’s not possible or that it isn’t inevitable. I just don’t believe this will effect America on November 13-14. Just my opinion!


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    • re: theevolutionofosiris;

      That’s a good question. Here is another one..

      Why won’t they just insulate the existing civilian grid? Have you seen the estimates of what it would cost to do so? It is a very, very cheap and easy procedure. The reality that they are not securing the grid is evidence that they do not want it secure.

      Are you familiar with all of the sink holes that have been occurring around the US? Remember the story of the house that fell in one night while the guy was in bed and he dug his way out? Do you know why all of these sink holes are occurring?

      There are underground cities all across the US and underground interstate systems connecting the cities. You can enter the underground interstate in Maine and travel the entire US, exiting on the West coast.

      Do you remember the excavating they were doing at the White House a couple years ago?

      I’m sure you can connect the dots.

      Keep in touch.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • You are so right!
        I didn’t know you then…but do you remember the first time he was in office (they were at Martha’s Vineyard when it happened).
        There was a Baseball Series going on at the same time.
        There was a deep underground explosion causing a shrill whistling sound during the world series. The game stopped and it became silent as the crowd and the players just stopped!

        Seems the Military blew up his underground city. Right after that, there were photo(s) of “re-building” his little city and bunker.
        Do you remember?


      • Do remember…if the Grid goes down In America….the Grid also goes down in Canada….we are connected to that same Grid.


      • Then we’ll be waiting for him….. Harper will be right peeved off and not in a good mood! Shades of the war of 1812….. ???


      • re: B/B;

        You know that was a joke, right?

        If ‘OB’ has any plans of expanding his empire northward like his mentor..’AH’..I’m not in the loop.

        But, at the same time..nothing with that POSM would surprise me anymore.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • LOL! I wasn’t sure…as you said…nothing would surprise me anymore if it concerns Obi! I’m sort of sitting closer to the loop on this side…. still…I don’t get told all the little juicy tidbits. I just don’t have a high enough security clearance!


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  18. Great website.i enjoyed your article and agree with every word you said.im glad people like you still exist!!! Thank you and lets see what happens 11-13! A side note the superbowl blackout was suspicious and is 9 months 11 days from feb 3 the date of the super bowl.also natgeo did a movie called blackout recently.plus add all that with what youve stated and we have got a certain grid failure. Just dont know when!


    • re: Brooke;

      Thank you for the compliment. I appreciate that.

      Wow.. I had not realized the 9/11 date variance until you pointed that out.

      Yes, I put the ‘Blackout’ movie you referenced on this site:

      (Just in case you want to see it again or share it.. here is our link)


      Hope you stay in touch..

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • I do see something suspicious in this . For example China basically owns
      America and The zionists are pissed off that Obama is not being Netanyahu’s little puppet and backing a war in Syria. So giving China the land they own? Maybe seeing that china has nuclear submarines they have and they will be in the drill participation in Hawaii. Also, November is power outage awareness month since 1965. Perfect month to do it as most poeple are thinking about it. And also the superbowl, remember was supposed to be bombed like Idahopicker pointed out, but it turned out some white hats shut the power off to foil their plans. But the 911 number thing, Do they have all these “drills” on those days? April 15, 2013. 4/15/13 December 14, 2012 12/14/12. Do these also fit the bill?


      • You’re uniformed…Obama is not controlled by the Zionists! He is controlled by the Saudi’s! Netanyahu has been helping Assad in Syria…he doesn’t want the American’s in to help in Syria cuz he knows what the consequences of that would be! BTW…. Information on Syria has been given to Prime Minister Harper of Canada from the Israel Intelligence Agency…they know exactly who is helping the Rebels and it sure ain’t Netanyahu!
        Obama backed down on his Red Line threat to Syria due to the Russians having Nuclear Subs off of the three coasts of America. Obama was threatened with having DC go down in a mushroom cloud if he even made a move to attack Syria…..
        China doesn’t have to attack America…Obama just have to not pay them for the monies he owes to them…they will take America by default on the loan payments….one State at a time!


      • *This is the 2nd time I have tried to reply to JOHNNY DAVIS….sorry this is in the wrong place)

        Johnny, China was GIVEN eminent domain for land in Idaho (through Hillary Clinton) to pay on the loan.

        The Zionists have nothing to do with this.

        The Saudi(s) paid so much $ for Obama to go to Harvard just to have that “piece of paper” (Degree), that they built an entirely new wing. He seldom showed up for classes. They just wanted him to look good in front of the public.

        HE NEVER FINISHED his education like everyone else had to…he was GIVEN his degree.
        He was NEVER a law professor. HE and the Moose both had to give up any law practice (surrendered their license(s) due to corruption.


  19. You guys think that it’s Obama pulling the strings. It’s not. There is a shadow government acronymically referred to as the MIEC (military industrial extraterrestrial [yes, extraterrestrial] complex). It has been around since at least WWII, but many theorize that it has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the time of Atlantis.


    • I WILL think more about what you said. There is no doubt in my mind of the aliens, etc.
      IF you have more information, I would like to read it.

      Even Plato made reference to Atlantis.




    • re: Arthur Russell;

      Thank you. Yes, it does look very interesting.

      I’ll give it a read.

      The NRC needs to get their head out of their arse. The US. is sitting on a catastrophe in the making. I have seen many reports that state, ‘..it is only a matter of time until the US has an incident..’ that makes Fukushima Daiichi look small in comparison.

      Nuclear power needs to be abolished. It never should have been utilized to begin with.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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