9 comments on “The Wicked Bitch of the West: The Hillary Papers

    • Can anyone even count all the things she flipped and lied about– Bosnia, single payer, nominees, etc.? A walking talking liar to rival only Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama.


    • re: bullright;

      How about “C.U.N.T.” ??

      Okay.. I know what you’re thinking.. ‘..that’s not an acronym..’

      How about “S.L.U.T.” ??

      S – Socialist

      L – Lesbian

      U – Usurping

      T – Tyranny

      – – – –

      Eh, …we’ll think of something.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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    tout ça me fait penser à une réplique de l’excellente Gene Tierney dans “Advise and consent” (“Tempête à Washington” 1962) d’Otto Preminger:

    “Any bitch with one million bucks can be a social success in Washington” ( dans le film elle le dit sur un mode interrogatif à son amant président du groupe influent au Sénat qui lui répond “if it is true, this is a splendid bitch”, vous devinez la suite


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  3. Hilarious and Bilious Clinton, what a pair… The frigid, self-absorbed Ice Queen and a sexual predator, both leaving a huge trail of bodies as they climbed over everyone else in their psychotic obsession with power. Fired from a post in a Congressional office because of her illegal and unethical activity while a new attorney, so RABID that she viewed (then as now?) the US Constitution as only an impediment in her grab for absolute power. Matched only by her absolute corruption. Her history of accomplishment (?) as a Senator from New York more empty than a Black Hole. A nonproductive, incompetent Secretary of State accomplishing only the murders of four Americans, then hiding for a couple of weeks to let a buffoon make the propaganda circuit to blow smoke up America’s arse… Whispering “We’ll get the guy who made that video…” into the ear of grieving families paying the price of her perfidy. WTF IS this Hilary CREATURE?! Oh… She’s an undeclared, but VERY active candidate for Empress in 2016… A list of the bodies she and Bilious have left behind them should accompany ANY news article and ANY political ad about this be atch. And a picture of four dead Americans with the slogan “Benghazi is only the beginning, America…”


  4. Bill Clinton is like a white dried dog turd on the hot summer sidewalk. Hillary Clinton is like rabid skunk–dangerous and undesirable. Her ugliness of mind forces through in her hideous obesity and her lesbian depravity. She is disgusting.


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