12 comments on “Columbus,Ohio: Children Chained to a Wall and Beaten by Qur’an Teacher at Mosque School

  1. If not now…never! It will be too late by then…wake up, Americans…get away from the crap on the television long enough to get the news of what is happening in this country. This is a disease and while American’s sleep, it is spreading…what’s wrong with the people of this country? You are willing to hand us over to this trash…without even a whimper. How they must sit and laugh at how easy and lazy we have become!


  2. WOW, Welcome to DUMBmerica. WTF is this crap? WHEN are these craps we call our LEADERS going to kick these goat raping, child molesting, abusing and killing Pieces of crap going to be eradicated from OUR nation? Are people really this stupid to keep allowing this. I will say, touch a child in front of me and no allah can save you. Im here on the North side and this is way too close for comfort. Way to go you idiots who support obumuh and these muzz lames. Alright folks, its getting to the point where America HAS to fight back and kick these nasty welfare abusing system screwing, non Americans OUT


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      • re: tom holmes;

        Well Tom, ..you are half right. But you know what that means…

        Yes, it is the people in them. But it is also the mosques.

        Mosque is an Arabic word that translates literally: ‘Fortress.’

        That is no coincidence.

        If you study the origin of the mosque and the purpose for what it serves.. you will see that ‘fortress’ is the accurate name.

        Remember, Islam is a 7th Century War-Mongering Idealogy. And it hasn’t changed since. The purpose for the first mosque ever built 1400 years ago is the exact same purpose of the most recent mosque under construction today.

        ‘Worship’ is a facade. A smoke-screen. A diversion.

        They are currently building thousands of ‘fortresses’ in ALL of our countries around the world.

        And I assure you they are for the future.

        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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