21 comments on “Obama Administration Currently Working to Make ‘Anti-Muslim’ Speech Illegal and Punishable by Law

  1. I was steamed at first, but then I realized this could actually help us (infidels). They do a lot more anti-West, anti-Christian, anti-Israel hate speech (not to mention, actual PHYSICAL harm) than we could ever do.
    So, by their own bullshit “protection” they will hang themselves.
    The government can’t only protect Muslims from hate speech, because then they are not only violating the 1st amendment, but they will be blatantly favoring one religion (not that we don’t know they do already), which violates separation of church and state… we know they don’t want to mess with that. lol
    So, fellow infidels, prepare for an influx of Muslims getting arrested… have you SEEN what they are teaching their children in their AMERICAN schools? Surely, this would go against the new law, as it is hate speech.
    I bet once someone points this out to Killian he will drop his case (hopefully, his pants, too).


  2. The American revolution isn’t dead….and it is not headless as the muslims would want everyone to believe…this country operates off of ‘mosaic law’….As the people realize that the Biblical mandate has a lot more to it than just love thy neighbor then many state governments will learn how to deal with the federal government and how to secede from the union if necessary….The current federal government is nothing more than an ‘incorporation’…ie a corporation. The people owe no allegiance to this corporation. State governments must assume their proper role before the people and protect their respective states…


    • re: Joseph;

      Very true.

      I have always thought that fighting a war to ‘take the country back’ is not only a losing endeavor, but who wants it? It’s corrupt from top to bottom.

      A break-away state that declares itself an independent republic is much more attainable.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  4. As Bare Naked Islam states: “Is isn’t a phobia if they really are trying to kill you.” (paraphrased, I am sure).
    It is RATIONAL to worry about it. There are too many “facts” about this specific population. It is in the headlines on many Internet sites…(paraphrased) “Muslims killed baby today. Muslims killed Christian then chopped open the chest in order to eat the heart.”

    The list goes on and on.
    IF they don’t like the headlines….maybe they shouldn’t make them.


      • Bonnie’s site was my first REAL understanding of Muslims and Islam.

        I had NO clue and felt weak when I realized how “soul-less” some of those people are. The first article I read was murdering an infant and eating parts of the dead baby right in front of the grieving mother.


      • re: upaces;

        Lol. Actually, she was the same for me and many other people as well. She was one of my first inspirations.

        There are millions that owe her a debt of gratitude for waking us up to he ‘truth’ about Islam.

        BNI was the first site I ever ‘followed’ years ago.

        I don’t remember the first article I ever read on her site but I’m sure it was ‘typically atrocious.’

        I truly admire her. She is a Warrior in every sense of the word.

        One thing that amazed me the most in the beginning was just how many “women” there were educating people about Islam. I guess I just expected that the majority would have been men, but I expected wrong. lol. As I became acquainted with site administrators and organizational leaders I learned that there were about 3 women to every one guy.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: rogerunited;

      Hey Roger!

      I have not specifically heard that before but it sounds very plausible. I did ‘Google’ it but I haven’t found any relevant info. yet. It certainly would make sense.

      I learned about a year ago that John Kerry converted to Islam. I believe his entire family did. The story has been pulled from the Internet. They had it removed just before Kerry was up for his Secretary of State position.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  5. Reblogged this on brainwashing in america today and commented:
    Yes. Let’s protect a multi-nation that tortures, maims and kills its citizens, and refuses to educate girls. This proposed bill is just another way for Obama and the #NWO to convert the world to an Islamic doctrine.


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