18 comments on “Black Africans From Ethiopia Enslaved by Muslims in Saudi Arabia are Being Rounded Up, Tortured and Raped (Video)

  1. I apologize…I tried looking at the video…I had to stop.

    I have no words at this time besides feeling sadness as well as rage, disgust not only for Obama but the entire black population for NOT PAYING ATTENTION to what is going on to their own Race in the name of Allah.

    This is NOT new. This horror has been going on for centuries….and yet, they are STILL blaming whites, Jews, etc. Are they in denial here in the states? OR, are they so self absorbed as a race in this country, they just DO NOT CARE?

    They should be outraged and join with us vs. against us to stop this evil!


  2. I was wrong…they are not in denial…they know…THEY KNOW as long as we have a toxic enabler in the WH, they can continue to, literally, get away with murder, and rape not only of individuals but against the entire white population…after all, they have permission from the President and Holder (passive aggressive permission…silence is permission).


  3. Anyone still think UN Agenda 21 is a good idea? Kidnap louie farrakahn an jesse and al and let them have their organs, for “humanitarian” purposes of course.


  4. I could not even watch any of this. It’s unbelievable that things like this are actually happening. There are not enough tears in heaven or hell to wash away the sins of these (people?)


  5. And of course this is not seen as racism to American blacks…no sirreee…Oprah Winfrey has spoken…Barack is in the ‘white house’ and all is well except that white people here need to become more docile and subservient….and slavery is only an issue here in America where white people need to be buried with guilt, despite the fact that so many of them did give their lives for the ‘black’ in the US civil war…but, according to Oprah we still need more whippin’…hee hee hee…It doesn’t surprise me that white folk did abolish slavery but all the ‘colored’ folk still doing it…I mean, just look at Haiti…and if you really want a face full of racism against the white man just go to Hawaii….but we’re looking at racism here and slavery in Saudi Arabia…a real good friend of John McCain and Barak Obama and the whole white house gang….I guess if you have enough money you could even buy ‘god’ to be on your side…or so it looks from what silence there is in the religious ‘peanut’ gallery……Only Christ will fight a war to end human suffering, and I really am looking forward to that….


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  7. I am really sorry for my Ethiopian friends and all the victims. I am Islam and Muslim and i am totally against who done this horrific crime. Who ever done this can not be say he/ she Muslim. Because Allah Said what ever your skin color is you are all same on my side. May Allah put them to hell who ever commit this crime. It is really so sad to see this they are traveling to have a good life and this ignorant people didn’t understand. How would they feel if Ethiopian have done that to them it will happen one day. I am from Somalia and i am a Muslim. African in one nation under God for future.


    • oh please, you are all exactly the same…. Allah said a lot of things according to your false prophet, most of it disgusting… they most definitely are muslim, I dont care what you say or how you try to make your ideology seem acceptable. This behaviour is the norm amongst your kind so while you may be able to fool some of what you lot like to call the useful idiots, you cannot fool us all… Africa is not one nation under God, it is made up of many nations most of them with muslim majorities in a disgusting mess. God will take care of Africa in his own good time, and you along with all of you that follow the false prophet will go straight to hell…. We know taqiya when we hear it !!!!


  8. I swear these people are animals if he was where I was I swear I would beat his mothfuckin ass no lie their weak ass have to gain up on people with sticks… It’s funny because knows likes the Saudis even there fellow arabs neighbors don’t even like and get pissed when westerners think they are the only Saudis act like this and maybe few others but the rest dot like them. The west doesn’t for sure and the rest of the world.


  9. I was exposed to some of this while I lived and worked in KSA and discoverred that the saudis are the biggest racists in the world. They make the KKK look like the boy scouts. There is a way to stop this. Stop going there!! I know people need to work. I’m a firm beleiver that if all wetern countries recall all of thier citizens from KSA that country wwould cease to function within a month.


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