7 comments on “A Tidal Wave of Rape and Molestation Washes up on the Shores of Delhi India

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  2. Why do countries accept muslims into their lands? What the hell goes on inside of the minds of these people? I can’t understand this….You are bringing in people you know are going to hurt you….Is peace and plenty got you feeling so guilty that you must bring in these animals to screw everybody’s minds? Why are all these so-called ‘smart’ countries bringing in muslims? What they are is seen by what they do….


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    • re: Mark;

      Hey..I just realized YouTube had pulled the video in this article. I was able to locate it under another title.

      I have re-uploaded it if you would like to view it.

      It is an excellent video. Definitely worth viewing.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Saw the video when first broadcast on BBC. Here in UK we have Muslim grooming (statutory rape) of underage girls on huge scale, ignored by police and politicians for years. Another symptom of this cancer on the world


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