7 comments on “Thousands of Bulgarians Continue Their Protest Against Mosque in Plovdiv (Amazing Video)

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  2. Praise the Lord for their courage and commitment. MULTICULTURALISM is a SHAM and “PEACEFUL MOOSLIM” is an OXYMORON! The facts- while inconvenient for some- are still the facts. While it’s true that the Lord Jesus indeed changes people, the reality is that most Mooslims don’t get saved, they get further radicalized in their quest to colonize every country they inhabit. Eventually they are turned over to a reprobate mind and beyond redemption. Hear me, please. The only reason you find a “peaceful, moderate” Mooslim that hasn’t raped your wife and daughter, sodomized your son(s) and killed you, is because their numbers are not large enough- YET!! Mark my word, the “BUTCHER’S HANDBOOK” aka the Qu’ran commands they bide time until they can slice your head off if you refuse to convert. My suggestion to you who still believe Mooslims are peace-loving, co-habitators is to take a trip to infested parts of Europe, or even Dearborn, Michigan and see how it’s working out for them.


    • “ALLAH” IS the reprobate mind….Just look at the current president of USA and you can see that as a muslim himself he is a reprobate in his thoughts….He has given himself over to ‘allah’, and now he is becoming more demented in his thinking….To not follow after Christ and YHVH Father is to place yourself under reprobate thinking….and reprobate thinking eventually leads to demonic possession of your soul..ie mind, will, and emotions…..and you, the human, will become a carrier for more evil….This is true. Just look at the muslims. The only way to stop this muslim madness is to outlaw the Koran and educate everyone on the psychological destruction the Koran brings upon anyone who tries to live by it…It’s like a ‘ouija board’ on steroids….The Koran leads to demonic possession and the victim is too demented in their thoughts to see this……


  3. American media is watching the muslim riots in Ukraine.

    When the social order breaks down here in America do not go into the streets…go against the underlying reasons…ie the Muslims who are paying for the breakdown….follow the muslim leadership here in USA to see what they are doing..they will say anything but what they do is what we need to fight against.


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