7 comments on “Terrorism in Texas: New Enclave of the Muslims of America Terrorist Camps Discovered

  1. It is VITAL that this group, and other Muslim groups, be placed under continuous surveillance for national security and the safety of legal citizens of these United States of America. It is IMPERATIVE that the U.S. State Department, as an agency of the United States government, redeem itself in the wake of its failed mission to protect our citizens in Benghazi and take a leading role in instituting and maintaining this surveillance. Further, the revelations about extremist Muslim activity within the borders of our nation MUST prompt citizens to be both willing and able to pick up arms at a moments notice when, not if, Muslim extremists begin their pograms against our nation and our people. It should be evident that the highest levels of our Executive Branch are likely aware and questions must be asked regarding the Executive’s complicity, motivations and goals in assisting radical Muslims to enter our nation. Particularly in the wake of revelations that the Chief Executive is seeking to allow immigration by Muslims with known, documented activity and collusion with terrorists.


    • re: OldMaineGal

      ‘..be placed under continuous surveillance..?’

      They are terrorist organizations. There is nothing ‘..to survey..’

      They need to be exterminated.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Any Muslim group where arms are present or training is occurring should be immediately reduced to ashes. ALL Muslim groups must have active surveillance by every means technologically possible because we are, simply put, at war with Islam. If they are not engaged in inciting or participating in actions or conspiracy to commit actions against Americans or American property then surveillance must be maintained and they will not be attacked until such time as they become a threat to Americans or American interests. If, however, actual or compelling evidence exists that they are engaged in actions against Americans or American interests then they are enemies that must be destroyed. If these Muslims were naturalized or born American, their citizenship should be immediately revoked with NO Constitutional rights extended. As Muslims don’t play by the rules, the Geneva Convention does NOT apply. Rules of engagement, whether local, state, federal or military personnel are involved, should allow for free fire with no restriction when Muslims are engaged. This should help clarify my thoughts and earlier statement on the issue.


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  3. The only reason Texans have not driven out the muslims is because the federal Government’s demented idea that all people are the same….


  4. The Federal Government is preventing the justice that is due these people. To think that they would bring their barbarism and terror to our land is unthinkable. There will soon come a time when they will all be removed. By Texans.


    • re:The Soffitrat;

      I agree. And on that day, my friend..

      ..”WE” will “ALL” be Texans.. and we will all be right there on the front lines.

      I can assure you that “I” and MANY of my “colleagues” are ready.

      We are..

      F.orever E.nduring A.lways R.eady


      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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