18 comments on “London: ‘Britain First’ Acquires Armoured Military Equipment and Are Conducting “Christian Patrols” of Muslim Districts

  1. Britain First being Far Right? Yeah right! As if! As for assaulting Anjem Choudrey, well someone needed to do it, the loudmouth piece of pigshit. The Muslime idiots of Tower Hamlet have asked for this by intimidating innocent people legally going about their private lives, by trying to impose their shariah law on everyone. I’m not a Britain First member, but after reading this I’m gonna make a donation. Very brave guys in true British spirit of courage and determination in the shadow of a godless satanic religion


  2. Why are people afraid of a car, would londoners rather see muzscum skulking the streets abusing people who are simply holding hands or enjoying an ale.

    This is why the filthy muturds are so prevalent, people are scared, terrified even and this is what the moturds want thus they have control over the local population so they can manipulate them anyway they want.

    Britain First should be given free rein, politicians are not willing to grow a pair and do something why are they in power? ?


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  4. Finally! Bless their hearts….Finally….hopefully, this will do exactly what they are hoping it will.
    As far as I know, isn’t this the first time they have stood up for Britain?


  5. What’s so ‘divisive’ as saving your country from Islamic insanity? unless you are Islamic….perhaps the British Government should just fold up and become Vichey France. Didn’t the Brits fight against Vichy France, ie: and its four regiments of muslim fighters in Algiers and northern Africa?…and weren’t those ‘muslim fighters’ allied to Nazi Germany? and weren’t they used to corral the jews in No. Africa there for extermination?, and didn’t the Brits and the Americans stage an offensive against Vichy France and their muslim fighters? I think so….so why is Britain becoming muslim? Because the free people of Britain want it? I don’t think so…I believe the scoundrels in office are so far gone as they don’t even know what they are or where they came from….too bad. America is headed that way with the 2800 mosques built or being built under Obama…Remember all the names of the politicians so that when this is over there can be vengeance………….


  6. The reason the filthy raggheds haven’t been able to conduct such activity on a widespread basis in the United States is that We, The People still have our guns and, despite his best efforts and those of his rabid, liberal proxies and propaganda press, even the Ragghed-In-Chief has been unable to take our guns. Raggheds in the United States WILL face armed resistance if they go to far. A shame the so-called “civilized” countries of Great Britain and too many nations in Europe have been STUPID enough to relieve their citizens of weapons and the right to protect themselves from the filth that Muslims are. Muslims WILL win in Great Britain and Europe if they aren’t stopped with force, lethal where necessary.


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