15 comments on “China: 10 Muslim Militants Murder 29 and Injure 130 in ‘..Knife-Wielding Terrorist Attack..’

  1. They’ve bit off a lot more than they can chew. And unlike the spineless western governments, China will have no problem excising this cancer- with a bayonet if necessary!


      • Let them try. They’re going to get a rude awakening- preferably with a bullet or two.

        China needs to improve her human rights record- but not when it comes to cockroaches like this scum!


      • re: Cao Man;


        Hopefully China will stay the course when it comes to the fight against Islamic aggression.

        I have seen their language softening though..

        Their initial reports failed to use the words: “Muslims” (or) “Terrorists”

        That highly resembles the “Political Correctness” of the West.

        That leads me to believe the UN/OIC is having an effect on China.

        – – – –

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. So Become a NON MEMBER of the U.N. Russia ,China and America should all unite to fight this common enemy that is Islam. Bulldoze the U.N Building into the river.


    • re: mad-aussie;

      I’m with you 100%.

      The UN is the most corrupt organization on the face of the earth.

      They are the largest violator of Human Rights, they fund wars and terrorism..under the guise of protection. They are responsible for the “Istanbul Process” which instituted the ‘Blasphemy Laws.’ They are responsible for “Agenda 21” and so much more..

      Their Council on Population Control is in the process of reducing the earth’s population to 500 Million via their decree on sustainability. Much of this is being done by contaminating the food sources, water sources and through the vaccination process.

      They are an evil governing body that seeks to bring about the One World Government..with the OIC at the top. That will bring about the next Islamic Khilafah.

      ALL NATIONS should withdraw from the UN.

      Their are discussions going on now between certain nations to withdraw from the EU. I hope that by doing so, they will achieve autonomy from the UN.

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. I didn’t know there were Muslims in China – I thought China was a Muslim-free country. My! They really are everywhere but I have the feeling that China will be less forgiving than the West in this case.

    Are there any Muslim-free countries around the world these days? What about South America?


    • re: Reality Check;

      Actually there is a large population of Muslims in China.

      No..every nation on the planet has a large population of Muslims. Some more than others..but, there is no ‘..Muslim-Free country..’

      Some people are under the misconception that Japan (Nippon) is a Muslim-free country. That would be false.

      Muslims have been intentionally spreading from the Middle East to ALL nations of the earth for decades now in preparation for their establishment of the next Khilafah. (Islamic Caliphate.) Many are ‘laying low’ right now.. but, when the call goes out from Saudi Arabia.. ALL Muslims in ALL Nations will rise up simultaneously and take over the nations they are in. Almost every government on the planet has been deeply infiltrated by these ‘..Khilafah Muslims..’

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  4. hell with the UN they want a new world order which is realy a one world government hell when Obama couldn’t get gun restriction laws passed he went to the UN like the chicken shit he is and had them write up a resolution that had major effect on our second amendment right he’s spineless


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