16 comments on “Several Saudi Arabian Men Abduct and Gang-Rape a 3-Year-old Girl

  1. Seems the Prophet Muhammad is still in the minds of the perverted Muslims of the world. After these barbarians get done with the 3 year old they go looking for goats! Nice life!


  2. Does Mohammad believe in the death penalty? If their fake God believes an eye for an eye then why don’t these creeps believe it. This is a baby…..American, Saudi, Iranian, Indian, Christian, Muslim, or whatever you are. When you murder or wound another human being the Creator of the Universe (which is not Allah by the way) sees !!! He is a God who sees. Go read all about Hagar !!!! She gave birth to the father of these people. She believed in the God who sees. That’s what she called him. I sure hope Jesus the Creator takes the lives of these monsters for what they have done to this innocent precious child…. I’m praying for her Justice and for her healing, In Jesus name. Oh !! If you don’t know who Hagar is, she is in the BIBLE. Yes, the Holy Word of God. Its a great story ~ It really happened. Mohammad isn’t a God, he is a pedophile, a perp, a joke, a free loader, and a thief.


    • re: Sabrina;

      Well stated.

      Yes, not only does Muhammad ‘..believe in the death penalty..’ but he was a primary enforcer of the death penalty. He was judge, jury and executioner. In his own words and by the narrations of Aisha in the sunnah.. Muhammad murdered 900 innocent Jews in Banu Quraiza. He raped their wives and enslaved their children.

      Muslims do NOT believe in sin. “They” would probably tell you that they do. Well, as we both know.. Muslims practice ‘Taqiyya.’

      So, what sin is their in Islam?

      We can determine this by simply looking at what is allowed in Islam.

      In Islam you are allowed to:

      1. Rape women

      2. Molest children

      3. Commit murder

      4. Steal

      5. Lie (Taqiyya)

      6. Enslave

      7. Have sexual relations with other women while married (Adultery and Fornication)

      8. Commit incest

      9. Beat your wife (or any other woman)

      10. Commit terrorist acts against the innocent

      and the list goes on and on…

      So, what is left to be a sin? Nothing.

      Now, EVERY ONE of these things I mentioned above are sins in every “religion” in the world, EXCEPT ISLAM.

      Muhammad did EVERY ONE of those 10 things in that list. ALL MUSLIMS are commanded to ‘..follow in the way of Muhammad..’ in order to be a ‘good Muslim.’

      Then I ask you.. what remains to be a sin in Islam?

      There is ‘no sin’ in Islam because.. ALL EVIL is allowed. They have no ‘atonement for sin’ because they do not believe in sin.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. This baby in the photo looks like she is only 3 months old, not 3 years. Anyhow I heard some time ago that because of these slithering slugs raping babies and very young girls that no virgins are getting to heaven, so all males are being offered a herd of goats.


    • re: helen busch;

      You know, you make a good point about the photo. I bet she could be three months old and they changed it to read: ‘..three years..’ in the hopes that it sounds better for the Saudi men.

      Only a muslim man could come up with the idea of ‘..a heaven..’ being a place where they get 72 more little virgins, in addition to all of the little virgin girls they rape here on earth. It reflects their sickness and perversion.

      And nowhere does it read their ’72 virgins’ are even female. Of course, most Muslim men like little boys to, so that wouldn’t be a problem.

      And yes, nowhere does it specify that they are ‘human.’ It very well could be 72 male goats.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: carlos infidel;

      Yes Carlos.. according to sharia law, she is now.. ‘..unclean, impure and un-marriageable..’

      So, ..I suppose burying her in the ground and stoning her to death is in order.

      After all, I am sure it was ‘her’ fault she was raped.

      Well, that is unless she has 4 males witnesses to testify on her behalf that ‘she’ was not guilty of the rape.

      But unfortunately, ..in order to have 4 male witnesses would mean she was ‘..in the company of males that were not married to her which would make her guilty of another crime that would still yield the same result..

      It’s amazing how they design a system of governance that sets up their women to fail.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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      • Who r u sister Christian do u know that Ur Jesus is 1 of our prophet so we can’t tell about him bad either.if u don’t know ne thing about Islam n Islamic law then better research n then comment .i can understand Ur anger but for some person sin u can’t blame whole Islam.every religion person commit sin but his religion doesn’t teaches him that it’s the Satan inside him that make him to do so.that means he is not acceptable as Muslim ne more.sister think search before u say.


      • re: yasmin;

        Greetings to you.

        Actually, I am brother (male). No problem.

        First, you wrote ‘..Ur Jesus..’

        Yasmin, He is NOT just ‘..my Jesus..’ He is your Jesus to. He loves you Yasmin.

        Yes, I am very aware that the Muslim does acknowledge Jesus as ‘a prophet’ but the Muslim also denies the most important things.

        Jesus was/is the manifestation of the one Lord thy God, in the flesh. He came to this earth for one purpose. To die.

        You are so correct, Yasmin. We are ALL sinners. Every one of of us. That is precisely why Jesus died on the cross. That is called atonement for sin. He paid the price for our sins by giving His life. In His death, “WE” were given eternal life. Eternal life with Him in heaven.

        Jesus loves you Yasmin. He died for “YOU” Yasmin, so that He can hold you in His arms forever in heaven.

        Do you truly feel loved in Islam? Do you honestly feel as though you have a personal relationship with God?

        He is your heavenly father.

        Please know, we are NOT polytheist. You may have been taught this. It would be incorrect.

        We believe in the same one Lord thy God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (as the Jews.). When you hear a Christian speak of ‘Jesus’ he is speaking about that same one Lord thy God in heaven that manifested into the form of man, so that he could live as man. The ‘Trinity’ is ONE GOD. (in 3 parts) Not 3 Gods.

        You Yasmin, also have 3 parts.

        1. Your Physical body. (Your flesh and bones)

        2. Your Spirit (Your Soul) The ‘real Yasmin’ on the inside that lives forever and goes to heaven when your physical body dies.

        3. Your Mind (Your mental intellect)

        You are a ‘trinity.’ 3 parts, but not 3 people. Just 1 Yasmin.

        Christians see God much in the same way.

        – – –

        Please know that I have Muslim friends. They know my heart is pure and that I genuinely care about them.

        Thank you for your kind message. You are welcome to write me back as much as you would like.

        Remember, Jesus loves you Yasmin.

        – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  4. Muslims are animals,thieves,cowards that oppress females.Mxm so that pedophile Muhammad married a 9year’s old girl,raped her now this goats called his followers go as far as stripping infants y their diapers to satisfy their lusty nature.they need to be castrated

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