8 comments on “The Obama Gestapo Crackdown on Freedom of the Press Escalates

  1. he’s trying to undermine our freedom throughout the world he’s wage a personal war on Israel we have been Israel’s friend for
    decades they are our greatest ally in the Middle East I believe he has an Islamic agenda it’s evident. he provides no support for the Christians in the Middle East while almost having a trader s attitude towards all of Islam which is who America is at war with he’s trying to perpetuate the collapse of the US government so he can declare martial law giving him the athority 2 remain in office he’s an enemy of freedom its obvious he’s planning a power grab he supports the enemies war on the Western world that’s why he is controlling the press and the information given 2 the public he’s an Islamic supreme est he does not have the Americans interest in mind he needs to be impeacht I think he has the whole opposition in fear of danger to themselves and their families he’s duplicitous he’s going to destroy our country that’s been his goal all along I could go on and on just say he’s Americas greatest threat something has to be done before America is in the same shape as England and Western Europe I seen on TV that there’s going to be ed A segment on the war against women they showed a woman with bruises all over her legs it has to be Sharia there’s also going to be a segment on the threat to American citizens it has surreal Sharia law written all over it i think this is going to be the exposure we need to show America that the threat 2 our way of life is the ideology of Islam and the Muslim world as a whole they are using our compassion against us I want to wipe my ass with the Quran and then set it on fire and film it then upload it to utube that would really set them off around the world then we would have to deal with them there could be no more denial by the sympathetic liberal liberalist treaders I’m just praying it’s not too late for the free world


  2. Reblogged this on My views on Obama and Islam and commented:
    This Obama administration is a never ending barrage of “I am in charge here” actions by a President that is totally into himself as the savior of America! At some point he will stumble and fall and I predict it will be a Republican “conspiracy”!


      • someone better before it’s too late he wants to be king his big ego desires it all Muslims have big egos since they are a superior race and that is what they think they are a race islam is not a religion it is an ideology that preaches that Muslim are better then the rest of the world and they should dominate them and for sir Sharia law upon them it is demanded by the Quran it’s an ideology just like Nazism and communism pure and simple


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