6 comments on “Britain: Judge Upholds Forced Marriage of a 14-Year-old Girl That Was Raped at Gunpoint

  1. As an Englishman, there are times when I despair at our legal system. Britain is a Christian country and the law that SHOULD apply is that of a Christian country. Such a country does not permit marriage under a certain age, does not permit forced marriages and does not permit consummation by force and at gunpoint.


    • re: Trevor Warner;

      Yes, my brother.. that is Judaic Law.

      The foundation of the judiciary of all western nations and civilization.

      The reason the world seems upside down right now is because the world powers that be are transitioning us away from Judaic law and to Qur’anic Law.

      They are opposites.

      And we know why because we know from where they are derived.

      Judaic Law is from the one Lord thy God.

      Qur’anic Law is from Satan. (ie.) Allah and his false-prophet, muhammad.

      Blessings of love and peace be with you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      – –

      p.s. No Surrender, me bruv.


  2. I wonder what liberal feminazis are going to do when these muslim devils come after THEIR very young daughters, wanting to molest them and impregnating them with 15 jihadis? Will they say “Because of my undying allegiance to multiculturalism, you can have my daughter…rape her, humiliate her, and ruin her life, but I’m a proud liberal multiculti intellectual! How in the heck do they justify their insane attitudes? Do they not realize that they are cooperating in the destruction of our freedoms? Do they not realize that women won’t have ANY rights under Islam/Sharia except for what the Muslim men agree to give them, and that is mostly NONE?


    • re: burkasrugly;

      Liberal feminazis are just ignorant. They possess no intellect, no values, no morality.. and to hear them tell it.. they think they are so advanced.

      All of the things you mentioned.. I don’t think the L/F even believe will occur. They are willfully blind. They suffer from normalcy bias.

      Simply put.. they are retarded. (No offence to retards.)

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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