30 comments on “BREAKING: Nation of Angola Bans the Practice of Islam: Orders All Mosques Destroyed Immediately

  1. Thank God! And, I do hope God Gives them the Strength and Protection to see this completely to the finish; and NOT allow any group or country to sway their decision.


  2. Don’t forget to stop at my house, I’ll leave everything behind. America must do this also. God bless and save Angola and America and any other country who rejects this muslim evil horde!


  3. That’s the BEST THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. MAY ALL COUNTRIES FOLLOW THAT LEAD! AMEN .. GOD BE WITH THEM AND PROTECTING THEM THRU ALL THIS! These are good days. That’s were I’ll be heading to soon if things don’t change here in AUSTRALIA. (


    • re: nadine;

      I agree. I’ll be right there with you.

      You know, it would be hilarious if a mass migration of Westerners from the US, Australia, India, Europe, Canada, etc. all showed up in Angola applying for asylum.

      Today we laugh..tomorrow it could be a reality.

      I hope ALL nations follow their lead as well. But I know that Muslim Brotherhood Leader we have here in the states would never do that. He’s actually granting asylum to al Qaeda members and FSA Rebels from Syria. We’ve got terrorists all over the US now.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: Markie;

      LOL. Perhaps. Or he will just do what he is doing in the rest of the world.

      That being, fund a few terrorist organizations to go in and ‘..straighten things out..’

      You know, liberate the country via terrorism. Obama will need to give Boko Haram and al-Qaeda even more money than he already is to establish an ‘al Qaeda Angola Local Chapter.’ Send in some FSA Rebels to clean things up a bit. He will definitely fund those Muslims living there and provide them with weapons and munitions to facilitate a revolution.

      – – – – –

      I think the first thing that will occur is he UN will try to override this decision by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos of Angola.

      President Santos is definitely a courageous, wise man.

      And to think, we got the damn Muslim from Kenya when we could have got the Christian from Angola.

      What a different country this would be.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  4. This is indefinite for what purpose are these crimes happening only to the muslims, are they not human,or are there not law on right to worship,so if there is why would this forken president of Angola doing this to the muslims,or are they not citizens of Angola,for what. we the Muslims will not accept these,for peace we are calling dont make us angry, for in that anger may lid to the end of ur peace. We are calling mr president of Angola republic to stop that wuth immediate effect beforw we take action into our hands


    • re: Girka;

      Aw, boo hoo. Are you freakin’ serious?

      Crimes only against the Muslims? LOL. That’s a joke!

      Muslims are the worst savages in the world.

      Muslims are the primary source of evil in this world. Muhammad was a murderer, a thief, a pedophile, a rapist and a slave owner.

      He beheaded 900 innocent Jews at Banu Qurayza in one day. He robbed their caravans..stealing their possessions, kidnapping their wives..raping their daughters.

      He raped Aisha at the age of 9.

      So, how does it feel to follow in the foot steps of a pedophile?

      Are you not ashamed?

      ‘..Don’t make us angry..’ LOL. LOL. LOL.

      What are “YOU” gonna’ do? NOTHING!

      You murderous bastards slaughter innocent Christians from one end of the earth to the other.

      You burn their churches down.

      You slaughter the innocent Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jews.. you intolerant racist SOB’s.

      You won’t fight US on the battlefield will you? NO!

      I know, I’ve been on the battlefield and I’ve seen what you do.

      You come running out with your little ‘tighty-whities’ tied to a stick. Surrendering to our women. LOL. Ha Ha Ha Ha !!!

      Little pussies.


      But you’ll murder the innocent in a heartbeat, won’t you?

      Fly planes into buildings. = Murdering the innocent.

      Putting bombs on buses and trains. = Murdering the innocent.

      Walk into a cafe with a ‘strap-on’ (No, not the one you wear with your boyfriend.)

      – – – –

      I’d be ashamed to call myself a Muslim.

      Islam is a plague on humanity. It’s a mental disease.

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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    • WE have been loaded down with Affirmative ACtion or too long.
      The best thing to hap[pen is for some brave politician to step forward and say, “Okay, now! Affirmative Action is over.

      You know you are NOT discriminated against. IF you can do the job, you’ll get it IF your resume is strong JUST LIKE ANYONE ELSE. Color is no longer consideration.


  7. That goes for religions too. STOP BEING POLITICALLY CORRECT…tell them in a very loud voice to Join us or get the hell out!.


  8. Well done Angola !!! Islam should ban because it encourage hate, oppress and kill unbeliever !!! Islam founder is Terrorist Muhammad and their god is Satan Allah !!! That will no peace as long Islam exist !!!


  9. Didn’t Fidel Castro send troops to Angola back in the 80’s to help them to become a government free of the West? I wonder…if that is true then he did a good thing because all ‘western’ nations are currently being taken over by Islam…..So, I guess I should say “Thank you Fidel and Thank you Angola.” Maybe Angola would like some help from some of us white boys…we like freedom too…..


  10. israel should ban islam,just banning something doesn’t make you undemocratic anymore than ridding your body of cancer


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