37 comments on “British Teenage Girl Gang-Raped by 30 Muslim Men in 6 Hours

      • Death penalty only leads to their own delusion of “paradise”. What will happen instead when they pass over [ die ] is that they will get a life review and then experience every feeling and emotion that they ever caused another being to feel, including the full impact of being raped. God’s teaching system in the universe is very thorough and very fair. We all have to experience how we treat others. Ergo, treat them well. That’s what Jesus taught. It only makes sense spiritually [ to a primitive self centered being ] once that being realizes that he or she must experience the full impact on every level of how he treated his fellow human beings. Do not think for a minute that some Islamic wing nut can blow people up then scoot away to “paradise” and not be accountable. He will, instead, need to experience what it feels like to be blown up. Then you can bet he will learn the lesson.


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    That is what their religion tells them that women are a toy to misuse and they can not argu . In s Arabia, USA ‘s best friend- women can not drive and there is no resentment , living in Sheria law . These snakes deserve treatment before they spread to USA .


  3. Oh-so-civilized Britain allows Muslim scum to gang rape women, teenage girls and female adolescents with little or no consequence because the British government cares more about raghead males than women of any age or any race. In fact, they seem to care little about ANY punishments for Muslim scum, perhaps because the Crown and the government lost their balls after WW2. Or perhaps it’s because the Muslim character is stronger than British character?


    • re: WatrGrrl;

      Yes..and the bloody bastards have the nerve to protect the Muslims by calling them “Asians.”

      They are politically correct Marxists.

      Why would anyone in their right mind attempt to protect the identity of child rapists by calling the Muslims, “Asians?”

      And at the expense of impugning an entire race of innocent people.

      It’s NOT the Chinese, the Japanese or the Koreans committing these atrocious, vile acts of attrition against children.

      It’s the MUSLIMS.

      If they lack the courage and the fortitude to even call the enemy by the proper name.. they certainly lack the courage to fight and defeat the enemy.

      I hope they enjoy their political correctness under their future Islamic state.

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • It is indeed a disservice to Asians for the apparently spineless Brits to imply that a lower form of life, known as Muslims, should be included in their ethnic group. It’s like saying a mosquito is a member of the Blue Heron avian family… I hope that Britain and the nations of the EU on the continent understand that they will be no more than subjugated clients of the Islamic Caliphate of Europe…IF THEY DON’T TIGHTLY MONITOR AND CONTROL muslims.


      • It is a fact Pakistani men do not have to wear beards, skullcaps and shortened trousers in order to enter mosques, while British and Jamaican men do have to. As long as we stress that Islam is a religion, not a race, it is a bit odd and switch to conclude that an inbred, ugly South-Asian has to be a Muslim, ALTHOUGH mosques and other Muslims (certain because they wear the required clothing) make the same “error”.

        The reason why Muslim issues are racialized, is that, although there are white Muslims, black Muslims and yellow Muslims, most Muslims belong to another racial type that cannot be pigeonholed as white, black, or yellow. Very few non-Muslims belong to that racial type, like Copts, Assyrians, and Mitzrahi Jews. It could best be decribed as SWARTHY; Dutch:”lichtgetint”, German:”Südlander”. I prefer to call it “Beardless Mosque Privilege”. Using “privilege” instead of “race” outflanks the Left/Liberal objection that race does not exist. It also turns the “privilege” and “oppression” discussion on its head. Suddenly NON-Muslims cannot be racist, as the Muslims are the ones having privilege.


      • re: oogenhand;

        Wow. You touch on some interesting concepts here. And I’ll be honest.. I’m not sure I completely understand your overall contention.

        So, how are you saying that “ISLAM” and “MUSLIMS” should be identified/classified?

        As a race, a religion or what?

        – – – – –

        Personally, I view “ISLAM” as a False-Religion of Satan. I do not mean that rhetorically. I mean that 100% literally.

        I also see Islam as a fascist, totalitarian, “Nazi-like” ideology..but, it is the “ONE RELIGION” of Satan.

        They are “AntiChrist.” That’s why they murder Christians, Jews, etc..

        The Muslims are the Army of Satan ..preparing the way for the one that the “Christians” call the AntiChrist..but, Muslims call “the Mahdi/12th Imam.”

        Judeo-Christianity and Islam are EXACT OPPOSITES.

        – – – –

        I’m not sure of what “your” beliefs are.. but regardless.. watch this video below. This will give you insight into what I am saying above.

        EVERYTHING in the “Judeo-Christian” (Torah and Holy Bible) confirms what I am alluding to.

        It’s really amazing. This video is based solely on Islamic Eschatology.. and the Islamic scriptures align with the Judaic prophecy 100%.

        Only the perspective is reversed.

        – – – – –

        – – – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Taking fitting revenge would require a society in which children of British men and Pakistani women are considered fully British. In such a society British women would be denied consensual relations with Pakistani men as well. Naturally, a British man could have several wives, at least under the condition that surplus wives are Pakistani. Are you willing to live in such a society? Could you live with the idea that your boyfriend has a Naema on the side?


  4. an inquiry is being held? the only thing that should be being held right now is the heads of the accusers at the end of a rope! They won’t get into paradise, they will be burning in hell while some demon is shoving some big limb up their A$$!!


  5. Hang these evil men…if you can not retaliate against these men then you are just another coward who probably wished he could have been there too….Because you are lukewarm you shall be vomitted out….Islam creates these animals. Ban Islam. Wake up and be strong. Strengthen the good things that remain. Are you not men of good report?


  6. On second thought, maybe it is enough to castrate the perpetrators and sell them back to Saudi-Arabia as harem guards. The more Muslim men are castrated, the more women are left for other Muslim men.


  7. ı am sorry but ı am also muslım and fırst when u see thıs problems fırst look ur gırls becouse ur mostly gırls put mans ın to thıs stuvatıons and they are ı mean the gırls englısh gırls always bıt sluts you people fırst chek out ur gırls becouse they are the one reson who put the people thıs problems they ask the man they want sex and they mostly tell lıe about theır age and they have sex becouse ur country people are drogys and alkholıc ı hope my word make sence fırst look urself not muslım people.


    • re: serkan;

      You are one sick perverted Muslim swine-ball.

      30 MUSLIM SWINE rape a little girl.. and you have the nerve to blame the girl?

      Are you serious?

      The only truth in what you wrote are the first 8 words… ‘..I am sorry and I am also Muslim..’

      Yes, you most definitely are sorry. You are a sorry sack of pig-shit.

      And..yes, you are most definitely a Muslim.

      I see that you take after your pedophiliac homo-prophet.

      Now fu*k off Akmed. 🙂

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Serkan, there is no excuse, no justification for sexual assault at any time or anywhere. Just like there is no justification for the existence of your ideology of violence, sexual perversion or belief in a pedophile that couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. Your slobbering, rabid, pervert imams are nothing better than madmen inciting ignorant morons like you to violence, whether it be incendiary or literary. “PIG PISS BE UPON YOU”


    • So because you have determined that the girls are sluts then you have the right to ‘rape’ them? what do you do when you see a prostitute on the street in London or america? Are you saying that, as a muslim man, not a jihadist, but a “normal muslim” man you are blaming the women because your muslim men friends raped her? You, the non-jihadist, is the reason the other people like me hate your religion…we will always hate your religion…Your jihadist friends have ‘balls’…they will fight for their beliefs and though evil they at least have the balls to be an enemy…you are neither…you are a worm…..I have no respect for you as a worm….you are a worm…


    • Fuck of to your own country. You are in our country you live by our rules FUCK OFF we dont want you here you know you are hated and one day Britain is going to get really pissed off and will take matters into our own hands you have made me a racist I fucking hate you If that was my daughter I would chop your fucking dick off and feed it to you before any police man can save you. Oh and by the way you are only being cocky because you haven’t been locked up yet prison mates love child rapists loooollll you would be raped every single day for the rest of your life there if not killed the is nothing worse than a rapist you are condemned to hell as men you should have self control not you only do it for your useless fuckin ramadan. Just wait your’s is coming for all the pain and suffering you have put mothers and children through GO HOME


    • You’re such an inbred retarded sack of crap – muslims are the ones doing the raping, why should we look at the victim, a 13 year old girl first? I see drunk, druggie muslims everywhere, so don’t come here with your ridiculous lies. We have eyes, we have ears, and UNLIKE YOU WE HAVE BRAINS THAT CAN REASON. We’re not so stupid we just believe any line of shit that some IQ 60 spawn of 1000 years of double first cousin aunt niece marriages have created. YOUR crap religion FORBIDS SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE, and it sure as hell forbids sex outside marriage and if your mindless wonder rat brain males cannot keep their dicks in their pants, WE SHOULD CUT IF OFF.

      The best way to get rid of this problem is to get rid of YOU and people like you and send every last one of you devil dogs back to that moonscape looking sh*thole you call ‘homeland’ which you stole from some other religious and cultural group in the first place, because you’re thieves.

      NOBODY wants you here, we all hate you – we hate your culture OF RAPE, LIES, VIOLENCE AND CORRUPTION, we hate your STUPID inbred brains and lack of impulse control caused by genetic mental illness which every last one of you has – and we hate your fake hate filled devil worship religion. GO BACK to wherever you came from and continue raping your own sisters like you always have done. Dogs have more decency than any muslim man ever had, more loyalty and higher intelligence. You’re disgusting.


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  10. your just as sick and fucked up evil pedo bastard as the rapist how dare u say look at the girl like it their fault in England women have rights just because they wear short skirts low tops and wear make up does not make them sluts ready for you to rape just coz there not covered head to toe and acting like second class next to men isnt a reason for u evil cunts to go after there poor victims all Muslims like u should be shipped out do what u want in ur own country not in ours English people need to step up soon or one day this will be our own daughters as they will never stop sick fucks should be gang raped urself then c wat it is like


  11. It is Btrittans fault human rights my ass gather the fuckers all together an send them right back to where they came from with not hope of coming back. I know some may be innocent but the many horrible freak of nature and satan’s sons out weigh the good. You know what when this happens to one of the ministers daughters or sons maybe then they will do something about it. I am disgusted in Britan such a strong country crumbling at its feet. Letting others cultures mock us and make fun of us and rape our children and try to over come our religion. Sending them to their country is not enough if it was me I would gather them like the cows they are and burn them alive they are waste. If any one did that to my daughter my life mission to hunt them down and make sure they get three times fold what they did to my daughter. GET OUT OF OUR COUNTRY YOU COCKROACHES. And british people grow some balls and take back your country.


  12. The real tragedy here is that these crimes were not only allowed to happen but to continue for years while the state authorities turned a blind eye to the desperate plight of the young victims. Talk about a breach of trust! There is something very rotten about a system- any system, anywhere or at any time who would tolerate the destruction of its own young and vulnerable much less at the hands of this imported, hostile predatory filth.

    All civilizations no matter how ancient had safe guards in place to protect the helpless particularly women, children and the vulnerable from harm and from predators. While slavery was not always outlawed however, crimes such as the rape or sexual exploitation of slaves/concubines were considered very grave and carried with them the death penalty. This was the situation under the Byzantine and Roman empires. Unfortunately, such crimes against women and children were sanctioned by Islam and codified under sharia law.

    It just shows the sheer incompatibility of Islam and cultural Marxism with the values of the rest of humanity both modern and ancient.

    One last thing: Clothing be it the anti feminine, flab/drab burka or the smart and youthful mini shirt has about as much to do with rape as a handbag has to do with theft. We all know that the only “ass” the burka covers is that of the Muslim rapists and pedophiles. Duh!

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    • re: Annie;

      What a wonderful articulation of the truth and reality today.

      Even if a woman walked naked down the street, while this would be highly inappropriate.. even that is NOT an excuse for rape. Any “man” that cannot understand that, is no man..but merely a predator in search of an excuse.

      Thank you.

      – – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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