3 comments on “Muslim Gang War in Sydney Australia Results in Multiple Shootings and Police Crackdown

  1. Can we let in more muslims into Australia? Because our politicians have been telling us Islam is a religion of peace , then obviously muslims are peaceful,


    • re: surj1936;

      Yes, ..see that’s the problem. All of this violence in Australia is the result of NOT having enough Muslims to ‘..spread the peace and love around..’

      I’m sure as the Muslim population increases.. you will begin to experience what the rest of the world experiences with increased Islamic penetration.

      A harmonious intermingling of Islam’s rich culture and value system..peacefully integrating into the otherwise shallow indigenous Australian civilization.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. If you don’t round up the muslims then they will round you up….they are building ‘forts’ in every major city they inhabit….


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