12 comments on “Muslim Child Sex Gang Pimps Out a 13-Year-old English Girl With Learning Disability and Four Other Underage Children for Sex

      • re: petalsdad1;

        Lol. I like that suggestion.

        How about this one: We place hidden cameras on Bikini Atoll (nuclear test site) and then. put all the Muslims, queers, liberals, atheists and anti-semites on there from the entire world, without any food. Broadcast this program worldwide. We’ll call it ‘Survival of the Fittest.’

        Then, when the show begins to get boring..dispatch a couple bombers to spray napalm, sarin gas, etc.

        And the season finale will be a few nukes dropped on the island.

        I bet the Nielsen Ratings would be through the roof.

        Not mention the benefits “we” would gain from the population control of the bottom feeders.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  1. Then your an a* hole, This happens all the time and its Muslim scum everytime

    * Denotes moderation for language


  2. The problem is Islam giving permission for these atrocities. These idiots think that it is OK to do what they like to any non-islamic person. The imams are the ones to be killed for preaching this archaic belief. It is time that the Muslims realized that they are not superior to any other person, in fact their reliance on the words of the Qur’an only keeps them in the middle ages and halts any advancement that they could make.


  3. they need to be deported immediately!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why are these demonic bastards coming into our countries in the forst place????????????


  4. How about putting them in prison, in the general population with lots and lots of English skinheads? They might learn what it’s like to be gang raped and sodomized by animals like them…


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