10 comments on “Racist Muslims in Saudi Arabia Hang an Ethiopian Woman Upside Down and Torture Her (Video)

  1. Ugh these monster’s have no boundaries… how do you even teach these scum morals?

    Angola sounding like a great place to immigrate to.


  2. I just feel sad…and said how long the world can tolerate that…were is the human right now? they are all ready to Judge some and They just Ignore others..because Oil…and?.luck like we have long way untill these barbarians..criminous STOP…we need to END with these CRIME and HIPOCRISE PLEASE GOD help us Ameen…YES to President Edwardo Dos Santos CUT THEME from the ROOT forever Hope So many Countries Can Follow him.


    • re: SERAFIM;

      You are exactly right. Oil is the primary catalyst for allowing such crimes against humanity.

      I hope they enjoy their oil in hell. At least they will be closer to it.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • re: Mohamed;

        Normally I would throw this in the trash..even though the writer is the one that deserves to be there.

        But I am allowing this message to be moderated for one primary reason:

        I want my readers to see what I deal with. I want my readers to see with their own eyes..the utter disrespect and racism that exists in the Muslim community.

        They are truly mentally and spiritually challenged in every sense of the word.

        Here is an article about an Ethiopian woman being tortured by Muslims..and what is the ‘Muslim Response?’

        Well, you can read it for yourself above.

        p.s. And John..there is no need to waste your valuable time replying this obviously ignorant ‘typical’ Muslim reject.

        But if you do feel the need to respond..by all means give this piece of sh*t what he deserves.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  4. They have a reason why they are beating her, first in Muslim countries u cannot be wearing clothes that are tight on u, that show ur body parts like ur butt, man they gave her ass a small punishment at least she ain’t get killed for that, man these Arabs not playin man they can do this all they want fucks talmbouts


  5. I do not agree with the beatings. I know I do get tired myself of how females dress. Some why even bother dressing at all.?? But There are other ways to get your concerns addressed to someone besides this. I mean did she know it is not allowed there? I know they have strict laws for the women. And I do know even in other articles about those men from there beating, raping females in other countries is wrong. But they view all other women of the world and some of their own as nothing but whores. They have no NONE respect for women regardless of what they wear. I know this due to one of my aunts stupidly married one they are divorced now THANK GOD>. He hates his daughters. But I am so sick of seeing nothing but craziness, insane behavior from them and honestly AMERICA needs to keep them OUT OF HERE>. And every time we send our men and women there to fix issues and spend our tax dollars!! the job is left unfinished. We need to convert all to cars electric, runs off water anything and tell them what to do with their OIL shove it high high up. And the men that are in our country. I hate to hear them try to compliment me. It sickens me. I remind them quickly I AM MARRIED>.


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