13 comments on “Racist Nazi Muslims Commit Numerous Hate Crimes Against a Dearborn Michigan Couple

  1. We have to fight peacefully, strongly, courageously and daily against theocratic dictatoship. we need America to stand up, the whole world needs that.
    We have to protect free speech and free mind. for us and our children. For the future of humankind.
    wake up american people.


  2. This is America and people are afraid to even speak up. Fear is the mind killer. We must stand up and , at least, say what we think………….
    Too many people are so afraid to even respond here or elsewhere on the internet. In real life they don’t ever speak up and many now are afraid to talk in front of their children.
    America, stop this, Deport all the illegals, protect our borders and get the criminal president out of our whitehouse.
    We the people must start taking an active part in the saving of America.


  3. This is happening in one of our American cities, and still you don’t say anything. When it happens in your city or town it may too late to say anything. Who will help you if you are not willing to help others?


  4. why the real American people afraid? they are just minority Muslim in America if they hurl a stone shoot them a bullet and thin they become a good muslim.


    • re: israel star;

      The American people are not afraid.

      We are simply educating people.

      If “WE” did 1/10th to the Muslims as what they do to us.. “WE” would be in prison.

      But, the Muslims get a free pass. They do anything they like and get away with it.

      For example; This story here about Muslims vandalizing this home and property, making threats of murder by burning the house down with the people in it and putting Nazi signs in the yard.

      If a Christian or Jew did this to a Muslim family.. the Muslim family would be crying about it and they would have CAIR, the ACLU, the SPLC, etc. on the scene..there would be Hate Crime charges filed immediately..and the Jew or Christian would be arrested and placed in jail immediately.

      But here is the thing.. a Christian or Jew would NEVER do this to a Muslim because Christians and Jews live by a higher standard. They have more respect than to do such things.

      Whereas, a Muslim has no respect for anyone..including themselves.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  5. Gosh I m sorry but since this happened under the current regime and this was not white on black does it classify as a hate crime????


    • re: Patrick Henry;

      Good call! Probably not.

      I suppose they would say it’s the fault of the ‘victims’ for choosing to live there.

      At the end of the day..they will probably recommend that the couple either move and give their home to the Muslims or allow at least one family of Muslims to move in with them. That would be about what? 30 people. (1 Man – 4 Wives and 25 children – 18 of which are named muhammad.)

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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