33 comments on “The Truth Behind the Genocide in Srebrenica: What the West Doesn’t Want You to Know

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  2. thank you sharia unveiled for truth , it is partly of course but is better than nothing , all west and europe hate serbs because of german politic that want to revenge for w w 2. they have never forgot us for killing nazis . ,for thousands years serbia fight islamic forces from south defending self from invasion and in same time defending europe because muslims could not pass thru us and that was their only way to europe , now they have other ways to invade as you know , and in all time stooped europe have judge us for that and attack us from north , like germs did , we where battle much stronger than us and europe could help for common interest but they fight us also , so fu*k europe i say , now we are fu*ked with european nazi politics and can not stop islam … read about serbian history than conclude yourself . think about who and why letting so many muslims to invade europe in legal way .

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    • re: djura;

      Thank you!

      In America, we the people love the great Serbian people. Yes, you all did a wonderful job fighting the Nazis in WWII and a wonderful job fighting the Muslims in the 90’s. Don’t worry.. you will get your chance to fight them BOTH again. And they are the same. MUSLIMS = NAZIS.

      And I hope that the Serbs exterminate ALL of them!

      Peace and love be with you all!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Uhuh…it’s the NAZIS using the dumb, uneducated, atavist Moose Limbs to do the dirty work for them. Muzzies are unbelievably dumb, crude and base. Muzzies are so stupid the ‘neanderthal’ had twice the pea-brain size of a muzzie. The problems will seriously start when the Nazis find out it’s too late… the violent ‘muzzies’ will be in control…


  3. I read most of what you post……sometimes to the point, that it literally takes my breath away when I stop to realize the evil of the muslim population. The videos contained in this post make the reality so heavy…….but I am so grateful that you have committed to making the truth known. If only everyone would open their eyes. Thank you….praying that God blesses and protects you.


    • re: Cynthia M;

      Thank you so much Cynthia! Your words and prayers are appreciated more than you know.

      And as we progress forward into regression…I will need those prayers even more. I’m quite sure of that.

      Our Lord thy God’s Peace and Love be with you and your family always.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  4. As a Serb, I’ve been asked many times during & since this travesty, why the Serbian people would do such a terrible thing as the news reported them doing during the conflict. I told them all the truth would come out eventually & they would have their answers. I did point out certain obvious facts during those conversations. One of which was the fact that the media reported that Serb “terrorists” fired on muslims while they prayed at the graves of their dead. I asked the simple question, “When have you ever heard of or seen a muslim praying at a cross?” Of course, they couldn’t dispute it but, added, “Ok I get that but, that doesn’t excuse all the other horrific things the Serbs are doing.” I remember how outraged I remember how outraged I was when I saw that picture over the story in the Sun Times vilifying the Serbs for firing on the muslims praying at the graves. I was equally outraged when the paper did print a correction to that story but, as a tiny blurb ad in an obscure section of the newspaper. What happened in WW11 was looking like it was going to happen again if something wasn’t done. The action taken by the Serbs was completely necessary but in this, I am ashamed that as an American as well as a Serb, the Amercian government did nothing to help, & the American people were so quick to condemn the Serbs without knowing even a fraction of the truth. Unfortunately, this is not a new problem. During WW11, the American government turned their backs on the Serbs, which allowed the travesties to take place then. Please do not EVER stop revealing the truth & God bless you for it.


    • re: Dragan;

      Thank you so much for your message of truth and support.

      I appreciate it greatly.

      Trust me, I know very well how the MSM attempts to alter our perception of the truth via their lies, deceptions and false narratives. Simply knowing this is a great advantage in our favor.

      When we reveal their lies is when we truly gain the power.

      Our Lord thy God’s Blessings be with you as well.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  5. True stories such as this need to be brought to westerner’s attention. We, the people of the USA are often kept from hearing the real story behind acts committed on other societies. Americans have become soft since WWII and there are many who do not believe such as this could occur. BUT and this a really a big BUT, America is facing the threat of a white genocide–it’s coming out in small articles in social media. We now have a Muslim president who is promoting his agenda of Islam and all but a few realize this is coming to our own shores. These events are the work of Satan and America has ‘lost it’s religion’ in our younger generations. This country needs to wake up because it is in clear and present danger. May be if enough truth is told and articles such as this are read, maybe, just maybe people will wake up and stop the forthcoming American genocide. Thank you for the truth.


    • re: Marlys Ann May;

      Thank you so much.

      Yes, you are exactly right.

      I believe more often than not..the reason the US Gov’t hides the truth from the American people is because the US Gov’t is Aiding and Abeding the enemy.

      Essentially the US Gov’t is committing War Crimes, Treason and Crimes Against Humanity. Not only do we see this today in Syria, but we see it all around the world. Including within the US.

      The US Gov’t thereby places itself in a position of being the ‘Enemy of the People.’

      In this story here about Yugoslavia, Bill Clinton was paid millions into a private account to assist in the establishment of a muslim nation within the EU! From this came the horrors of the war in Yugoslavia where the world joined together to attack a 98% Christian Nation, Yugoslavia/Serbia in support of Bosnians (muslim). Most of the terrorists and mercenaries on Bosnia’s side were muslims coming across the border from Albania! The end result was a muslim nation, Bosnia, operating within the EU!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  6. Hi, Sharia Unveild, greetings from Serbia!

    Thanks for posting this important truth about Bosnian war from the ‘90.

    Unfortunately, this story is not the only story like that. For example, only in Sarajevo city (which was under control of radical muslims, Hezbolah among others) there were 212 prisons for Serbs.
    6.500 civilan Serbs were killed in Sarajevo by them.

    The story about these villages around Srebrenica goes like that: in ’92-94, Naser Orich – jihadi leader of bosnian troops (many mujahidins among them), massacred more than 3.500 civilian Serbs in villages of Srebrenica municipality (at that time a ”demilitirized zone” under command of Dutch UN forces).

    Most of the victims were tortured and killed by cold weapon (sounds familiar?) on big Christian feasts: Christmas, st. Nicholas day, st. Ilias day…You in the west don’t know about this jihad anomaly – they would usually attack villages without military protection (all the grown men were in the Serbian-Bosnian army (Army of Republika Srpska) at the front) on big Christian feasts, slaughtering and killing everything alive. Often they killed animals too.

    The Srebrenica military action of Serbian troops commanded by general Ratko Mladich was a reaction to that. Simply put – a revenge. You can see that in the movie – Srebrenica – a town betrayed and Sarayevo rikoshet.
    And Mladich was a hero because he let women and elders with children flee from that area (you can see that at the videos too). Then he suggested muslim soldiers to give up. Many didn’t want. Who refused was shot and some of theme were giving fire resistance, trying to flee the area. Most of them were killed by bosnian Serbian army during the fight. The number of bodies excavated by international team doesn’t go over 1.500. Of course, the CNN number is around 6.000, bosnian muslims came to 8.000 dead, for the media and needs of Hague tribunal.

    The exact thing was also repeated in Kosovo in ’99, being today’s strongest Jihadist base in Europe, where they can do whatever they want under protection of NATO forces – they have numerous bases in Kosovo for training terrorists.

    The US Bondstill base in Kosovo is used for: organ trafficking of kidnapped Serbs (they are kidnapping them even today in Serbia), production of heroin (grown in Afghanistan) for sales in Europe (we in Serbia have one of the cheapest heroin in the world -1g is around 30$), white slavery of women being sold on other muslim markets for prostitution and organ harvesting.
    Kosovo is the collection center for victims from not only Serbia but also Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraina, Macedonia, even Russia, regarding people/organ market. That’s why we have the Bondstill base for.

    I know the Western media satanized the Serbs and still does it, but the truth slowly comes out.
    I don’t blame people in the west for having bad opinion about us, you didn’t have another option.
    Generally, the same scenario after dissemblance of Yugoslavia was applied to: Iraq, Egypt, Libya…and are trying to do with Syria now, what you pointed out in you comment.

    Very important about political ties and political background is the information given in the movies from the text: Srebrenica – a town betrayed and Sarayevo rikoshet.
    What goes on our hand is that the movies were made by a Norwegian guy and a Bosnian muslim, so we can’t blame them for being subjective towards Serbs.

    We here have our bitter destiny and a dense experience with Turks and other muslim-jihad culture through centuries. Unfortunately, the islamic culture is on the rise on the West (Europe and America) so we can expect war conflicts there too.

    As our (Orthodox Christian) elders here teach us: in the Gospel it is said about our apocalyptic time ”A nation will fight a nation” – it doesn’t mean only war between nations, but the fact that everybody will be fighting against Christians (a God’s nation): Muslims, Chineese, Hindu and everybody else.
    So, let us be prepared.

    And, regarding our Russian brothers, I can only tell that in my opinion,(beside Serbian soldiers), there is no better cleaning agent against jihad-filth than them. Take a look at one Russian specnaz action against jihad terrorists, pitty you don’t understand Russian: They got an info that Arab emissary is coming to Chechnya bringing weapon and money (2mil $) for the terorists and they got only few days to find and catch them, to cut the jihad action: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXquSklfC90 The movie is real!

    Thanks again and if you want I can give you some more material about wars in Bosnia and Kosovo, from our side!


    • re: Sava;

      Thank you so much for this information. This is incredible.

      I have known for quite some time that we were being lied to here in the US. Our government and media has been corrupt for many decades.

      The situation in Syria today is very similar. Although, there is an added element of the Qatari Natural Gas Pipeline that they wish to construct through Syria. I support Assad 100%.

      Barack Hussein Obama is a terrorist. His entire administration is a terrorist regime funded by Saudi Arabia. This is not rhetoric..this is fact! There are American citizens that are political prisoners in the US today that are being denied the right to leave the United States. The only crime they have committed is telling the truth.

      Yes, I would greatly appreciate any additional information you can provide about the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo. Perhaps I will publish the information in another post in the near future.

      Do you know if the video you sent me (“Special Forces” – Ahead of fear) is available in English or with English subtitles? I do understand a little Russian..but, emphasis on ‘little’ and only when spoken slowly. In the movie, they are speaking too fast for me to understand. I searched on YouTube and could not find it in English.

      I actually lived in Russia for almost a year. Mockba and St.Petersburg. I really enjoyed my time there.

      This story here about Srebrenica has been very well received by our readers.

      Thank you again for this information you have provided. I will hold on to it and may incorporate some of it into a future post.

      p.s. A friend of mine told me that President Bill Clinton was paid Millions of dollars into a private account to ensure there was a Muslim nation established within the European Union. From this came the war in Yugoslavia. And from that resulted ‘Bosnia.’ A Muslim nation in the European Union.

      Who do you think may have given this money to President Bill Clinton with the instructions to create a Muslim Nation in the European Union?

      I have an idea..but, I will wait to see what you think. Perhaps your response will confirm my suspicions.

      Peace and love be with you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  7. American generals were just following orders…the ‘supreme leader’ was Herr Clinton….Today we have Herr Obama and the American generals are still just following orders….Both ‘right and wrong’ come from the same ‘tree’….What is needed is for American generals and American judges to look at their progenitors and ask themselves ‘what would George Washington have done?” Would the Founders of the nation become muslims and support mujaheddin Islamic religious fighters? Would the Founders of the nation turn their back on their heritage as Americans and serve the wishes of another ‘god’…’allah’? I know that Christians have a problem with Biblical truth and doctrines…but should the ‘believers in Jesus Christ’ become a support base for the murderers who follow Islam…and why do ‘believers in Jesus Christ’ elect people like Clinton or Obama to be their ‘supreme leader’….Where exactly does your beliefs lie…? From Lyndon Johnson to Obama every president has done opposite of what Christ would have done…and I mean ‘Christ the military man’….Why? Why all these ‘satanic’ leaders who betray betray betray? Are there none to be righteous? If so then there are none to be saved…….and all the while the generals just follow orders….So follow my orders why don’t you and together we will stave off the fall of this nation and be the good servant for the Messiah, as He is watching us….He would like to know why you have not listened to those He has sent you…Why follow death merchants when there is so much life you could save? Nothing is lost to ‘history’…maybe your recollection of it but not to Messiah. This is why the ‘voices of the martyrs’ are heard even from beneath the Throne of the Most High….As an angry young man I have questioned the absence of Messiah all these years (I suspect it is due to the movement of ‘DNA’ around the planet) but in all my questioning He has shown me that He is indeed returning, and with an army….and soon…we are in the set up period and I think now that all these wars America is involved in are just deceptions by ‘evil’ to use ‘Christian soldiers’ to further the aims of ‘Islam’ and their ‘god’….and this is precisely why I want the American generals to cease in their blindness and demand the Congress and the Courts to realign America’s priorities to include the American heritage and the God of our fathers……or we will die.


    • re: Joseph;

      Very beautifully stated, my brother Joseph.

      Yes, we should “ALL” only follow the law of man when it is in complete accordance with the Law of YHVH.

      If the law (or) order we are given to follow by man is “NOT” in accordance with the Law of YHVH, we must reject the law of man.

      Of course there may be consequences..but, I prefer the punishment by man, that always has an eventual ‘expiration date’.. as opposed to the punishment of YHVH, which is eternal.


      Happy Hanukkah!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  8. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    RIP. Consolation. I can only apologize to Serbians, for the U.S. and the United Nation’s “Complicity of Silence,” and “tacit approval.”


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  10. before i read the article i want to say that i know that it was all a lie .why?? because a man came to south africa and lived there and he was our friend and he told us the truth , what really happened there. how the muslims took over and the west supported them. that was a long time ago and its taken so long for this to come out… good grief…


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  14. Thank you so much for your posting and the links as well. It´s utterly crucial that we have more and more people speaking out about the suffering of Christian Serbs in this modern human tragedy, brought about by the insanity of Islamic fundamentalism.


    • re: Jo Alex Sousa Gomes;

      You are very welcome. And thank you, as well.

      The people who truly deserve the credit for this story are Alexander Dorin, Jovan, pravoslavnajaporodica and Serbian FBR. They lived this story themselves, compiled the history and submitted it to me personally.

      Like many others in the West, I believed the ‘lie’ I had been told by our government and media. Little did I know, we were being lied to.

      I researched the info. that I was sent by Mr. Dorin, Jovan, and others..

      The deeper I looked, the more evidence I found that these gentlemen were 100% honest and correct.

      And, the U.S. gov’t was lying all along. Funding the murder of Christians. Just as they are doing today.

      Here is a little info. that you may find interesting…

      The 2 cities that the U.S. bombed in WWII in Japan were;

      1. Hiroshima

      2. Nagasaki

      Do you know which 2 cities in Japan had the largest concentration of Christians in 1945?

      Sure you do…

      The U.S. “Government” is an AntiChrist controlled government.

      Just put the pieces together throughout history.

      Don’t believe me. Research it yourself.

      Ignore their ‘words’ and notice their ‘actions.’ That’s where the truth resides..

      – – –

      If ‘you’ or anyone you know has more information on this human tragedy (or) any other, please feel free to send us the information.

      We will gladly share it with the world, creating a permanent record of the truth.

      Thank you Jo Alex.


      Shalom and love to you and your family..

      j.s.m. @ sharia unveiled


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