5 comments on “Cologne Germany: Muslims Attack Christians That Were Protesting Against Christian Persecution

  1. It occurs to me that police and political inactivity, reported almost everywhere these days when Muslims riot and attack non-Muslims, has a sinister motive. Are they quietly encouraging the civil war that’s gearing up across Europe as the ‘clash of cultures’ becomes a reality?

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    • re: FatherJon;

      I have noticed the same thing. It most certainly appears that your conclusion is accurate.

      Here in the states, Obama has taken every opportunity to support Islam and spit in the face of Judaism and Judeo-Christianity.

      He has also exploited every opportunity to employ tyranny via. the destruction of the Constitution and where opportunity was not present, he circumvented the constitution to create an opportunity (excuse) to facilitate tyranny.

      I have told Americans for several years, He is testing the resolve of the American Citizenry. Yes, that is a ‘bi-product’ of his goal to destroy America..but, he is still pushing..and pushing..to see at what point Americans will finally rise up in revolution.

      Of course, when they do..if they ever do..he will exploit that situation to crush them.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  2. Police everywhere are not doing their job which is to protect and serve. They have to learn to step up and protect us from the islim horde. We are Christians and we have the freedom to believe as we do. We do not kill, maim and torture others, and you must go back to your own world.


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