47 comments on “Operation American Spring – Call for Ten Million Patriots to March and Occupy DC

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    I would like to Thank You with all of my heart, for posting this blog. It means the world to me and many more like me, I posted this on my blog earlier with just the website and information, I’m glad you wrote what you wrote you said everything that I wanted to say. I want my country back and the original Constitution that goes with it. So Thank You, I’m re-blogging this and sharing with all my social networks and friends and family. God Bless


  2. POWER to the American people ………….TAKE BACK YOUR COUNTRY!……………. we’re proud of you …………………….. signed: your Canadian friends and neighbors


    • re: steven kressel

      Hello Sir!

      I certainly hope that you do.

      Perhaps you could even contact Col. Riley prior to this event and coordinate the battle plan.

      If you would like his contact info..just let me know.

      Something tells me.. this is our one and only chance.

      Please spread the word among the elite.

      Now..it’s onward into the valley.

      Sic Semper Tyrannis!

      – – – –

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. This is great to hear! I’ll be praying for everyone who decides to join this group! It’s about time someone has the cajones to knock the emperor and his minions off the throne of power!

    This Canadian is standing with you all! God Speed!


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    • Yeah…that would be one way to start a Revolution! They won’t use a nuke so close to their swamp in DC… they could get the contamination that way.


      • Obama could declare martial law, and he has been waiting for a chance to do so. I hope this isn’t what he’s been waiting for to do it.


      • Madeline…

        He could declare Martial Law….he’s dumb enough to do that! Obama only has 750,000 of military on his side and most of those have not seen combat up close and personal. McChrystal has 2.5 million military followers who have been in the war arena and know what it’s like to be shot at…..

        then there’s also vets who still take their oath seriously….. from what I know, O’ doesn’t stand a chance, but if he wants to bring it on…BRING IT! The Rose Garden Wall has a purpose and it’s not for aesthetic reasons or to keep folks out. It’s never been used for it’s intended purpose…but there’s always a first time……

        Times are going to be getting really tuff. Prepare for them the best you can……


  5. Dear US Patriots, the whole world needs your exemple. If you can stand up and bring an american spring, it ‘ll be a hope and a great sign for all people and individuals afraid of the totalitarism raising especially islamic dictatorship

    . You are a great nation, the nation of freedom, the free world needs you, as it needs you in the past againt nazism.

    We don’t want to promote a new war, but it’s time to say, to shout NO to islam.

    We can respect muslims if they want to stay in their lands and live as they prefer. But they have no right, to have hand into our nations and civilisations. Because they are intolerant, violent.

    It’s their choice.
    Not our choice.

    We are many people, many nations, we have many faiths, or no faith, but there’s only ONE freedom allowing peace, development, fellowship…
    Only freedom eases access to a best future.

    God bless America and all the patriots, all the sons of freedom!


  6. on Ebay (unless it was TAKEN down) – free TICKETS to the REVOLUTION!!! are available in order to ADVERTISE a Noble and Patriotic endeavor…..search ‘Operation American Spring’. Get the word out!!!!!!


  7. On behalf of Operation American Spring I would like to thank all who are passing this along. The more we can let know about it the more we can get to join in. Thank you Sharia Unveiled for promoting our cause.


    • re: Johnny;

      Hello brother!

      Are you one of the organizers of this event?

      Regardless, there is A LOT more I could do and am willing to do.

      Would it be okay if I contacted you by email? Your email address is already visible to me privately.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Heehee, thanks you Blessed B. for helping to explain to an American. On whole we have been lazy and not paying attention and it has taken a lot to waken many in this country. You are absolutely correct about it being our duty to make the changes to our government when it fails to act in the best interest of the country and conform to the constitution as set forth. I just wish more here understood what is happening as you do. The one thing you missed on above was about the bikers, some are vets but there are many who are not, they do however tend to support our military and vets.


      • Johnny……

        LOL! You are more than welcome! I am usually mistaken for an American…which is fine by me.

        I have been fighting with many Americans on the blogs since before Obama got in for his first term. I was trying to tell folks that he was bad news ( as well as Clinton) for the job.Trying to wake folks up to what he has planned and to dispel the misconceptions that people have about the military. Many folks seem to think that the military will be used to kill them. This just ain’t true! “O” doesn’t have the military behind him at all! Unfortunately not many listened at the time.

        It’s been a long haul to get folks to start seeing the light but God willing it will be worth it in the end.

        I guess I should have said many instead of most about the bikers. The many bikers we know are the vets…. as my hubby is also a vet. So….my apologies for my mis-speak. 🙂

        May God Bless America and Godspeed….


      • Oh, no apology needed, just didn’t want you to have any misconception about it. Sounds like to me you have a pretty good handle on things, just wish more here did. I have found that more people looking in from the outside see things more clearly than the ones here, mostly because the ones here are too busy watching the boob tube and having fun. Sad ain’t it.


    • On behalf of the Republican RINO Establishment, I would like to thank Operation American Spring for diverting 1.8 million Tea Party workers away from the May Republican Primaries in the Red States. With your help, we will beat the Tea Party once again.


  8. This movement is just too UNORGANIZED for me to participate in. I mean, who exactly do they want to step down other than the president & vice president ? And what are we just supposed too stand there? ANY SPEECHES PLANNED? BATHROOMS? PERMITS TO PROTEST? TV/RADIO COVERAGE? AND EXACTLY WHAT PART OF THE CONSTITUTION ARE WE WANTING TO IMPLAMENT AGAIN. I don’t know theres too many questions unanswered and this whole protest just seems unorganized.


    • re: Amy Lockhart;

      All c’mon Amy.. are you being serious? You don’t want to participate because they didn’t notify you where the porta-potties would be located?

      Ugh..some people look for any excuse..

      Let me make this easy for you. Just stay at home..don’t worry about it. We don’t need a buncha’ cynical people getting in the way.

      We will fight for you and your family.. you can watch it on tv. from your couch. And your toilet will be right down the hall.

      This is the lead-up to a revolution for our republic..not a bake sale.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Amy….

      They not only want the President to step down …but all those who have been screwing the American people and not following the Constitution!

      The PART of the Constitution YOU are WANTING your Government to FOLLOW… I can’t believe a Canadian is having to explain to an American!) is the FULL Constitution! NOT JUST ANY PART BUT ALL PARTS!

      Now I know how Obama got in for a second term! LOL! Too many Americans not understanding anything!

      You don’t think there will be radio/ TV/ or media coverage of this? Wow…what planet did you say you are living on…. Uranus?

      I’m sure there will be speeches and port-potties for folks to use and do you think you need a permit to protest the Government? LOL! It’s your duty as an American to protest your Gov’t. if they are not performing to the standards of the Constitution.


  9. Primary elections in the Red States will determine if Obama is impeached or if Obamacare is repealed. Certain Red States are critical to this effort. If the Rino Incumbent in Texas wins the Primary Runoff on May 27, there will be no impeachment, and Obamacare will be forever.

    Texas has nearly 9000 precincts. We are attempting to get honest conservative Poll Watchers into all of those precincts. However, in the last 2 elections, the majority of those slots were vacant, because no one volunteered or showed up. We need at least 5500 more volunteers for the primary.

    On the other hand, the state OAS coordinator for Col. Riley claims that he already has enough volunteers from Texas to sent “2000 teams of 50 persons” to Washington DC the week before the primary.

    Unless these numbers change, the establishment Republicans will sweep the election, and Obama will serve out his term easily.


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