47 comments on “Muslim Mob Throws A 15-Year-old Christian Girl Off a Third Story Building

  1. Religion of Peace, If I hear one more brain-dead moron say that I will scream. These people are sub-human animals. Mohammad was a sick warmongering rapist pedophile who just made up this so called stupid religion. Excuse me now i am going to go find a koran so I can wipe my ass.


  2. AND not a single Muslim attempted to help the young girl…

    sorry, i no words for actions like this, it’s simply incomprehensible…



  3. What pieces of crap these sub-human pieces of flesh are. There is a special place in hell for you. Treat them just as you would a roach or a rat…they are no better. In fact, the roach and rats are better in my eyes.


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  5. Yes, ‘religion of peace’ indeed! Let’s face it, they’re at war with the hated ‘kuffar’, that’s you and me folks. They’ll only be happy when they’ve established their global caliphate. Well, I’d rather go down fighting than live under that!


  6. The Bible, Yahweh the Creators Word says “love your enemies” the Koran, Mohammed gods porn magazine says “kill your enemies and rape little girls” Gee whiz, I cant imagine who the true Elohim (God) of the Universe is and which one I would rather serve???


    • re: Patricia Price Philibert Hagemann;


      And many Muslims (and their sympathizers) will try to tell us..

      ‘..we all worship the same God..’


      Then, why the two contradictory (opposite) messages? The very two you mentioned.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • re: Patricia Price Philibert Hagemann;


        Rick Warren is Satan’s helper. That is one VERY DANGEROUS man!!!! More dangerous than the devil himself. At least we know what to expect from devil. But Rick Warren is a wolf in sheeps clothing. A deceiver, a liar and a false teacher.

        He is leading “Christians” to hell. Literally.

        Then you got “Mr. Feelgood Messenger” Joel Osteen.. Not preaching any scripture at all..just a bunch of new age “positive thinking.”

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • “…Then you got “Mr. Feelgood Messenger” Joel Osteen.. Not preaching any scripture at all..just a bunch of new age “positive thinking.”…”  

        POLITICALLY CORRECT…”positive thinking!”


  7. Starting in DC. Deport every single one of them from this nation. They are a satanic cult and must be dealt with as befits all satanic cults. Save your bacon. You’ll need it.


    • Obama is welcoming them into the country…the more the merrier to him. What are we to do? It seems we are going to have to take things into our own hands…we certainly can not count on the POS president…or the rest of the government as they sit on their rich asses, laughing all the way to the bank, living, sleeping, eating like kings and queens. They don’t want anything to change, they are satisfied just as things are. They don’t care about the common man or the future of our country. They figure they will sit in the sun and let it all go to hell as long as they enjoy themselves now. They are selfish and sorry sinners, hypocrites, liars and a den of snakes. Bear arms and watch it…they will be taking them away come hell or high water. I never really thought I would live to see the day America would be this upside down. As soon as the bummer was elected and re-elected then I knew it was time for the fat lady to sing. My father would die if he had lived to see this…he and all the men and women who fought and suffered for all the liberties we have enjoyed for so long. What a disgrace that so many fought and suffered, but what few it took to give it all up…how sickening. There is only one solution and it needs to be done before it is too late. The president and the heifer hate this country and all America stands for. Yet, they are living the high life through the blood, sweat, and tears of Americans. They have no shame and it is time something is done about it. The guillotines and the coffins they have bought and the land for those coffins of course was bought with tax money…and the fema camps are all set up and waiting. I had rather start the fight now on my terms…not theirs. What a sad, sad situation the pig Obama has placed us into. The fools that voted for this SOB should go down with the crap they elected. Was a rotten phone, their food stamps and the other dime store shit worth it…was it worth it? You aren’t even capable of answering that…was it worth is? If I have to look at another picture of that SOB in what used to be the white house with his cocky attitude I will puke. He and his damn so called wife are as two bit as it comes…just pure trash. They are cheap imitations of imitations.


  8. Brothers and Sisters…..we MUST PRAY right now, that this evil have no power, to do such things!! Pray hard and long and JESUS will see to it. GOD Bless us all


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  10. ISN’T there anyone to stand up and defend a child,NOT IN AMERICA,the muslims,and demoncrates have full control of america ,and the POLICE GANGS intend to keep it that way,YOUR SCREWED,AMERICA,letting demons from hell educate your children has been the worse mistake you ever made and now your nation will be destroyed because of it,THE LORD warned you and you spit in his face,NOW YOUR GOING TO SUFFER THE RESULTS of letting a pack of whores run your schools…your kids are the dumbest morons on planet earth………………….


    • Sorry, I never knew you. America turned her back on the Lord…those who turn their back to the Lord will receive the same from him. Those who don’t publicly acknowledge the Lord will be ignored. Get down on your knees, fold your hands in prayer, and close your eyes and pray to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords…the One. These super churches are no more than social clubs. The way the “preachers” live is testimony to where their priorities lie. There is not a drop humility on too many of these ministers and their lifestyles. I praise the Lord, Jesus Christ and from him only does my salvation spring!


  11. HERES a last piece of advice,GET CLOSE TO OUR FATHER,YAHUVEH,and out dear LORD YAHUSHUA,the USA is about to punished for the wilful death of the worlds children,BY THE TERRORIST AMERICAN PEOPLE,your time has run out,and the demoncrates know it,THEY ARE POISED TO DESTROY everything you have,and steal whats left,.the DAY you see the demoncrates divide JERUSALEM,..KNOW the USA will be destroyed,along with any other nation who helped,IT WILL BE WAR in the streets of america,and NO ONE WHO COMES, will be here to help,they plan to loot and kill,SO DON’T be decieved into believing anything they say,they’ve already proved their all lying whores…..OH,SATAN HATES CHILDREN,pull your kids out of the schools NOW,or lose them……….


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  13. It’s just the Ottoman Empire Mark II. They nearly destroyed all of Europe and caused the Dark Ages. Hell, they conquered and ruled Greece until late 1800s. They have always disguised as a religion of peace, infiltrated and deceived and either murdered or enslaved everyone. Everyone talks smack about the Crusades and Spanish Inquisition, but both of those were Christians’ last ditch effort or retaliation – using the Muslims ways upon them. Adds another layer unveiled of ‘witch hunts’ and the whole ‘confess!’ stereotypes. After the Ottoman devastation, they learned that Muslims are ticks that need to be completely removed. Over time, they stopped teaching those lessons, and with that enemy gone from the communities, people made their own enemies among themselves and distracting their view. Now the parasites have taken hold and made a lot of progress for domination.


  14. As Christians we are supposed to DEFEND OURSELVES AND OUR LOVED ONES! Why did they just let this happen!? May God strenghthen them & open their eyes to fight against the enemies of Christ!


  15. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh……by the way, our usurper, I mean president, (Obummer) is a Muslim. Is it starting to make sense now why he has abandoned Israel all the while masking himself as watered down Christian but in fact a follower of liberation theology, an extreme anti-American, anti-colonialism, anti-capitalism philosophy and as well he has armed the Syrian Muslim brotherhood who engage in cannibalism? As Paul Harvey used to say, know you know…”The rest of the story.”


    • re: Acts 4 12;

      Oh yes.. I know 100% the “Obamahdi” is a Muslim. His dad is a hardcore Wahhabi Muslim which automatically makes Him Muslim. “IF” Obama would have ever even considered converting to Christianity..his dad would have been obligated to kill him to restore the honor to the family.

      Anyway..we all know that ‘..a tree is known by the fruits that it bears..’

      Just look at POS tree with nothing but rotten fruit…

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  17. 37 years I have been staying in a muslim country. My home not safe , my children not safe, jobs are taken back if we do not accept islam, our school and colleges are so bloody influenced by this deadly virus, my children come to me nearly every day saying someone from their school said that Allah is a Better God. Today I went to school to drop lunch for my Child, the principal and the Gate keeper refuses saying that we cannot let the lunch in , it could possibly be a bomb, X?X?X?X?X?????X?X?X?,. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, GOD Take us out of this place please


  18. This is a fake story. Research this and see for yourselves.

    The real story behind the image: It is actually from June, 2011 and takes place in Shanghai, China not Minya, Egypt and the woman was not thrown out of the window but rather fell from the fifth floor!:

    The incident happened at a residential building in Shanghai’s Luwan district, where the woman was spotted crouching from the window on the fifth floor yelling, “Somebody is going to kill me!”
    The woman, 29 lost her grip on the window and fell into several open windows, which sent her spinning during her fall.

    The unnamed woman was rushed to hospital after the plunge and is recovering from the incident.

    It happened just days after the woman was diagnosed with schizophrenia.


    • re: flower3305;

      You must be really ignorant.

      This story is 100% FACTUAL. It was initially reported by the Associated Press(AP). It has been reported all throughout the Middle East.

      The photo we used is clearly marked as a “FILE PHOTO” beneath it.

      Do you seriously not know what a “FILE PHOTO” is?

      Evidently not.

      Just about anyone with a High School Equivalency GED knows that a ‘File Photo’ is used anytime an ‘Actual Photo’ of the event was either not taken at the time of the occurrence or was not made available when the original story was published.

      My guess? There was not a person standing outside this building with a camera ready, expecting a girl to come flying out of the building. Therefore, no ‘Actual Photo’ was taken. So, an obvious ‘File Photo’ was used with this article.

      This is a common practice in journalism. ALL media outlets do this.

      Furthermore, it is nearly reprehensible that you would attempt to discredit a documented factual story by attempting to discredit a clearly marked File Photo.

      If you actually took the time to look..we provide our sources at the bottom of every article.

      Readers that frequent our site come here with a certain degree of intellect and logic. In other words, we do not just look at pictures. We actually read the content of the article and think. We research a story very thoroughly and verify all stories through a minimum of 3 independent sources before they are ever published on this site.

      Please get an education..because a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

      – – – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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    • re: Concerned;

      Assalam alaikum.

      Please do NOT come on our website and attempt to insult our intelligence.

      EVERY action of evil committed by the Muslims today is completely supported in al-Qur’an and Sunnah al-Hadith.

      You are either ignorant of your own false-religion, practicing taqiyya.. or both.

      jsm @ sharia unveiled


      • As a US Marine Corps veteran that has served, shoulder to shoulder, with Marines of Islamic faith, I can assure you that no one has to come on your website in an attempt to insult your intelligence, Your bigotry and ignorance are proof-positive that your intelligent is operating at a sub-standard level.


      • re: gchuggins;

        I have NEVER said the following to a U.S. Marine (or any other U.S. Service member) and I hope I’m never placed in a position to do so:

        You are an utter disgrace to the Unit, Corps and Country.

        How dare you take the side of the enemy..instead of standing with the innocent victims.

        You should be ashamed of yourself for even “thinking” those thoughts, much less, putting them into print, you treasonous POS.

        Now fuch-off back to your Kenyan daddy.


      • re: gchuggins

        You are truly one retarded, ignorant asshole.

        Not only do you not know how to think..

        You don’t even know how to read:

        (This is by the AP (Associated Press) you Muslim Sympathizing POS.)

        If you only took the time to CLICK on our source link and READ.. you would have seen this jackass:


        The photo we used was CLEARLY MARKED: “FILE PHOTO” (beneath the picture)

        (BUT, I changed the picture, just for YOU!)

        Do you feel better now?

        Now I see why you were a Marine..

        Now, fuck-off our site.

        It’s for educated intellectuals..

        NOT ignorant, uneducated traitors!

        If ‘you’ want to live with the Muslims.. then, by all means PLEASE do so.

        WE will GLADLY hold a fund-raiser here on our site and “I” will personally ensure you receive 100% of the necessary funds for your ONE-WAY ticket to Pakistan or any one of the other 56 Muslim Nations of YOUR choosing.

        Just let me know…


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